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  1. jaoboifurroi132

    AT Infantry

    is there any way to let infantry with RPGs use their RPGs on infantry and helicopters? thx
  2. jaoboifurroi132


    How do you put ruins like the ones in the first mission of PMC DLC?
  3. jaoboifurroi132

    ACE for OA 1.13

    i have arma 2 co and i downloaded ace core, acex and the ace ru pack. but ever since i got ace, some weird errors such as whenever i double click in the editor anywhere on the map, it says... no entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/ACE_M240M145_Tripod.scope'. and all the vehicles in the ace ru pack are missing weapons.
  4. jaoboifurroi132

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Does warfx blastcore work for arma 2 standalone because i'm getting some weird error.
  5. jaoboifurroi132

    WarFX : Blastcore

    does this work for arma 2 standalone cuz im getting some weird error.
  6. jaoboifurroi132


    thx for the help exactly what i was looking for
  7. jaoboifurroi132


    i am making an ambush mission so how do you make it so when a certain amount of enemies are killed, more come in?
  8. jaoboifurroi132


    how do you make it so that there is artillery around you constantly but doesn't hurt you? similar to the first mission of the pmc campaign.
  9. jaoboifurroi132

    Need Help on Scripting

    thanks for the help
  10. can someone please explain to me the basics of scripting? very much appreciated.
  11. jaoboifurroi132

    Unit Capture

    sorry i mean the unit play/capture function that allows you to record your flight path then the ai repeats exactly what you do. is it only for operation arrowhead?
  12. is there any way to use the unit capture function with only arma 2 standalone? thx
  13. jaoboifurroi132


    sorry let me reword this, how do you make it so that the plane\chopper is scripted to come out and attack at a specific moment. please note i have arma 2 standalone so i cant the use unitplay\capture feature.
  14. jaoboifurroi132


    how do i make it so that an airstrike happens when i walk over a certain place?
  15. jaoboifurroi132

    Unit Capture/Play?

    thanks guys. appreciate it