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  1. is it possible to display the server name as it is seen in the server list while in the mission ie something like hint format["Welcome to : %1 , have a good time.",servername];
  2. mobeus

    Can your PC max out ArmA 2?

    Maxed everything easy - I have a good job so I have a good system - waiting for arma 3 :)
  3. any programmer info - ie non php related c possibly? or basic ? i was going to make a friend finder but it seems difficult finding info how the queries/replys are handled. i know the information is around but i dont want to re-invent the wheel when people allready have the info.
  4. mobeus

    Dedicated Server RPG

    trade mark , post too long no you may not have a bananna. ---------- Post added at 10:29 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:22 AM ---------- @teetime - trying to encrypt anything with arma series simply is self defeating. you seem to feel strongly about it so either: stop making the missions or stop trying to encrypt them. simple.
  5. spelling error on your website. type-writter it should be typewriter
  6. mobeus


    dwarden everyone is idle in the rooms chat in your signature every time i connect its been the same
  7. wrong - you do not need to have it on steam. just re read this thread , i bought arma X , i never needed to install oa or arma 2 as i had them on retail dvd , i downloaded baf and pmc and they installed into the origional game folder without a hitch. looks as if steam downloads the installers and installs wherever the origional game content is.
  8. mobeus

    They better have female soldiers...

    Voters: 267. This poll is closed .... or i would have voted , so i voiced my oppinion in the thread. btw it was a joke wether you find it funny or not isnt really the end all or be all in life now is it.
  9. mobeus

    They better have female soldiers...

    arma series is a combat simulator not a shopping simulator , I vote no.
  10. excellent im not too sure about the desert houses though they dont seem to fit in to the terrain maybe a reskin on them ? but saying that im not criticiseing in anyway good work man very good.
  11. router yes ( linksys ) - avast professional internet security - internet 100 mb download 10 mb upload - pc 2 gtx 295's in sli - processor 3.5 phenom II amd quad core - crucial m4 ssd 128 gb solid state drive ( tried on a seagate hd same thing happens ) - not all servers - happens every time I connect for the first time on certian servers - nothing is blocking battleye - windows 7 ( tested on xp same thing happens ) first time connected client not responding - second time no problems.
  12. nope - it happens every time on the first connect - regardless - if the game downloads a map or not. ---------- Post added at 09:06 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:03 PM ---------- yes i tried the beta - I tested this issue on a seperate computer and it displayed the same error ( with no beta tested ) . It happens when the recieving... is displayed never any other time.
  13. it does not happen on my server - it happens when the loading bar finishes and the recieving message is displayed , the game hangs for a second then it resumes with the reciving... message then the battleye message client not responding .. for all i know it could be a server issue and not battleye but it is annoying what ever is causing it. try it yourself join the silent warriors server on arma 2 or the jgBtl533 server it happens on both of those servers and some more but i forget the names.
  14. checked for this error in the rpt and it is not logged. here is a screenshot of the error I reconnect to the same server - the error does not show again. edit: it happens when the message recieving... is displayed.