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  1. The whole video is pretty damn sweet. I know there are so many factors that do not make this possible for a game that involves such a large world. Hoping there will one day be a game like take on helicopters with this much detail. At 2:22, the way the vegetation reacts to the rotor wash is absolutely mesmerizing!!!! It really gives that feeling of power that the helicopter really deserves! I know I'm dreaming, but another 10 years and maybe I'll be flying helicopters on my pc in environments similar to this tech demo!!! (@2:22 is the part with the helicopter)Sent from my Transformer TF101 using Tapatalk 2
  2. Tacklebait

    X52 pro not working

    It didn't like the USB ports on the front of my computer. Plugged it in the back and it's good to go! Weird... SOLVED....
  3. Bah. I know this isn't take on related but I thought I'd this it on here anyways. Got this gem in the mail. Plugged it in ... Everything lights up.. Open up the calibration menu... The throttle works great but nothing on the flight stick registers... I've installed the 64 bit win 7 drivers. Ug.. Any ideas? Tack
  4. Haha, the exact same thing happened to me!!!
  5. Tacklebait

    First "Community Patch"

    I ended up running the game with a shortcut. Path "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\Take On Helicopters\takeonh.exe" -mod=@testfm worked like a dream. I am enjoying the FM thoroughly!!! I'm not a pilot or anything, but everything seems more manageable and predictable. My approaches are much more accurate and hovering seems much easier. The softer ground effect is great! The one thing I have noticed though, there doesn't appear to be a throttle level that keeps me from gaining or losing altitude. If I'm hovering (outside of ground effect), I'm either going up or down slightly. If I have the HUD of the gauges on, the green bar on the throttle gauge will not go to half way (midpoint) of the green half circle. Its either slightly above the half way, or slightly below. Sometimes it will flicker back and forth between above and below the midway point.
  6. Tacklebait

    First "Community Patch"

    So i installed it to C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\Take On Helicopters\@testfm\addons do i need to run the game with certain parameters now? this is nightstalkers fm file right?
  7. Tacklebait

    First "Community Patch"

    Can servers run this fm? An will it be adapted by who ever connects or will they have to have it in they're config as well?
  8. Tacklebait

    First "Community Patch"

    So I'm curious, would Bohemia use user created content such as this improved flight model and include it in their own patch?
  9. Tacklebait

    Free track cap for sale?

    Yup those Are examples
  10. Anyone have a spare cap they want to sell? Or know of a place online they sell them. I know from experience I'll get frustrated trying to build one of these... Reminds me of when I Soldered a mod chip into a old Xbox of mine. I'm not very patient with small projects like this.
  11. Tacklebait

    joystick Suggestions for TOH

    Hah interesting... I wonder if the extended stem would give you much more control over hovering and such.... anyone do anything like this?
  12. Thanks for the vid! Great flying
  13. It's a training mission
  14. Almost all new games have this... Wonder why they didn't incorporate it in... Hopefully it's a easy addition
  15. Anyway to make this possible. Kinda sucks not knowing who your staring at or flying with...