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  1. Had to drop in and say that I absolutely love this mission! :) I don't usually feel things when a teammate gets KIA. Also, the attention to detail is truly impressive. Bravo Lato!
  2. ophirb

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Thanks Rydygier, looks right up my alley! EDIT: Also had a great run with 'East Vs. West' which seems to work pretty well with HWS. Only minor issue was when squad leader got loop-stuck issuing "GET IN" command, which I solved by switching to him and back to my guy.
  3. ophirb

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    It's great to see how HWS is coming along. :) Do you guys have any recommendations for interesting custom factions that work well with this scenario?
  4. ophirb

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Having played through several battles in the latest beta, I get the feeling that morale breaks far too soon. Battles end up being very short, and as far as I can tell there usually are still plenty of troops roaming around and a decent chance for a comeback. Perhaps one side should only be able to "forfeit" after having sustained a certain percentage of casualties (70%-85%)? Also another suggestion: an option to choose the amount of armor for each side would be very nice. :) And again thanks!
  5. MERCS is looking very promising, but is there any way to disable the overlaying PP effect that makes everything bright and glowy?
  6. ophirb

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Just had to jump in and say thanks a lot for this awesome mission! First time for me seeing HETMAN in action and it's great. :)
  7. ophirb

    US Army A3

    Hey Marcus, thanks for your effort man! Have you considered adding group templates to the US faction? Some missions use it to generate units.
  8. ophirb

    Israel General

    Israel's right for existence and the circumstances of its creation make too complex a dibate for me to get into, and I wish half the people who claim to or think they know a thing or two would do the same.... That aside, the ongoing conflict has generated some bad press for Israel for killing civilians. Sadly this fact is undisputatable, however most of the blame is unequivocally with Hamas for conducting their war using Gaza and its people as a strategic asset. Gazans know it, the world knows it. Storing missiles in schools and residential buildings, placing rocket launchers in densley populated areas, encouraging the population not to evacuate Israeli-marked airstrike targets and using Ambulances for sabotage purposes: none of it is any news, and yet while being widely known, it is still often ignored or casually overlooked in the media. Reason for this being that no one expects better from Hamas, while at the same time Israel is being held to a higher standard. Sometimes even higher than that of other western nations: let us recall the 3,000 estimated civilian deaths of Op. Enduring Freedom in between 2002-2003; 7,000 (est) civilian casualties by the end of the major combat phase of Iraqi Freedom; The 280 fatalities in Pakistan by precision drone strikes. Dealing with militants who use population as a flak vest will generally result in people getting killed, and Hamas knows it. I think Marines should know that too by now. Could Israel and the IDF have conducted themselves in a more restrained and less indiscriminate way? Probably. it's easy to hold fire. Would it provide a solution to the conflict or otherwise make any difference ? Probably not. With Hamas being what it is -- a terrorist organization -- and operating the way it does, responding to it moderately would probably only strech the same death toll over a much longer campaign. It's not that Israel is being careless, but rather Hamas being criminally unreasonable to both people of Gaza and Israel.
  9. Congrats on the new stable release! In my experience so far I noticed that the AI will pop smoke in every single firefight. Is the combat performance of AI units that bcombat strives to achive dependent on the use of smoke grenades every time?
  10. ophirb

    Anti Aliasing in ARMA 3

    It literally is the wrong game... Discussion is about AA in ARMA. The point you keep ignoring ever so stubbornly is that FXAA in ARMA looks better than SMAA due to the way it's been implemented by BIS and not because of the technology itself.
  11. Hat's off to you, this looks great! Can't wait to try it out later today. :)
  12. Is original A3 content being replaced by this addon, or only added content from AiA?
  13. ophirb

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Are there any replacement packs around swapping the MX for M16/4? Figured I should ask before I go about making one.