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  1. ihatecheaters

    N'Ziwasogo A3 terrain (Released)

    Sad but true. But when RangerRG made fix two years ago and post it several times at forum your didnt include it in your map, even after Bergoff came to our forum and said that he is ok with messing with his addon. Now all download links are dead and RangerRG banned (((
  2. ihatecheaters

    N'Ziwasogo A3 terrain (Released)

    Tanoa?!, So u mean that only people who bought tanoa dlc could play at your map in the future?
  3. ihatecheaters

    N'Ziwasogo A3 terrain (Released)

    Do trees still have bugged textures in new release? I mean that annoying bug where most tree trunks have one side darker than another!
  4. ihatecheaters

    Cant launch textview 2

    Did i do something wrong?
  5. No, tried. I have just found another solution, I started game with no overcast, and then i do 0 setOvercast 1, no rain follows.
  6. When the hell it will be possible to turn off that annoying rain and play with clouded sky only!?
  7. ihatecheaters

    Cant find rocks , trees in Eden

    Thx for info. Its sad..
  8. How to place them, there must be the way to do it by script, not by mod, any ideas?
  9. You cant have same name for marker and unit in EDEN, In 2d editor u can. Bug or dev did it on purpose i dont know, but one of scripts doesnt work right now becouse of that thing
  10. ihatecheaters

    Crash game . Not found sound

    What about to try without mods . Also i checked arma 3 ui_f_data.pbo , i wasnt able to find these wss files. Maybe some of your mods or scripts like balca_debug_veh_creator trying to get audio from wrong path. ANd in my opinion i dont think that wrong path to sound could cause CTD. Look into your mods.
  11. ihatecheaters

    3D editor issue? plz help

    Its very risky to make missions with EDEN right now. Trigger dont work properly.init for JIP dont work properly too. A lot of bugs. Wait for hotfix or new patch. ALSO your proplem could be caused by description.ext . I had same issue with friend's mission. He had respawndelay = "1" (1 in quotes) , surprisingly it raise no error before patch and endless loading screen after new patch. And pls be sure that you use -showScriptErrors to debug all script errors
  12. Same problems with EDEN. i always used condition : player in thislist to check if player inside trigger. Doesnt work anymore in MP. And i had a trigger which turn on music when player in car. Its set to not repeateble but in MP it becomes repeatable. So i can confirm second bug. What can i say. EDEN update sucks.
  13. ihatecheaters

    midrange terrain texture replacement

    Looks awesome. Arma 3 devs u fucked up again))))
  14. Go in editor. Spawn u and enemy 100 meters way from u. Start running circles around enemy. All bullets will lie behind u. U can try 50 meters, 200 meters, result always the same. Only with machinegun Ai have some chance. And Another funny bug. If i get closer to enemy and try always be behind it , it cant shot me. AI always was my favore part in arma 2, What a SHAME!!!