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  1. BladderBoy

    North/South Korea Addon

    That's why I came to this thread indeed.
  2. BladderBoy

    SciFi SW Mod

    I am so very glad you are back. Your old SW thread inspired me to buy ARMA2 and tinker with mods years ago. THANK YOU. If you need any help from a SW lovin' graphics/3d design veteran... hit me up. I'd love to contribute. :D
  3. BladderBoy

    Terrain Maker Competition 2012

    Thanks for the motivation to create my first map! Excellent job putting the rules together. Good luck to everyone who participates.
  4. BladderBoy

    Star Wars Stormtrooper

    Absolutely heartbreaking that this died. With the support from more people, this could have become the SW battle game that fans dream about. I have to look into this...