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    Community Upgrade Project: WIP thread

    a thousand thank yous! has anyone asked if the names of these objects will be the same as they were in A2 scripting as well? icing on the cake, and I'm sure you all thought of it, just wondering if that is the case here... THANKS AGAIN!
  2. Thanks for the heads up - I've fixed the link in the op, should work now, but I had 2 files - one is 5kb the other is 7kb - users will want the larger one, it has pre-made examples of several straight walls sitting around the sample mission, for easy copy/paste.
  3. I hate trying to make sandbag walls or hescos line up in the darn Arma 2 mission editor. I googled for a wall generator, but only found one example, for Arma 1, and it didn't work. So, I wrote this. Not much less tedious than placing walls in the editor, clicking preview, then going back and adjusting, then preview again. Over and over. At least this way, you end up with an exactly straight wall ready to use in any mission you create forever. Can be copied between different missions without issue. Again, it's slightly complicated procedure, but it is well worth it. At least I think so - hope others do, too. Public Download Mission Example w/script: vg_straight_walls.utes.rar Snippets from my ReadMe file:
  4. The community had pretty high hopes for this map, you both had done such great work. Sorry for your loss! I hope that your current project and works to come have better data backups in place. I, as one of the Head Admins of VETERANS-GAMING, would be honored to freely offer you data backup space on one of our dedicated servers, if you need it, to upload backups as you work. I cannot imagine working on a project of this scope without such safeguards - and I know how it can be expensive to rent such services. Sometimes one just needs a safe place to upload some files, and we at VG would happily support your work. Please let me know if we at VG can be of assistance - our German servers are quite local to you in Spain, and we could provide you with some kind of secure personal folder to drop ZIP's or RAR's into while you build so that this kind of needless loss and abandonment of amazing works need not happen again. We are all part of the same big family, after all... VIVA ARMA!
  5. *updated download file - demo mission now includes several pre-made straight walls of various types, 10-15 segments long.
  6. Oh thank goodness. I though you two had dropped this one.... Kudos!
  7. SemlerPDX

    Insurgency Chernarus Completed

    Well done, mate! Us Armaholics at VETERANS-GAMING were just talking about this - A new map for Insurgency. I wonder how it will take to an ACE/ACRE infusion... Used to be that Cherno sucked against hard AI when they would impossibly spot you through dense brush and trees, and engage with their PKM's. I look forward to testing this out. We'll have one of our Arma servers running this later today. Will get ACE/ACRE on it by tomorrow if all goes well. Thanks so much for your hard work!!
  8. I don't understand this bit: "since using ramdisk its alot smoother". We've been researching RamDisk concepts for improving performance with this game, and have ideas to build a PC around such concepts. RamDisk is where you partition part of your RAM to store either the OS or the game itself to be run as if it was a HDD/SSD, which requires between 8-32GB of RAM, or more! So....my question is: How are you "using" RamDisk? What data are you loading to your RAM as if it was a HDD? AFAIK you would need to either run Arma from your RAM (needing 32+GB of DDR3 preferably) or installing your OS onto your RAM (less than 16GB needed) to be "using" RamDisk, or perhaps just a Paging File? A few of us at VETERANS-GAMING (one Computer Engineer, one IT-specialist, and myself) have been discussing a "perfect" Arma system utilizing sets of SSD/HDD arrays that can take advantage of 6Gb/s transfer rates, and large amounts of RAM for RamDisk usage. We are very interested to learn how you have used RamDisk to gain perfomance on a system such as yours, and any successes you've had.
  9. We were just playing Vietnam mods, with ACRE, and this would have helped considerably, as the only radio is on the RTO and the Slick pilot. In the dense jungles, all 8 men in a column cannot hear direct coms, so it's either have every soldier repeat commands down the line, or something like this "shouting" ability for ACRE. Great work! Much needed!!
  10. I hope you enjoy watching these as much as I did making them! Last year around this time, we opened an Insurgency multiplayer server, and I made this video with the help of several actors: This year, we're opening an Invasion 1944 server, and this is the first video of many to come, showing off the i44 Mod:
  11. Not trying to necro an old thread, but THIS WORKS! We even have a decent size runway at Prozakhar Airfield in CLAfghan, but this is the icing on the cake to a problem that's plagued us for some time. I think the BTK Cargo scripts already allow us to add passengers (and vehicles/crates as well), but Nose Wheel Steering in Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead is a wishlist item, and I'm glad to check it off the list. To use this, just copy everything in that code box up there to your Description.ext file. (where your CfgSounds and CfgMusic are). It seems both terms Description and Configuration match both the Config and Description files we using in Arma, but this tid bit goes square in the DESCRIPTION.EXT Eternal thanks!
  12. We are currently working with this map as well. Thank you so much for making this amazing map! Finaly, I feel I can work with an actual approximation of a real world location, with real world sizes and limits (altitude). I'll get some vids up here when we get out of this awkward beta stage of our mission port to your map. Kudos! Keep up the great work!!
  13. SemlerPDX

    Take On Demo!

    Thank you all for the extra mirrors! I almost choked when I was faced with 9 hours to DL; found a closer/faster mirror now, will be flying around the city in less than 2 hours. This is gonna be awesome! Thanks!
  14. I am having this same problem, but slightly different. I have DVD/Box install of Combined Operations, and recently bought DLC versions of PMC and BAF. No problems installing. Our community runs 2 ArmA servers: VETERANS-GAMING COOP INSURGENCY S.O.A.R. and VETERANS-GAMING COOP Domination. I can connect to the domi just fine, and the BAF and PMC weapons and gear look and work great. It's when I try to enter the Insurgency server that I get the same error as in first post. Only way I can get into Ins server now is to rename the 2 folders: BAF = BAF2, etc. Of course, this launches the game without these 2 mods, but I can then get into a game using my current 1.59 patch. Why can I get on my domi (with BAF and PMC) and not my insurgency server then?
  15. SemlerPDX

    Hello Community

    Hello, I am =VG= SemlerPDX. I hail from VETERANS-GAMING.COM as well. As BLuDKLoT said above, we are a COOP & teamplay clan. I've been playing ArmA II: OA since around February, and mostly the Insurgency Mission created by pogoman and then Fireball. My good friend discovered the map, and the next day, BLuDKLoT dedicated a server to it. It is now one of the most popular servers in ArmA 2, and you can expect a short wait for a player slot these days. I am now working with a second server which we have dedicated to COOP Domination, VG style. This is not your standard Domination Mission, and we hope to continue making it better as we go. Suggestions are greatly encouraged, as Domi needs a fresh infusion of ideas to make it popular once more. We're looking for a few good players to help kick off this new server and make it as much fun as our Insurgency server now is. I have made a rockin' video of gameplay on the Insurgency mission we got from you, showing the extras that PITN has added. Here's an HD link to the YouTube upload; short, sweet, and plenty of explosions and heavy metal guitar!!! Come join us and be part of the Domination Trailer video we are making! s/f Click Here to see my Camping Photos of the Pacific Northwest (My YouTube Channel)