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  1. I have two question about this mission but first i have to thank you for your contribution. First question is how long i have to wait untill the soilder arrive to the bunker? And the second question is what adjustment can i do to make the whole mission become more immediate? Coz i tried lots of time to play this mission but everytime i quit without a shot becouse everything is so god-damn slow. Especially the mission is denied time acceleration, when i'm in mission i drove about 2 mins to get to the closest bunker, and i wait about 4 mins that still no soilder arrive, and i wait for the transporting aircraft by 2- 3 mins and i arrived to the next bunker and all i see is a flag and a dull dessert(of field). one more thing , when i arrived to the second bunker , it passed about 15 mins and the some side mission finally seems to appear. when i play this mission , all i do is run , walk , wait , get in the chopper , get in the bunker and wait untill it break my endurance limit. i mean , men ,what i just need is compact combat and some rts element inside it. Maybe my word is a lil bit emotional but its my real feeling,sorry for my poor english.
  2. hi bill can u play on Saturday? beacause my timezone is gmt +8 if u can play on sat 00:00 then it is 13:00 for me at sunday
  3. My time zone is GMT +8 so i'm pretty diffcult to find a squad ,which have a appropriate time for me. I am quite bad at english but i'll try my best to have a good communication with you guys. I can't endured anymore about a non- teamwook mutiplayer like Domi and CTI Thanks.
  4. GL4 SLX ACE 2 Zeus AI ACR AI I just hope to know that which one is you guys favourite mod...:) and please explain the reason :p I tried every one of them but i still can find the answer Is there any mission for testing the AI? thanks!
  5. I hope i can join you guys steam id is thegame1615 please tell me how can i play with you guys cuz im new thanks