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  1. No problem then, I'll think about it. 


    Meanwhile file updated:


    - each house has only 30% to be "!". 

    - daily limit also divided by 4. 

    - but chance for finding a survivor raised x4 to compensate. 

    - one not searched house per day somewhere on the map is randomized as "treasure house". It will contain much more valuables and will be guarded/patrolled (statistically at least, still randomized, so may be disappointing sometimes). If previous treasure house is still not checked at next day, it will remain instead choosing new one. 

    - common "!" house provides same stuff, as earlier, but also directional information, where too look for a treasure house. This info is visualized on the map in the form of the arc/triangle, within which treasure is located. Checking few distant "!" houses allow to get few overlapping arcs which allows to narrow down the area of treasure house whereabouts to common part of all the arcs. Each arc spread will be randomly reduced depending on number of Scouts. 

    - alternatively treasure house can be found just by normal exploration, if you're lucky. 

    - treasure house is marked with purple "!". 

    - apart from that there are still those locations given to you by townsmen (even more reacher and guarded). 


    Let me know, if this works, makes any sense and how much it solves repetitiveness problem. 


    General idea visualised:




    Pointers from three checked houses allowed to narrow down valuable location to Sainte Marie. 


    More should come next time... 

  2. All right, I got some feedback and I think, I know, what's the deal with killed mark not present sometimes. Without technical details, from player perspective indeed it could look, so at first German non-AC encounters was mark-less. West side was excluded from initial assigning proper code generating these markers, but this code was applied after first decaching, also for all AC groups and all Soviets in general.


    Made proper fix, and now it works for me, here is the new version, if the issue will be confirmed as solved, then this may become next official update after disabling these extra RPT logs. 

  3. Hey, thanks! I'll try to use your ideas, some sound really promising in fact, something to think about. 



    - chances that they somehow spawn in towns, making looting impossible.


    From the other hand, if anomaly sits in the town, visually it can be quite striking sometimes. Good thing though - they relocate randomly each day. It's kinda important thing BTW, because player may discover something related to these movements, that opens alternative mission ending (stopping the growth of the zone). 



    - more anomalies?


    Well, from the one side, I intended to avoid going too deep into Stalker direction (not because it's wrong direction, in fact I'm playing Stalker right now, again, just direction explored already by the others), but from the second side, it is inevitable to the extend (too similar context) and an idea of using scripts to get such cool effects is appealing to me, although always prefered to write my own stuff, than borrow from the others - I just like figuring out own solutions. But I must admit, that video is super cool. 🙂

  4. Quote

     Is there a way to get the quad fixed? Mine got shop up pretty decently...


    It should be fixed between days. But if destroyed - is lost forever. 



    Are there other vehicles to find?


    Currently no. Not sure, if there should be. 



    Theres no way to take your fellow townsmen with you on an away mission?


    No. The idea is, player is exploring alone. But also adding a comapnion will seriously increase rather substantial CPU load required to calculate radiation exposure etc. (+100% per one additional person), plus some other design complications. 



    Why should I stop a raid mission and give them 100 materials when they bring me tons of materials when I just kill them? Makes no sense! 


    Indeed, indeed. 🙂 Still, depending on final balancing, there may be times, where repelling an invasion, especially without casaulties amongst civilians, may become too difficult, then an option to pay may become useful. 



    To me "looting houses" feels too shallow and a time waster. Theres a promise of loot, but instead you just open the door, dip in, next house. Started to get annoyed by it after day 4+.


    Well, I can add "physical" containers or something like that, similar, as I did in Pilgrimage, but most of the time these will be empty, as most resources to be find are virtual in nature. So this will be just an ornament. Also I would like to avoid this time "casino effect" as, like you said, somewhat shallow way to keep player invested. Still, I'm open to suggestions and if I myself discover better way to make player exploring the map (or better activity than exploring the map), I'll use it.


    BTW the intent/aim behind Warping Plague project is to experiment in search for new gameplay solutions or new combinations of known gameplay elements with resulting nice, fresh synergy, but there's no warranty of success and is perfectly possible, there's simply not enough potential in this concept or that I'll fail to find the magic hidden in it. 



    Too often enemies spawn a few 10s of meteres right behind my back and shot me in the same back. Not cool.


    It kinda fits these creatures' nature (I mean, they indeed are just appearing from the thin air/coming through from "elsewhere"), but I hear you, I'll try to increase safety buffer. 



    When I get some time, I will test this. 


    Thanks! 🙂

  5. Anyone encountered such weird occurence, when after using setName on some unit, the value displayed on screen and returned by (name _unit) is "Jan Lebeda" instead of set name? It happens to me in the Iron Front port of Pilgrimage sometimes (not always) but I'm not sure, if this is bound to the mod, since "Jan Lebeda" looks like Czech name that could be used as some kind of internal, default placeholder? Anyway, the command is used in the context of intense scripts spawning and initialization but this never occured to me in vanilla Pilgrimage. 

  6. In case, disabling mods will not help... Since the issue doesn't occur to me, I can't debug this myself. But if you wish, we perhaps could try do this together this way:



    1. Download scenario in open form here

    2. Paste it into documents/Arma 3/missions.

    3. Run Arma 3 without any mods.

    4. Open this scenario in EDEN and preview. If issue doesn't appear, move the scenario into Missions folder in the main Arma directory and run it via main menu/scenarios. If issue doesn't appear again - well, it is fixed... 🙂 If however it occur in EDEN or via scenarios menu:


    5. End the scenario, open its folder and open TS subfolder. There you have ML.sqf file. 

    6. Open this file in any text editor (may be notepad). Find these lines:


    		[] call RYD_SCA_Refresh;
    		sleep 5;
    		//[] call RYD_TS_HUDRefresh;
    		[] call RYD_TS_LootingRefresh;
    		[] call RYD_TS_FightRefresh;
    		[] call RYD_TS_WarpDrainRefresh;
    		[] call RYD_TS_FastTravelRefresh;
    		[RYD_TS_PopGroups,1000] call RYD_TS_CachingRefresh

    Each "call" line represents part of the script, that is running in 5 seconds cycle. Since the issue appears once per cycle, it is likely, one of these lines is causing it. The goal will be to narrow down that line. To do so, start from disabling all of them this way:


    		//[] call RYD_SCA_Refresh;
    		sleep 5;
    		//[] call RYD_TS_HUDRefresh;
    		//[] call RYD_TS_LootingRefresh;
    		//[] call RYD_TS_FightRefresh;
    		//[] call RYD_TS_WarpDrainRefresh;
    		//[] call RYD_TS_FastTravelRefresh;
    		//[RYD_TS_PopGroups,1000] call RYD_TS_CachingRefresh

    Save and play again. If issue still occurs - let me know. If is gone now, enable again half of them this way:


    		[] call RYD_SCA_Refresh;
    		sleep 5;
    		//[] call RYD_TS_HUDRefresh;
    		[] call RYD_TS_LootingRefresh;
    		[] call RYD_TS_FightRefresh;
    		//[] call RYD_TS_WarpDrainRefresh;
    		//[] call RYD_TS_FastTravelRefresh;
    		//[RYD_TS_PopGroups,1000] call RYD_TS_CachingRefresh

    save the file and play once more.


    a) If the issue appear again, that means, the cause lies in one of these re-enabled lines. In such case disable one of them back, save, play again etc. until issue is gone - then we know, the last disabled line was the cause. Let me know, which it was. 


    b) If after enabling that half there's still no issue, then the cause is one of still disabled lines. In such case enable them one by one (except the one disabled from the beginning - HUDRefresh leave as it is), save and play again after each until issue reappear, then we know, last re-enabled line is the cause - let me know, which is it. 



  7. Quote

    The prior version I've been using was the one from 5th june.


    OK, so this may be also due to June 10 changes, which seems more likely (those LOS checks), but this should be limited then to situations, where player is <1000 meters from an anomaly. 


    What's your settings as for viewdistance/object draw view distance? Perhaps you could test with seriously lowered these two to compare, if this makes any difference. 

  8. Hi, thanks!



    I Just figured out that it happens every time when the enemy marker moves on the map (this/these red markers that appear near enemies potential location around the town. THis might have something to do with a script I guess.


    That means, it happens every script cycle which indeed would suggest some connection with scripts. But I do not experience that myself. Some questions: Same is happening without any mods at all? Is it happening always or only near anomalies? Was it happening after June 10th update or indeed only after the latest? What's your PC specs (near to minimum Arma requirements or not)? Is that total game freeze, or freezes only background sound and wind?

  9. OK, I see no apparent script error logs. Not so easy then. Anyway, try to play without all of these:  Enhanced Movement, Blastcore Edited, Incognito and Unlocked Uniforms, who knows... I managed to test this quickly: depacked scenario, opened and run in EDEN, so I could teleport here and there. Visited several places this way and all seem in order, I got everwhere some loot marks, ambient stuff, hostiles, notifications... I'll try to do more testing around Monday or something like that. 

  10. Here are these files:




    Win10, AppData folder may be hidden. Pick x64, the one from that hour, you was playing. Seems, this problem doesn't occur to all (?), thus either it is about some rare occurance either about something specific to your game (any other mods in use apart from required? If so, try without them). 

  11. Hi (cześć! 🙂 


    Thanks for reporting, I'll check that after the weekend. From the symptoms seems, main cycle for some reason breaks at some point, which stops any cashing/decashing, loot spawn and basically nearly everything that should appear. Do you have per chance a RPT file from this gameplay? Could be very helpful. 

  12. File updated, most new stuff require more testing though:


    1. Introduced simple, procedural "quests" that may appear if we talk to town inhabitant marked with green exclamation mark. Each should point an area, within which special lootable house will be marked in green. Loot from such building should be 10x more rich, but vicinity will be guarded by gang members. One quest at once, one quest per person and only one quest per day is possible. Requires testing. 


    2. Introduced side plot with new opponent character - Marcus. Marcus may appear sometimes and engage player with sniper rifle from afar. Marcus can be killed, but if player manage to gather enough data (random chance each day equal current data level), Marcus may be turned ally, that may help during The Fittest attacks. Plot introduction and progress via Daily Reports. Requires testing. 


    3. Testing optional support of MBG Aliens Ground Forces mod. If game is running with this mod, aliens from it will be used as warper creatures and guardians. Otherwise old way is used. 


    4. Daily report window divided into two bookmarks: one with actual report (numbers mostly) and another, with new events like discoveries, messages and such. 


    5. From now on constructing a turret doesn't require any materials, but rather "Turret parts", that may be found during looting. Requires testing. 


    6. Civs should be immune to damage caused by falling and such auto-inflicted wounds. Requires testing. 

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  13. Obviously can't guess, why it is not working for you, but here is demo showing, how it works. Initially player is not HAS-enabled. Note additional code in the init.sqf:


    	sleep 2;
    	_unit = (group player) createUnit [(typeOf player),(player modelToWorld [0,5,0]), [], 0, "NONE"];
    	[player,_unit] call RYD_HAS_NewUnits;
    	addSwitchableUnit _unit;


    So after 2 seconds new unit is spawned as player's subordinate, then both units are added to HAS. Finally spawned unit is made switchable, so you could check, if after switching HAS actions appear for the new unit when controlled by you. Also you can do some fast roping somewhere to see, if both units are properly dropped via ropes (which means, both are HAS-enabled). If all in this demo works (as it is for me), then compare it with your scenario to find a difference, that breaks adding new unit for you. 

  14. Quote

    Rydygier, my father was a WW2 combat vet who served in the South Pacific. My wife's dad served in North Africa and Europe as a P-38 pilot. I grew up steep in stories of the war from books, movies, television, neighbors and then in-laws (my father on the other hand never said a word about the war until the very end of his life). So, I read with great interest and fascination the history of the Cichociemni, Operation Tempest, and the Battle of Surkonty. Thank you for the time you took to share that.


    Off to find Filip...


    Indeed, similar for me. Of course in Poland seems nearly impossible to find a family not touched by that war, it was whole nation struggle, whole country was under occupation after all, probably nearly every grown-up here has someone amongst parents or grandparents one way or another involved in fights against German occupants either in Poland or across the globe, in Allied armies. One of my grandfather was a low rank officer in Polish Army, taken as POW during September '39 campaign (during Battle over the Bzura river), spent rest of the war in German POW camp (stalag). Sister of my grandmother was Armia Krajowa soldier, amongst other things assisting during executions of German collaborators (by Underground Courts sentences) so under communist regime after WW2 she couldn't even find a decent job (AK members was repressioned by commies next 50 years, but mostly just after the war, when some was killed for it, many arrested, and she was also pre-war nobility member, which made her situation even worse). All to bring free Poland back. The war outcome was very bitter for Poles, but regardless.


    When pvt. partz came to me with the idea of this port, It struck me, how well Pilgrimage can fit certain part of Polish WW2 reality after some adjustments. And because the topic is so close to my heart, I was totally motivated to help making it happen. 

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  15. And here some visualisations showing, how terrain shape and map objects affect radiation strength around the source (the player unit). Big, prominent red - shielding < 25%, smaller orange < 50%, smaller yellow < 75%, smaller green < 90%, smallest blue: > 90%. 








  16. Well, continuing my previous way of thinking, most likely the motivation will be too alien to comprehend. Assuming, aliens are affected by motivations at all. 


    Otherwise it must be something unique and valuable enough for them to justify such a journey (again, depending, if the concept of value is know to them, if they think and decide in these categories and how much that would be "a journey" for them). If we prefer sinister xcom-ish reasons - unique human genome. If romantic/spiritual - unique beauty of Earth and humanity. If we choose cliche - the Earth itself as the place to live. Etc. Or tourism/a walk out of boredom or curiosity.  



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  17. File updated:


    - Effective dose will be daily decreased to emulate natural radiation level reduction in human body over time. There's no universal value in reality, it was assumed ~1 Sv/year, which gives ~3 mSv daily. This value will however decrease with effective dose level, when above 500 mSv to emulate radiation impairing life processes in the body, so for doses > 500 mSv daily decrease rate will be lowered in non-linear manner. There's also some stochastic fluctuation;


    - Now scripts try to simulate shielding effect of the objects and the soil itself. It is rather heavy to calculate (various LOS checks), but hopefully will be OK. Still, it's simplified. Some simplification was unavoidable or important to reduce amount of calculations each cycle. For example I see no way to measure exact amount of certain material between the player and radiation source, so bounding box rough estimations was used instead. Smallest dimension determines estimated thickness. Simple material determination by checking object name for key words like stone, concrete, metal or wood helps to determine material density factor (exact values guesstimated). This is refreshed once per ~5 seconds, same as dose rate value. 


    In practice player may notice, dose rate will drop if he hide from the radiation source behind something, preferably something concrete or metal. The bigger dose rate, the bigger drop (it's an effect of stochastic nature, thus the drop is proportional). 


    This reduction isn't calculated for distances above 1000 meters. 

  18. Quote

    3D icons set to ALL. To be clear, they do show up on buildings in this port but few and far between (set on abundant) compared to other ports I've played.


    It is quite possible, Staszow map buildings provide in general less house positions, thus less loot space (one may try to compenstate by maximizing loot density). Same factor may affect civilian density. From the other hand, it is more realistic that way as for "there and then" WW2 conditions. 



    Armia Krajowa


    In fact, IF provides several infantry partisan units of that kind (as Home Army). These are used same way, as FIA faction in vanilla Pilgrimage: some group may appear very rarely, depending on your good reputation. Also recruitable POWs are taken from this faction. Also Aleks and Filip, as "Cichociemni" ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cichociemni ) themselves was dropped over occupied Poland to aid Armia Krajowa in certain "specops" activities - namely the very action, where Filip fell. 


    Thing is, in reality AK was in conspiracy, only in rare, chosen moments showing up openly. Still indeed such moments was when Eastern Front was moving through Poland. See this:




    In this key sporadic presence of openly fighting AK partisans should be interpreted in this mission. BTW good to know, how complex political aspect of this situation was, which also explains mixed, from episodic cooperation to open hostilities, relations between Soviets/NKVD and Polish resistance - Stalin wanted Poland for himself, not for legitimate gov in exile in London, under power of which Armia Krajowa, Home Army, was organized. In this scenario it is in simplified way represented by the fact, same as in vanilla version, partisan/resistance groups are fighting both main opposing factions. Imprecise (the aim of Operation Tempest was to speed up Red Army advances and German defeat by attacks from behind, sabotage, diversion, taking and defending some key spots supporting RA offensive, but also to take control over the country before Soviets do to ensure as much independence as possible), but not far from reality ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Surkonty ). 


    In fact, Operation Tempest in Staszow area began same time, as Warsaw Uprising, that is 1 August. Scenario takes place several weeks earlier. 

  19. Intended. In this port reputation seems more important (while money less) - you need big enough fame and glory to "hire" a POW (these aren't kept at strongholds anymore, rather at some of these POI questsobtained via intel checks), while it costs no moeny here - fits better the context, so I thought, player should be more awared about reputation change. Especially it always was somewhat hidden/obscure feature, and some simply overlooked it. 

  20. File updated:


    - reviewed code responsible for controlling autonomous turrets. Since it seems not as reliable, as used to be (something wrong with spawned AI doWatch targeting), from now on turrets operate under vanilla AI control, only with some boost as for near targets knowledge. Sensors may have weaker reflexes now, but these turrets are supposed to be makeshift anyway. Turrets are relatively cheap to construct (100M) but they consume ammunition: 1 unit per shot, which is the main limiting factor here. Still, I'm thinking about finding "turret parts" during regular looting as another requirement to construct such a turret. 


    - also changed way, the turret is dropped after taking it to the desired position. Now should be easier/possible to put it, say, on the second floor of some building. Placing it in the balcony entrance stays risky anyway, these positions seem glitched somehow - units tend to stuck in swimming animation sometimes there. 


  21. Quote

    The Russians are coming but they don’t seem to be fighting the Germans. Just me. 


    Thanks, I see, why. Will be corrected...


    After the link update let me know, if that is fixed. 


    BTW I've an idea - after Contact DLC release, I should set Polish radio protocol for Aleks, his companions and civilians...

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  22. Civilians definitelly was present in my earlier tests, but I see them no more now. I'll check, what's going on, thanks. 


    EDIT: found the cause, my mistake, there was additional condition preventing civilian spawns close to the strongholds, but it was working on the contrary, civilians was allowed only close to the stronghold... 🙂 Anyway, update sent to pvt. partz. 


    As a side note, in this adaptation whole persistent hostile presence is of German side. From the other hand, Russians dominate amongst Ambient Combat spawns (and planes flybys). It is so to emulate better "German occupied territory, but Russians are closing in". 


    Thanks! 🙂



    give module the possibility to customize the day/night signal...


    Sadly I can't. It is stored in the array variable, and those can't be added to the module settings AFAIK. But even for module version you should be able to customize all variables, signals including, similar way, as in the script version, just you need to choose a place for it, as there's no provided userConfig file for the module.