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  1. I honestly don't think delaying it would make any difference. Biggest difference might be that we don't see full game content come out, meaning that they would have to find the bugs internally for some things until release. Keep in mind that even after release, we could still see major things added/fixed. For instance, I saw a sitrep mention that opening doors on vehicles is something they intend to do, but want to prioritize it for a patch after release so they can work on bigger problems now. (Had something to do with ballistics and vehicle mesh) Moral of the story being: They can fix/add (engine) features even after the game releases, the patch support will last a long long time.
  2. qbert

    Poll - Rather Modern or Futuristic?

    Took the words right out of my mouth. As much as I like A2/ACE with the hundreds of M4/AK Variants, I really don't think I could live with the same old content for much longer. I think BI using concept/near future tech is still realistic and in the boundaries of a "realistic" game, while at the same time making the "toys" we get to play with cooler looking.
  3. qbert


    I read the forums. How get tank.
  4. I think a direct answer would be yes. They've added a lot so far, and seeing as how we're at the 2/3rd mark of development (Alpha, Beta, Full) there's definitely more to come. Recently they added 3d animated sights (instead of the hole in a box sights), Back in 2011 we heard about a disguise system, which is probably on its way. There's also the rain, which they're re-working as far as I know. As to what you asked specifically about, For optimization, we can expect improvement, but the time frame is a bit sketchy from what I've seen. For the vehicles, I know they've added a lot of animations to the game, however the doors of most vehicles don't open. Right now it's just helicopter doors. The walls falling differently sounds like a physics thing you're talking about, I can't speak on that though
  5. This sounds like all software to me. Even on my peasant level 7850/AMD Phenom II x4 3.4Ghz the game runs smooth across the board (for the most part) at around 40-50FPS highs, 25-30 lows Getting choppy FPS sounds like it could be view distance, but it sounds like you messed with your settings already. Have you tried installing the DX9/DX10/DX11 drivers? I've noticed that having different configurations of DirectX can result in better/worse performance. Also the card you have is fairly new right? It could be possible that the drivers haven't been perfected.
  6. qbert

    Arma3 Videos

    My first impressions of A3 were very good. My friends and I do an mechanized EOD team type of coop play, to fit our small but cohesive unit, and after the APC was added in Beta we finally did a real mission. Instead of describing it I feel that linking one of my friends perspectives from the mission would be more effective. This is our first time playing A3 properly (ie, not spawning 50 blufor/opfor helicopters and watching them go at it), if anyones interested: (I was the driver in this mission, not the guy recording)
  7. qbert


    I think his point is that it's better to have a shitty placeholder while they work on a completely new technique for handling rain then to have no rain at all. My personal opinion is exactly that as well, I'd rather have shitty 2001 era rain effects until later in the beta/full release then to have nothing. On another note (And not a reply) maybe they're removing the rain to add a completely new technique in the engine, instead of just retexturing/revising the sound?
  8. The scroll menu definitely needs some love. Something like the Take on Helicopters "floating points" that you'd see in the vehicle/outside would be cool. For example, you could still use middle click/spacebar, but you would look at the door handle for a door, and in the vehicle you'd look down at the ignition and hit space. The delay to look at these things would be somewhat close to reality, considering to start the engine in a vehicle IRL you still have to make a motion for the wheel, to open a door IRL you still need to reach for the handle. There is still things that are more advanced that would have to be tweaked though, I can't see a major change to the scroll menu being easy for the devs.
  9. I was originally gonna wait until full release, but the Beta added enough content to be worth playing for both me and my friends. The APC/Ghosthawk gave us significantly more options for joint strikes/air support and evac
  10. qbert

    Ammo box with scopes?

    Specifically, copy these lines into the text box of the Ammo box in the editor this additemcargo ["Zasleh2",20]; this additemcargo ["muzzle_snds_H", 20]; this additemcargo ["muzzle_snds_L", 20]; this additemcargo ["muzzle_snds_B", 20]; this additemcargo ["muzzle_snds_H_MG", 20]; this additemcargo ["optic_Arco", 20]; this additemcargo ["optic_Hamr", 20]; this additemcargo ["optic_Aco", 20]; this additemcargo ["optic_ACO_grn",20]; this additemcargo ["optic_Holosight", 20]; this additemcargo ["acc_flashlight", 20]; this additemcargo ["acc_pointer_IR", 20];
  11. qbert

    Future ARMA games

    Most of what I said was a hypothetical "In a perfect world" scenario, where I assume that BI buys Google out and acquires their server farms, and microtransactions don't exist. Also EA goes out of business.... Wishful thinking?
  12. qbert

    Sound track

    Well, firstly thank you NeuroFunker, that was a good solution and was a good way to preview some of the tracks. Secondly, Chaplain, I agree, atmospheric music is very good for building up a tense situation, and even bringing emotional responses. I think it'd be cool if BI somehow did dynamic sound tracks, where situations you're in dictate what track plays. For instance, half your squad dies, and you get a very desperate fighting heroic song or something, or you're travelling through a dark forest like in that first OFP mission, and you hear an iconic orchestral piece. As fpr the Van Halen thing the reason I'd opt for hard rock music like that would be for those "gung ho" face crushing military insertions. I remember a long time ago the community I'm in decided we'd play gangster rap and black metal on a Ventrilo music bot when riding into battle in a stripped down recon humvee, and there was another instance where a friend blared "Eruption" by van halen at 500 percent volume while we did a barrel roll in a UH60 from the 600 (feet? I don't remember the measurement for height in arma) and leveled out at 150.
  13. qbert

    Sound track

    Is there a way to find the music soundtrack files in A3? Also is it possible to play them with VLC or is the codec unsupported?
  14. I really hope they iron out the performance hitches. The performance for my group and I is pretty bad considering the average set of computer specs in our social circle, thus confirming what the majority of Arma players are saying. The performance is bad enough that it's second place on the feedback tracker thing http://screencloud.net/img/screenshots/824d8424e7eb9b36ee7fa82cab1a4a43.png
  15. qbert

    Sound track

    I was playing A3 Beta the other day with friends, on a mission that I think was the combined arms showcase. At the beginning part where you're flying in I could swear that there was this funkalicious techno beat playing. I was wondering in general though if sound tracks are something that you guys on the forum are interested in for Arma 3, or is it the first thing to get muted on your sound settings in A3? Also, if any of you are in the know, what all has been added to the game music-wise? What is rumoured/confirmed on being added? I haven't seen a lot of discussion about sound tracks/music on the forums. I know I personally would like some Van Halen/ACDC/Creedence Clearwater Revival on my teams helo insertions, of course royalties are a pain so I could understand why that might not ever happen :P, but my point remains: Where do we stand with the sound track?