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    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Excellent mod, guys! I have been having fun making missions and scripts. With some research, thanks to MrSanchez's post about zombie waypoints, gave me the ability to look at how to move Zombie Waypoints mid-way through a mission. And with further research, I found out how to work on getting infections working if you take off a gas mask in an infected zone, you get infected at first with a scream, then slowly deteriorate before succumbing to the virus that is defeating the immune system with the current system you guys made. Or if a unit uses anti-virus cure to stop the infection from spreading - still a part of the same current system, however, I am working on trying to get the cure and pills to show up as a medical item that you can use with ACE Interact with self and others. (Head for pills, arms/legs for cure injector). Would you have suggestions for how to go about doing this as I have been trying to work on this for about 7 hours now? All in all, excellent mod, well done! I am enjoying it! - Bear
  2. R. Berezon

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I'd like to see a Ghillie Suit with this kind of foliage/vegetation on it like the one in this following video: That looks amazing. I would like to see that kind of suit rather than the vanilla suits which are... disappointing to say it lightly. I can see it having 2 variants, temperate and arid (more accurately, Woodland and Desert) Perhaps in the future there could be an update where you can add the vegatation to guns in the IR laser/flashlight attachment location to apply it. (assuming this is a project someone takes on). Thoughts, comments, concerns?
  3. R. Berezon

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    This is a nice script but I would like to provide a little something that can help other people that cannot use LEA because it breaks equipment (ACRE for example) so they make loadouts but go through the scripts to add the said equipment (ACRE Radios) directly. The annoying procedure of copying/pasting code then renaming the variable of the unit.... that can get time consuming so I offer a fix for that. I am going to use the following code for example (from loadoutSingleplayer.sqf): caf being the unit name if (!isNil "caf") then { removeallweapons caf; removeallassigneditems caf; removeBackpack caf; removeVest caf; removeHeadgear caf; removeUniform caf; removeGoggles caf; caf addWeapon "AV_ACH1_UCP"; caf addBackpack "B_TacticalPack_blk"; (backpackContainer caf) addmagazinecargoGlobal ["30Rnd_556x45_Stanag_Tracer_Red",1]; caf addWeapon "RH_M4_ris"; removeBackpack caf; caf addPrimaryWeaponItem "RH_SFM952V"; caf addPrimaryWeaponItem "optic_Hamr"; caf addVest "AV_PlateCarrier1_UCP"; clearItemCargoGlobal (vestContainer caf); clearMagazineCargoGlobal (vestContainer caf); clearWeaponCargoGlobal (vestContainer caf); (vestContainer caf) addmagazinecargoGlobal ["30Rnd_556x45_Stanag",4]; (vestContainer caf) addmagazinecargoGlobal ["30Rnd_556x45_Stanag_Tracer_Red",2]; caf forceAddUniform "AV_CombatUniform1_UCP_tshirt"; clearItemCargoGlobal (uniformContainer caf); clearMagazineCargoGlobal (uniformContainer caf); clearWeaponCargoGlobal (uniformContainer caf); (uniformContainer caf) additemcargoGlobal ["AGM_Bandage",6]; (uniformContainer caf) additemcargoGlobal ["AGM_EarBuds",1]; (uniformContainer caf) additemcargoGlobal ["AGM_Morphine",1]; caf addItem "ACRE_PRC343"; caf assignItem "ACRE_PRC343"; caf addItemToUniform "ACRE_PRC148"; caf selectWeapon (primaryWeapon caf); }; This is the changes (notice caf is now _target) I made that still works like a charm and can be applied to the other loadoutMultiplayer.sqf I bring this to you developers so you can integrate this method to improve the life of others who have to add equipment directly. If I only could access the core files and make it work, I would have provided you the changes that can be generated for your ease but alas, I cannot and it seems to me that the changes would be quite easy to integrate. if (!isNil "caf") then { _target = caf; removeallweapons _target; removeallassigneditems _target; removeBackpack _target; removeVest _target; removeHeadgear _target; removeUniform _target; removeGoggles _target; _target addWeapon "AV_ACH1_UCP"; _target addBackpack "B_TacticalPack_blk"; (backpackContainer _target) addmagazinecargoGlobal ["30Rnd_556x45_Stanag_Tracer_Red",1]; _target addWeapon "RH_M4_ris"; removeBackpack _target; _target addPrimaryWeaponItem "RH_SFM952V"; _target addPrimaryWeaponItem "optic_Hamr"; _target addVest "AV_PlateCarrier1_UCP"; clearItemCargoGlobal (vestContainer _target); clearMagazineCargoGlobal (vestContainer _target); clearWeaponCargoGlobal (vestContainer _target); (vestContainer _target) addmagazinecargoGlobal ["30Rnd_556x45_Stanag",4]; (vestContainer _target) addmagazinecargoGlobal ["30Rnd_556x45_Stanag_Tracer_Red",2]; _target forceAddUniform "AV_CombatUniform1_UCP_tshirt"; clearItemCargoGlobal (uniformContainer _target); clearMagazineCargoGlobal (uniformContainer _target); clearWeaponCargoGlobal (uniformContainer _target); (uniformContainer _target) additemcargoGlobal ["AGM_Bandage",6]; (uniformContainer _target) additemcargoGlobal ["AGM_EarBuds",1]; (uniformContainer _target) additemcargoGlobal ["AGM_Morphine",1]; _target addItem "ACRE_PRC343"; _target assignItem "ACRE_PRC343"; _target addItemToUniform "ACRE_PRC148"; _target selectWeapon (primaryWeapon _target); }; Hopefully you developers will see this post and possibly provide the changes that can improve the lives of those who have to make the changes directly as mentioned before. If you have any questions, comments and/or concerns, just ask me and I will be happy to provide you an answer.
  4. I played this with a few of my friends, this has huge potential! We all love it! However, there is one complication that I think would be an option via parameters. Limit the amount of players that are monsters. Because we had 6 players with 2 monsters (so 4 prey). The issue here is that due to low amount of players, I think this would be better if it was just restricted to only 1 monster instead of two so the prey will have a better chance of surviving and getting scared because they know he is out there and can pounce on anyone of them at any time.. So if it is possible, can you make a parameter that sets the amount of players that can be monsters.
  5. R. Berezon

    C-130J Port Release

    You can use the following script found here. Just simply add the vehicle classnames to the script that I have linked. If you need any help with that, just simply send me a PM. :) As far as I know, that script's newest version that is yet to be released is compatible to this addon.
  6. Simple, I didn't add extra information as to how to add mod vehicles that are just simply retextured. Here's what you do; look for the IL_Supported_Vehicles_X X meaning the type of vehicle, this should be around line 79-82 under the Supported Vehicles section of the IgiLoad.sqf. For your situation, assuming you are using the BLU Mohawk addon, you just need to add a simple classname to the array list, e.g. IL_Supported_Vehicles_MOHAWK = ["I_Heli_Transport_02_F"]; works for ONLY the AAF Mohawk. For the BLU Mohawk, just do this: IL_Supported_Vehicles_MOHAWK = ["I_Heli_Transport_02_F","CH49_Mohawk_FG"]; So when you are adding a new classname to the list, be sure that the model of the new vehicle is the same as the vanilla vehicle, and when you add the new classname to the list, just include the following: ,"Mod_Classname" That's what I did to get my BLU Mohawk addon working for me aswell as the 160th SOAR MH-9 Chopper. On a side note to Igi_PL sorry if it seems that I am "taking over" your thread, I'm just merely helping others out.
  7. The way I see you asking if you don't want a smoke trail from air drops, just simply go into your IgiLoad.sqf and change this value: IL_Para_Smoke = true; to IL_Para_Smoke = false; Now you will no longer have smoke trails but there will be chem lights at night. Hope this helps, cheers!
  8. Yes, it is possible if you are hovering at least 3m from the surface, you can extract the Zodiac crrc from the water WITH the crew still inside! Source: Me stress testing every possible scenario that I can think of. Also, this is towards everyone, the BLU Mohawk addon is compatible with this script, you just need to add its classname to the Mohawk array and that's it. Cheers!
  9. Very nice mod :) I've been stress testing this with a friend and found a few things that should to be fixed/added/improved. 1) MH9's should carry ammo/weapon crates rather than the supply box (Size realism). 2) I got ammocrates/weapon crates load on working for MH9's but with both types of crates, they damage and maybe even explode the MH-9 if you pitch too far or bank to steep - change can collide or something?. 3) You should get ammo/weapon crates (maybe even Supply boxes) for Ghost hawk to carry around by opening the side doors and load them in. Comments: I absolutely love the whole script in general, I like the animations, I like how you can paradrop the cargo with a parachute and smoke (and chemlight at night), love deploying sea-borne vehicles from helicopters :D Overall, great script! My opinion is get the 3 pointers and then the script itself is PERFECT! Otherwise, still will use and recommend to others!
  10. Apparently the units with ghillie suits are missing this: Arid: Temperate: One of the Arid units (Assist C6 Gunner) has the following error: So it seems, that we are missing textures and one entry. I'm sure it's an easy fix. Will we see a hotfix for this soon?
  11. Thanks for the notice! I really like the CAF seeing that I am also from Canada :) I'll be sitting and waiting for an update when the game is released :)
  12. Yeah I still haven't figured it out, Think you can help me? I just want to get a flat piece of land so I can edit on. I've looked at tutorials but none showing how to get a raw, flat island.
  13. Here's the thing, I made a mission with missions\Somalia.Somalia\mission.biedi That's it. So regardless of the name at the end of the mission file whether it be .Somalia or .random it's always loading Stratis. I just want a flat piece of land that I can edit to my needs :)
  14. Now that it's working, I open it all up and everything, but is it normal for it to start on Stratis by default? and not some other island like shown in your pictures? ... Or do I use other programs like World Tool and Visitor 3 to get the island started? (complete noob when it comes to making new maps)
  15. Contents of message removed.
  16. R. Berezon

    Operation Wet & Wild

    If you are picking up another explosive charge from an enemy soldier, you can double-click the backpack which should open the contents in the bag. Then Drag over the explosive charge overtop of your backpack to transfer it to your inventory. Then you can start blowing up stuff :) Also, if you are in singleplayer, then you can switch between squad-members by pressing 'u' and selecting your unit.
  17. R. Berezon

    Operation Wet & Wild

    Hello there ArmA 3 community! I am releasing a mission that I have worked on for a 2 month period and over 300 hours of editing and testing. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present... Operation Wet & Wild *Insert Image that I cannot find a way to put in without using a URL* Description: Israel forces have taken over the military island of Stratis in the Mediterranean Sea. NATO forces have been called into action to swiftly repel the invading forces from the island. Before NATO can do any damage to Stratis, they need to take out the enemy primary communications tower and radar. So NATO has called upon their best men to undertake this vital mission. Features: This is a 1-4 man Co-Op mission that a small group of players can enjoy! The mission contains a UAV Script to spy upon the enemy. (made by AhoyWorld) A self-healing script that I devised myself using cargo containers you can find around the map labeled "HS". =BTC= Revive script from Giallustio militarise and fillHouse scripts made by SpunFIN You infiltrate with a Seal Delivery Vehicle Submarine (SDV) Credits: Thanks to the following: Shepard - Beta Tester and he came up with the name Jman - Beta Tester Pvt. Mayberry - Beta Tester gmjaken - Beta Tester Mastavase - Beta Tester Download link for Operation Wet & Wild NOTE: This is the beginning of the mission series I'm planning to work on. If I get 25 or more downloads, I will start my next mission. If you come across a bug, please let me know and I will fix it. Version History: Version 1.01 New Download Link Small Bug fixes Version 1.0 Mission Release P.S. This is my first mission that I have released to the public. Please be easygoing and provide any pointers that I can improve upon :)
  18. R. Berezon

    Operation Wet & Wild

    You can make your units be in "STEALTH" Mode. Just select all your units (`/~) button -> press 7 -> Stealth mode. That should make them hold fire and return fire only.
  19. R. Berezon

    Operation Wet & Wild

    Alright, One question at a time. Q. What do I destroy the tower with? A. You can destroy the tower with satchel charges that you can find off of enemy bodies or use the Explosive Specialist role and there are some ammo boxes around the base that have satchels (just have to find them). Q. This scope I have cannot be used with Nvgoogles. What good is it? What should I be using? A. The Scope you have (assuming you are the teamleader) by default is the sniper scope. You have an Arco Scope in your gear that you can use NVG with. I gave the teamleader the sniper scope AND the Arco Scope because the Teamleader is a marksman, which specialises in long range shooting as well as shorter ranges. Q. Also is the UAV spy only? All I can do is look at the one area and change some of the 1-9 views. How can it be used or what else can be done with it? A. Yes, the UAV is spy only. You can only look at one area. Perhaps I will find a way to make it work for multiple areas. The UAV is just so you can gather intel on where the enemies are in the base using the different modes. That is all it can do for now. Perhaps in the next mission I can make it do more. Hope I answered all your questions to your liking! If you have anymore questions or concerns, let me know!
  20. R. Berezon

    Operation Wet & Wild

    Let me know if you still have the same problem. or another problem arises :)
  21. R. Berezon

    Operation Wet & Wild

    Interesting... what is your mission file format in? .pbo or did you de-pbo it? The error may be on your side. Maybe provide a few more details and that might help! ---------- Post added at 01:07 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:06 PM ---------- So you complete objectives right away... I'll take a look into that. Also looks like that's in dev build. I'll get an update ready to go for when it's released to stable. Thanks! ---------- Post added at 01:23 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:07 PM ---------- Version 1.01 Released! Slight bug fix and provided a new download link. Download Link for Operation Wet & Wild.
  22. R. Berezon

    [Mission] Dynamic Zombie Sandbox Arma 3

    Hey, this is a nice mission and everything, I'm wondering if whether I can get some help on adding ArmA 3 zombie units in Taviana. When I tried to just copy everything from DZS A3 into a Taviana mission, it loads ArmA 2 units (because of the new clothing system, spawning arma 2 units in A3 will make the game crash). So I need some help on "forcing" the scripts to spawn ArmA 3 units only in Taviana, not A2. Thanks in advance!
  23. R. Berezon

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    Hey THANKYOU I'm typing this from my iPod while my computer copys the files over and it works so far, I just forgot to copy the .bin files and I did copy the .MD5 files :P so it's currently working so far. Forget the stuff I said above, IT'S WORKING THANK YOU FRIEND!!! (the installation) I'll have to try playing it later (in like 10 hours lol I gotta go to sleep...) Also for your information on what I had to do was this (it may help with others that have this error) I had to create a new file (the one u made as example): C:\Temp\arma2co\ copied the files for the expansion be sure to include .bin and .MD5 files along with the setup icon. Then started the installation went through all of the typical installing method. When I got to the copying files I had my fingers crossed hoping that it will work and BAM!!! It worked :D then I had to update Battle Eye (really I didnt need to include that but that's for those who have the same problem as I do, this is really a walk through for those.) then your off to play OA/CO :D enjoy. Ik I will
  24. R. Berezon

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    Ok, what i mean is. Im trying to install Operation Arrowhead expansion to Arma 2. I put in serial number and pass that part, then i go to accept terms, then to copy files. (final stages) But the source doesnt exist for copying files. It says that its a file read error. But i have downloaded the OA (really, its CO but it has OA). This is where the installer is trying to get this file: C:\Documents and Settings\Ryan\ARMA2Patch_1_09.exe.xz The Source (shown above) is the one that doesnt exist, but i read the posts before this one on this thread and says something about ARMA2Patch_1_09.exe where i need to upgrade it or something? Anyway the source for the files supposed to be copying from to is this: c:\Documents and Settings\Ryan\My Documents\Sprocket Sorry if its a bit confusing, ill try and explain it better if you haven anymore questions
  25. R. Berezon

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    So i am having a patch issue coming from a source that doesn't exist. (i got Arma2 Combined Operations) it apparently comes with arrowhead too. Anyway, Its coming from this source that doesnt exist: C:\Documents and Settings\Ryan\ARMA2Patch_1_09.exe.xz I checked where it was 'supposed' to come from and its not listed there. any idea why/how do i solve this problem? Where the source is in program files not doc and set\Ryan.