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    SJB Weapons Pack

    Sam you silly salamander, GJ. But I do gotta say , I love it when someone has that talked so much shit about you in the past then compliments your work on the BI Forum. cute.
  2. Ardvarkdb, The undertaker of mods, the heathen of textures, the apostle of models, this man and this man alone can produce such work.
  3. BayAreaMerc

    Combat Medical System

    Looking Good.
  4. Sif, you my friend get a demerit. Rule Breakers Beware!
  5. how's it going everyone, got a couple videos I thought some of you 'frequent flyers' may like. Be sure to watch in 1080 ;) got other snippets on my Channel aswell if you're interested in checking them out.
  6. BayAreaMerc

    Chechen Rebels

    nice work stag