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    long waiting feature thanx downloading now
  2. o) sorry, thanx, but) I don't need translation anymore, just a simple cheking/editing from engliz/globish to smooth/native american/english) (no more, than 1-4 statement/string?) to each task) in addition, I believe, that the whole 10missions plot publication here, with all of twists, will cause that an any forum visitor just will read the campaing story, instead to play it.
  3. Request: Native english speaker for some editing work I have: 10 very small mission .xml files with tasks and alittle text. No dialogs, no subtitles. Allready on english-globish)) I need: some skilled forum members with native and smooth english. to fix globish to enlish. Way: leave there your mail, or just a comment if you are ready to get some work. I will send you a copy, you would try to fix all errors, then send me back edited. Anyone?
  4. I really beg you do not punish me for my bad bad engliz... poor ukrainian schools have no money for good english' teachers so the only way to study it - is lost in dirty harbor bars and google translator unfortunately, I can't get a chance yet for share some info with respectable public about this work, because the only thing I know - that's what this video has leaked from closed private forum to explore community reaction to changes in the sound structure for arma2co game so I beg the arma community to pay some more attention to this video and leave as much as possible likes on YouTube for those ice-hearted moderators do not punish me please:cool:
  5. so) fuck my childish conspiracy skill and mytubes nerdish joke) what a bout sound? any comments? suggestion?
  6. united nerds?? just looking for some fun)
  7. 1FFM3cnOUjQ just check this ooo! ) any comments?