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  1. Somebody told me to change my identities using set identity I need to create a config.cpp file with the set identity code in it, where do I put it? And how do I make one?
  2. As the title says, I can't put video memory or texture settings past normal, BUT I have 1gb video memory, 8gb ddr3 ram, and yes the video card is well over the standards to play ArmA2. Please help!
  3. jcmomo

    Arma 2 Performance and FPS

    What about disabling the page file? I did that just now and disabled superfetch/prefetch and its running fine! Oh and i have 12 gb of ram so i can fit the 8.21gb arma 2 file in it if i make it 9gbs and 3gb for system ;)
  4. I'm new to the Arma community, first I would like to thank Bohemia for such a great game and simulator. I can't believe I was missing out on this experience! Anyways I have two questions to ask actually. One, I heard that disabling page file (I have 8gb of ram and I have 4gb of old ram that I could always use incase 8 is not enough but its slower. Can I or should I disable the page file? I have Windows 7 64-bit operating system. And should I disable superfetch/prefetch? Apparently this increases FPS and texture loading. Also does ramdisk and page file disabled do same thing? Two, I would like to ask the viewers AND Bohemia admins how to maintain and manage your computer. (I.E. how to clean it out of junk, make it faster like tweaking it, optimizing it, and keep it running fast as I am not too good with this and just keep computer at default. Thanks for all your help, jcmomo. P.S. I do have a ramdisk installed and I put in my 12gb and i CAN fit Arma 2 steam folder inside I just need to ask you if I should.