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  1. A Tom Clancy game by Ubisoft. Do we really want this on PC?
  2. True, but the editor should not go unnoticed for first timers. Instead of having say 30 PVP missions, have a few less and add templates or trainingmethods for how to create PVP missions in the editor. Perhaps add PVP-oriented modules that makes it easier to create them. The editor is where Arma's strength lies, not the number of missions it comes with.
  3. Maybe my rant came off a little narrowminded but i did used the most mentioned suggestions in this thread as a base for my rant. Now i have no problem with BIS improving the PVP side of Arma and if it atracts new players then all the better. I just took offence of your statement that anti-PVP players that only play co-op should come out of their cocoon. I stated my reason why i don't like PVP and it has nothing to do with how Arma implements it. Also CTI can be played coöperatively so saying CTI is PVP is false. I also don't care for this "have everything given on a silver platter by BIS" attitude. The most fun i have in Arma is making missions in the editor and then play those missions with friends. I'm not saying that BIS should make very little PVP missions for Arma 3, but i suggest that you stay open to the possibility's of the editor. Would'nt it feel satisfying to have the PVP community playing your missions?
  4. What do you mean by that? I find PVP to be boring, restrictive and completely against what this game is about. Freedom. You've got this entire island or world to play in and yet you choose to play on this tiny piece of it, that plays exactly the same everytime you play it, and kill eachother. So i would like to stay in my cocoon and create and play missions that encompass half the island, that plays differently everytime you play it, and actually forces you to play tactical. Now i know what you're going to say: "My friends and i play team deathmatch tactical". Yes the first 2 or 3 times. After that it becomes a fragfest where everyone chooses a sniperrifle and find a place to camp from. I've seen it many times with several games. It's the reason i got bored with PVP.
  5. But that's wat MSFT wants! They don't want u to game on the PC but on the XBOX.
  6. Arma 2's FOV is not that bad. I believe it's around 90. Compare that with other games like CODMW3 (FOV=55!!!OMG!!) and Skyrim (FOV=65) and you can't really say it is that zoomed in.
  7. NielsS

    Steamworks, add it in or not?

    I guess you didn't understood what i was trying to say. I used the "music on CD's" analogy to explain that digital distribution isn't a bad thing, i use it for different media, but forcing a DRM through said distribution system is a very bad thing and people should have the freedom to aquire their media through other means. You'de be surprised but seeing you have 250+ more games on me you probably know what you're talking about. :)
  8. NielsS

    Steamworks, add it in or not?

    I get my music on CD's.......legally and without using 3rd party apps. You don't hear me complaining about it. Why? Because i don't have to install a fucking client requiring me to be online just to play the music i BOUGHT, so tell me why i should do that with my games? :mad: Oh...and i have about 500 games on CD and DVD and never lost any of them and all are still in good condition. I know it's a nice feature that Steam backup's your games but that does not mean that we are all a bunch of douches that lose CD's left and right! :plain:
  9. NielsS

    Steamworks, add it in or not?

    That is the lamest reason i have ever heard why Arma 3 should be a steamworks game. FYI i have never had any problems with mods for OFP, Arma and Arma2/OA, but have had many problems with Steam. Steam is just a glorified DRM just as EA's craptastic Origin or Ubisofts persistent online crap. And let's not forget Blizzards fuckup called Diablo 3. Who cares about some real money auction house, i just want to PLAY THE FUCKING GAME....in Singleplayer....Offline!!!!:681: Thank god there is Torchlight 2 wich is much cheaper, has NO DRM and the best thing of all, it's not on Steam!
  10. "Scripted AI" means that NPC's use predefined pathways to move around and perform actions with triggers and scripts. For example a soldier is in a room, the predefined pathways tell him to move around the room and he will always use the same route. A trigger like the player opening the door to the room tells the NPC to move to a certain location like a desk and fire at the player from behind the desk. The NPC does not think for itself but is guided by scripts. The term Intelligence is therefore a bit misguided. "Unscripted AI" does not use predefined pathways and scripts to move around and perform actions. In the same example an unscripted NPC roams the room choosing it's own path wich means it will not be at the exact same place everytime you play that mission. One time it might engage you from behind the desk, the other time it might be laying on the floor in a corner. Now like you said it is not real AI but it does have a wide variaty of paramaters to choose from to determine what action to take, for instance when i order a fireteam to move through a village , they are not all going to use the exact same route to get through it. Also when you play that mission multiple times it can happen that the fireteam uses a different route each time you play it. With scripted AI they all would choose the same route everytime you play it.
  11. Those games you mentioned all have scripted AI. Meaning they follow certain scripts and use predefined pathways to get where they going. It may look tactical but that's because it has all been planned out with the developement of those games. There's no actual real AI. Arma's AI is unscripted and therefore a bit unpredictable but is in a sense much more tactical than those games mentioned as they use real tactics to perform the orders you give them. It's unpredictability however can cause some frustration but i found that when you divide them into small groups they tend to behave a bit better then when u use them as a hole squad.
  12. I'm sorry but isn't this impossible? PVP maps/missions are always the same no matter how much you play them. It's no suprise that CODMW3 is getting 20 DLC's, because they don't expect people to keep playing the same maps/missions over and over again.
  13. NielsS

    BattleField 3

    Fixed that for ya. Cheers!
  14. I don't see the point. BF3 and COD's player base are largely playing on consoles. Trying to atract those players towards a PC exclusive game is pointless. You are probably focusing on the PC community's. Unfortunately they're not that big, if they even still exist, so please explain why BIS should use valuable time and resources, that can be spent on important features, to create a gameMODE that competes with 2 full GAMES so they can get maybe a couple of 100 more sales? Not really. Also i don't think anyone has bought a game, and perhaps upgraded their PC, just to play a certain MP gamemode.:confused:
  15. NielsS

    EA wins 'Golden Poo' award

    Because ConsoleMasters are a Brittish companie and this contest was about American companies.