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  1. Very cool indeed. Thanks for doing this!
  2. MrTavish


    Mr Mondkalb, the quality of your work is outstanding, long may it continue! Huge thanks!
  3. MrTavish


    Looking forward to this! Great work!
  4. Of course i tried it, I just thought I'd ask before i tried it in case there was any problems. Anyways, I got it working nicely with an invisible H. Although, i am have having troubles rotating the weapon direction. ie, on the other wall in the pic. I'm sure i'll work it out soon enough. @F2k Sel - Great innovation! I've been wondering for ages how this could be done. I get this rpt error though: Error in expression <_holder setvectorup [_vect select 0,_vect select 1,_vect sele> Error position: <_vect select 0,_vect select 1,_vect sele> Error Undefined variable in expression: _vect Any ideas on how i could clean this up? :confused: @kylania - i'm relatively new to the scripting game and recently discovered you script examples site. All i can say is a big Thank You! A vital resource indeed! I felt something like this when i found it... :dancehead:
  5. Was this successful? Please do tell.
  6. I seem to have a problem with the torch. "L" won't won't work properly. I can only use "L" whilst changing weapons (during the weapons change animation), otherwise I have to use the scroll menu... :confused: Great work though, I'm enjoying it!
  7. MrTavish

    Project RACS

    Truly splendid mod! So much juicy content to enjoy. Big, big thanks for the great work!