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  1. spartanhoplite

    FTA Life Simulation

    Hey NiTus, Sorry for late response. I have tried out the mod and it is perfect! Really an amazing job. But there are some bugs I am experiencing and some suggestions I would want to tell you when you release the next version of FTA. Bugs: 1) I can't load furniture to my car, I have tried the 'Thing' command and other solutions, so please fix it. 2) The taxi job is bugged too. My customers just get out of the taxi without paying the money. 3) Cinks just suddenly leaver their job and wander around. 4) The 'Housing Office' at the town hall seems bugged too, I can't move my house Suggestions: 1) If you can, please add more cinks. Sometimes I work as a bus driver and I have a maximum of 5 cinks on board. The island seems pretty dead, to be honest. 2) Add more jobs, such as worker at a fuel station. 3) Please add more taxi cars and more second hand car dealers. Sometimes, at the car dealers I find 3 or 4 cars that I don't want. 4) If you can, try to translate czech words to english, I really don't understand some stuff. Other than that, the mod is a must-have and I really enjoy it! Thanks.
  2. hi i wanted to create a training camp to make my units train and continuously. But how?!?
  3. spartanhoplite


    I want it to: 1) Arrive 2) Land 3) And return to base I am one of the squad and the rest are AI. It is in the Mission Editor so SP
  4. spartanhoplite


    Hi, I was wondering that can a helicopter evacuate a remaining of a squad. If so, how can I do it? Thanks for your patience
  5. Hi, How could i make tank crews get in their tank if they heard shots fired and to check the place? thanks in advance.
  6. spartanhoplite


    it worked but 1 problem How can i make the "Objective Completed" box appears at the top left corner if i completed an objective.
  7. spartanhoplite


    hi how can i insert like in single player or campaign in the plan area in the book when you go to the map. THANX ---------- Post added at 04:40 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:39 AM ---------- how can i insert objectives SRY
  8. spartanhoplite

    Retreating Problem

    hi i deployed 4 boats for soldiers who are retreating. The infantry will embark the boats and go away from the battlefield. How can i do this THANX
  9. spartanhoplite

    Moving Problem

    now i know how to script
  10. spartanhoplite

    Moving Problem

    Im an intermediate editor i think its a silly question but where should i type ths scripting in?
  11. spartanhoplite

    surrendring script

    hi i made a scenario that a soldier surrenders. Question: How can i get to take/destroy the surrender's weapons and make him follow me? THANX!!!!
  12. spartanhoplite

    Moving Problem

    But what shall i do if the pilots were in the chopper Thanx. SRY 4 GIVIN U A headache
  13. spartanhoplite

    Moving Problem

    Sry for being causing a headache but only 1 last question. I deployed a boat which is to rescue fallen pilots who are pilots lost their plane/helicopter. The question is: How can i get the fallen pilots embark the boats if their plane/helicopter is down? Thanx
  14. spartanhoplite

    Moving Problem

    It WORKED!!! THANX NIKILLER 1 more question i placed a 5T TRUCK and i wanted filled with a squad how can i do it?
  15. spartanhoplite

    Moving Problem

    hi i made a scenario that the americans are attacking a russian base and 3 BMPs and 3 groups are waiting at the beach to attack. How can i make the BMPs and the 3 groups attack if the force that the americans are attacking is down? PLZ HELP!!!!! ---------- Post added at 03:11 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:09 PM ---------- the map is desert island