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  1. BadWeather

    First "Community Patch"

    Wow heli_flying. That really brought your mod alive. Thank you so much. With your xml I can really fly using only my fingertips. So agile and yet so stable at speed. pure awesomeness.
  2. BadWeather

    First "Community Patch"

    nightsta1ker can you please check if it's the right xml you posted on the first page, because compared to the one armored sheep posted in the zip with all the xml's, this only changes rpm and sliding friction. I'm not counting dampers as I think those are more about personal preference. The reason I'm asking is because the advice above seems to fit better to the xml heli_flying posted earlier. Or are all these changes you mention in the first post already incorporated in the xml from the zip armored_sheep posted?
  3. BadWeather

    First "Community Patch"

    At the current version of the altered FM, the torque effect is so faint I have some proplems correcting it with the pedals I use. This is even with lowered sensitivity. My pedals are just not accurate enough at the edges of their movement range. So I'd like to know if there is a value in the xml I could change to get a more distinct torque effect I'd have to correct with more pedal input? You know like it was with the first xml published by heli_flying I believe. Dampers are off, except for 0.3 on yaw, because of the pedals I have(MOMO wheel pedals). I've already tried lowering the sensitivity, but that did not prove to be the ultimate solution for me.
  4. BadWeather

    Pip ?

    Hm. I thought you could turn on the monitor in the cockpit. It's done via script. When the monitor is on, you get an action icon on it, which turns on/off a window that shows the same "video". And I see no reason you couldn't point a camera on your own chopper and view the feed on that monitor or window. Little by little the community wiki grows and more functions become documented, but they are there if you look in your function viewer in the editor. Everything just isnt documented yet. Also if you make a block waypoint on a car or a boat or whatever, the monitor will show a "videofeed" of it, but I think the chopper has to be equipped with a camera or a FLIR, like a sheriff's chopper for example.
  5. BadWeather

    Question about keybinds...

    If you map a new control to a button and the control appears as red to the mapped controls list, it means its already mapped to some other function that you have to unmap. It doesn't happen automatically. You do however get the name of the control already mapped so you can find it in the list. Or you can unmap a all the joystick functions and remap just those you want. The unmap and 'return default mappings' buttons are in the controllers window where you can also enable, disable your hardware one by one. EDIT: I misread. Why are you programming your controller externally. This is exactly why you get this kind of problems. your hat is used for moving the camera because of ingame mappings I presume and also the controllers software is sending an emulated keypress to the sim. Thats the same as using the hat to move the camera while pressing CTRL+whatever key combo at the same time. Or now that I think about it its more likely that you forgot to remove the other function from the keypress. You dont need external programming for these simple functions in this particular sim. I don't know if some software stops the actual button press being sent to whatever game you're using at the time, but I would bet its not doing that in this case.
  6. I'm not sure but try to change freelook to disabled or default_off in the options->game_options.
  7. BadWeather

    input bugs? cant point it

    Could you perhaps post a video of the whole process. Sounds truly odd and looks like you did have controller issues after all. If by reboot you mean not only game restart, but a computer reboot, If it indeed is a computer reboot you need to restore control. Have you tried if your joystick works normally in other sims after it has gone bonkers in TOH?
  8. BadWeather

    Any luck with flight stick flying?

    Are your videos under the name id5556? If so, you were not doing half as bad as you make it sound. I think you were just surprised how different it is compared to fsx and x-plane. And since you seem to have a grasp on how a chopper is operated, you will learn to fly this one too without too much of an effort(if you're id5556). Thats subjective ofcourse, but from the looks of your videos, you're a simmer, and spending countless hours studying and practicing is what being a sim enthusiast is all about. Well that and obviously flying/driving a sim too. Now I haven't tried dodosim 206 and propably won't either, because no matter how high an addon plane - like the a2a ones and hovercontrol helicopters - is rated by its users, they have all let me down. I tried x-plane too just 'cause their helicopter simulation was getting so much praise. They're good on paper and there are some complex stuff there that I miss in this one, but it always comes down to the feeling you get when flying the aircraft, and in both fsx and x-plane it just feels like the planes are on rails when up in the air and the helicopters are just a tilting and rotating point of views to fsx's slew mode. Motion simulation and/or buttkicker could ofcourse make a huge difference and as I said they do look good when comparing features. A matter of preference
  9. BadWeather

    Disable motion blur?

    Try again. Your nick should say ignorantpcgamer as your comments just get more and more out of this world. From what I gather they have always done their own engines. Its propably the use of rotorlib that confuses your mind. I think I also remember a conversation about the lib use for the weather.
  10. BadWeather

    Look down, out of the Window.

    The controls you need to map are named move head(analg). If you want analog zoom its in the all controls category, not in helicopter controls.
  11. BadWeather

    Look down, out of the Window.

    Go to settings->Controls and at the bottom you have something like Controllers button. Click and in the next window select TrackIR and press enable. If it still doesn't work there should be a DEFAULT button at that same page too which sets the default mappings for the controller you have selected.
  12. BadWeather

    Passenger controls

    Function keys F1,F2,F3... represent the persons in your group. Your co-pilot is most likely the second person in your group so you press F2 and a menu with some basic functions opens. With a group member selected, pressing a number key from 1 to 0 at the top of your keyboard will open a menu with more functions. Each number represents a certain category like 6 for actions and 8 for formation. Much of the information here applies: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Manual#Taking_Command. After reading some, press home to get to the top and read some more.
  13. BadWeather

    Occasional Black Screen

    Oh so flush doesn't restore the screen. I thought it was some kind of a recovery from a sticky situation where you're gonna have a bad time, m'kay. I would try it, but it wont crash anymore. I don't know why. Maybe because I lowered the resolution so I can have some stereoscopic bliss.
  14. Sorry it took so long. I was busy flying, but I started a new thread where you can find those screenshots. If you ment ingame headtracking settings, I don't have any. I can only enable or disable freetrack. Maybe its different with a trackIR.
  15. Here are some screenshots as requested. I thought I'd start a new thread so others could post their settings for trackIR which I don't have. Sensitivities had to be cut quite a lot to find a sweet spot. You might want to up the X sensitivity a bit, but this is how I've set it up. Actually zoom is the critical one I think, x and y not so much in this sim. EDIT: For those who can't find the analogue zoom, It can be found in the All controls category and is labeled Zoom in continuous.