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    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    I've run into a problem after the recent 1.90 update. What happens is we load into the server and we just sit there, with a blackish screen with the ocean sound in the background. This only happens when (certain) mods are enabled. I managed to track the issue down to Unsung and ACE. I get no errors in the logs, that I recognize could be the issue. The server is active in the server list and joinable, but once you join you just sit there. I've tried this on two separate instances, though they are both from the same host, they are in different countries. I've tried everything that has been posted in this thread and the Discord server. I've tried: - Disabling Verification Signature - Re-downloading the mods (multiple times) - Re-installed the server (multiple times) - Removing the cache (from both the stable and perf branch) - Removing all bikeys - Perf branches - Disabling UFW (in case some new port was added) All of this in various combinations. I initially rolled back to 1.88 and that fixed it, but I also discovered that everything works when I disable BattleEye on the server.
  2. ZeakDK

    Max structure size

    To do memory snap-points, you create 4 un-connected vertices in the memory LOD. Place them in each corner (or where you want your building to snap). Create a named selection for each one to match the following example: top-left = .sp_dda_A_0, top-right = .sp_dda_A_1, bottom-left = .sp_dda_V_0, bottom-right = .sp_dda_V_1. The building will snap where "A_0" meets "V_0" and the where "A_1" meets "V_1". The "dda" part, in this example, can be renamed to what you want. I hope it's not too confusing. Not too sure what you mean gnat, I haven't had any issues yet. Can you give a little detail?
  3. ZeakDK

    ST coordinates

    I usually get this problem with bad UV layouts. Keep in mind, that the triangles representing proxies also generate this error. Since you are only getting points it sounds like you might have some edges (2 connected vertices). Since edges can't hold UV information they also generate this error. I use third-party programs for my modelling, so I have no clue how to delete edges only in O2, I'm sure someone else can help you there. Max is right though, you can usually ignore them if they are edges.
  4. ZeakDK

    Max structure size

    Another bump, but I remember that I had this thread going from a while back. Meanwhile I have found 2 solutions to the 20*20 (roughly) structure limit. Either using snap-points or creating a "lodneeded" class on every LOD. So far I have only tried lodneeded 2, which seems to allow a single structure to render past the limit in-game. Hope this info helps.
  5. It's a fairly simply low poly model, I did the UV manually in O2. It could be the import, but I have had no issues with any of my other models. The GEOlod properties are basic, no different from any other model that I have done. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Hey guys, Been trying to solve this issue for a while, but so far I have no luck. Problem: I have created a simple road piece of a bridge, but after getting it into V3 and then the game, most of the textures are replaced by one texture and the whole model creates a lot of lag. Any ideas as to what could be causing this problem? Best regards, ZeakDK / Ullen
  7. ZeakDK

    Max structure size

    Sorry to bump the thread, but I wanted to share how I place my buildings. Instead of using manual placement I just created a new model containing only memory snap-points. The I load it into V3, place it and snap the parts of my building together. I just finished off with the SetAbsosuleHeight and it's done.
  8. ZeakDK

    Max structure size

    Thank you for your answers! @Thromp: Yea, I discovered the vertical height wasn't a problem after toying around with the dimensions of the building. What caught my attention, though, was that it seems to be a percentile of the length (perhaps above a certain length) that seems to determine when it will occlude the structure. F.ex. i tried splitting the structure into 4 sections and then attach them as proxies, but this only seemed to worsen the occlusion limit. When I discovered the problem I removed everything and reduced all sections gradually as i toyed around with it. Thanks for digging up that thread btw. @CBFASI: Well I was looking around in CA folder to see if I could spot how BI did it and took a look at the LHD. In the folder there is a "SnaperHelper", which I assume is a memory point snap P3D? If you could give me an example of how to use a script to insert this structure as a "complete" structure in V3, I would be most thankful! I assume if I create 4 sections, i will have a "weird" map icon.
  9. Problem: I'm in the process of creating a high-rise structure. The building is about 40m wide, 45m deep and 80m high with 18 interior floors. When I have it placed and I view it in-game there's no issues when viewing it from the outside, but when I walk inside (any floor) and walk close the edges of the building, the entire model disappears when looking in the cardinal direction that the respective sides have (N/S/E/W). It only disappears when I'm within something like 2-5 meters (in-game). The height of the structure has no effect on this "occlusion". I have tried. Deleting all LODs except the resLOD Splitting the structure into 4 sections and use them in proxies instead. Changing resLOD resolution. So I have looked everywhere for a solution to this and I have tried many different things like, CanBeOccluded = 0 etc. As a test I created a simple 50*50*1 box (incl. geoLOD+roadLOD), which seems to have the same problem. I'm hoping that you guys can help me! Best regards.
  10. Well I seem to have found the issue, and to my surprise it IS actually the terrain layer size as Thromp. The surprise to me of course, is that don't see any relation between that and the grid coordinates. After I had errors with WT, I tried mask which gave me the same error - So it couldn't be WT. Then I tried what Thromp suggested, and it worked, hehe. I thank you for the replies Bushlurker and for the solution to my problem Thromp :)
  11. Thanks for the replies! Well I have tried doing different things in the WT setup, but always so that I have the 20480 as the size. So I've done it like 2048 with a multiplier of 10, or 5120*4. I haven't tried messing around with offset options though. The reason for this is mostly because I have to re-install Visitor from scratch to get it to work again. I'll try using a different size in the texture layer option, even though I doubt that would solve anything, since my map will load perfectly before the use of World Tools. This also goes for manually putting in trees. The issue only arises after I use WT. To add to that: If I delete all the objects that I imported, the map will load again.
  12. I hope I'm posting in right place, since there's 2 threads regarding this application. I'm having a rather strange problem using World Tools with Visitor 3. I have no problem creating the .exp or even importing the object list into Visitor. However, when I launch Bulldozer to view my newly imported objects, BD crashes, giving me this message: ** NOTE: The "[607, 2044]" seems to be relative to the location of my cursor before launching BD. If I put it within the "1023, 1023" limit, I can view the surroundings, but if I move the camera to a point where it renders anything beyond that limit, BD will crash and give me this error message. Any objects that I have used in the Import list will now give me this error, even if I revert to a save-file before the import. The strange thing is, that I was able use these objects at any location, before the import. I have searched all over for a possible solution to this, but I haven't found the slightest hint to the issue I'm facing. Here is what I have tried: Using different sized masks for the creation of the Import-file. Using different objects. Using a low amount of objects to be imported. Using a different Island project, with the same result. My Island is currently 20480 by 20480 (2048*2048*10) I hope that someone can help me past this obstacle :)