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  1. ghost123

    No signal problem

    Working with both, in Oxygen and with Buldozer. Monitor Resolution is 1600 by 900 32bit Windows XP, ATI Radeon hd 2600 512mb.
  2. ghost123

    No signal problem

    Anyone know what cane be problem?
  3. ghost123

    p3d model ingame problem

    I solved the problem. I delete ShadowVolume and now it's work fine.
  4. ghost123

    p3d model ingame problem

    I try that but again same problem.
  5. ghost123

    p3d model ingame problem

    I downloded ArmA 2 sample models. Then i opened soldier.p3d model in O2 and do some changes on halmet and then i save it as vojnik1.p3d. Then i make new folder called pnk_vojska and i put there vojnik1.p3d model then normaly i change model path in config.cpp and put config in same folder. With BinPBO Personal Edition i check binarize options and select folder pnk_vojska to make .pbo file. When i done with that i just copy pnk_vojska.pbo file in arma 2 oa addons. I put soldier in editor on map and when i click preview game crash. That's everything i do with that model.
  6. ghost123

    p3d model ingame problem

    Yes, vojnik mean soldier. I downloaded sample models from here http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1413200#post1413200 so it's probably russian soldier.
  7. ghost123

    p3d model ingame problem

    Model Used: ArmA 2 Sample Model I change some vertex positions on helmet arma.rpt file: Warning: pnk_vojska\srb_vojnik1.p3d: Degenerated triangle found on source triangles (1683,1681,789) Error: pnk_vojska\srb_vojnik1.p3d: Opposite edge to P(789, 1683) was not found - shadow geometry is not closed.
  8. ghost123

    p3d model ingame problem

    Yes, that's what I mean.
  9. I edited bis example model and put it in game adn in editor but always when i mission on loading screen in editor game crash. I tyr with unbinarized and to binarize model but always same happen. What can be problem?
  10. I have this problem when i write classes for more than 3 weapon in config.cpp here my config file line 156: .zas_m85: Undefined base class "AK_BASE" When i delete class for zas_85 game work witout errors. This is only a half of config its too long.
  11. After 5min work in Oxygen my monitor just display black screen and it's say "No signal, Going to sleep" I need to restart my pc. I have 1gb Ram,512mb Graphic card ATI Radeon 2600 HD, 2.4ghz Dual Core processor. last graphic drivers installed and updated direrctx 10. This is happen only when i work in Oxygen. Only way to work in oxygen is to start pc in safe mode but then i can't run arma 2. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello. I installed ArmA Tools to my PC. But when I try to run P3D trough Oxygen 2 to preview my model I have this error When I press Ok this appear ArmA work without problems. Oxygen 2 is set to default options without changing. Thanks in Advance.