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  1. I'm having problems when I try to create a new bikey using DSUtils on my Server (Windows Server 2012). I'm getting the following error: DSUtils was unable to create the authority If I try from command line i've got this error: CPAquireContext failed What is the cause of this? Thank you and sorry for my bad english!
  2. Hi I also had the error 406 when using my web hosting plan. When I started to use the VPS that hosts my arma3 server, this error did not happen, but when someone uses the repository, my ArmA 3 server crashes. If possible, I would like someone indicate me a hosting plan that supports the use of the repository and that does not have error 406. Ideally a low cost, because only I will use for the repository (currently about 25GB). By the way, I would like to congratulate for the good work! Thanks and sorry for bad english!
  3. Thanks for the help of both. Now I understand better how it works.
  4. sorry for bad english, i used the google translator The space in Fallujah was my mistake while copying. Still not tried without the -cpucount =4 but I think it is not, because the cpu usage did not exceed 60%. I will again test the configuration according to this suggestion of the link. Thanks
  5. Hello everyone, I need your help to set the config of my server, because I'm having some desync even when the server with a good FPS and consuming low bandwidth. In domination for example, the server gets 45 ~ 48 fps and consumes less than 2Mbps of bandwidth, still happens desync. The server has 25 slots. sorry for bad english, i used the google translator Server Harware / connection: Current basic.cfg Startup parameters Thanks!