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  1. armakwalski

    Virtual Ammobox System (VAS)

    a request if you don't mine. can we have a menu that is as big as the default? its really tiny, and i really like looking at the picture rather then having to read small letters.
  2. sweeeeet. going to try it, after the fix :)
  3. oh GOD! please someone slap the person that made the mod. hahahaha lol.
  4. armakwalski

    New Helicopter flight model by HTR dev

    I voted "Very much interested" :yay:
  5. I recieve an info that arma 3 have TOH flight physic. is that true for the final product? I ask because i could stay flying like this a long time. I don't know what real heli could do, all i taste was the beta TOH where you could add to ArmA as a mod.
  6. armakwalski


    would there be a server key in the future release?
  7. armakwalski

    UPSMON for arma3

    just what i'm looking for. I guess I'm just so used to using upsmon script, or I'm just too lazy :cool:
  8. ACE version Please :) and/or option for ACRE would be sweet
  9. Thanks Mattar_Tharkari, the [getPosATL this] didn't work, but I like the Grouping to marker. that work really well. thank you again for the tutorial book for editing. BIS should renew that tutorial to arma 2, or atleast for the upcomming arma 3. that would be really help us new to editing :)
  10. Thank you very much. got it working like this :) if (isServer) then { obj4 = createVehicle ["LandRover_ACR",getMarkerPos "Pos1",[], 20, "NONE"] ; obj4 setVehicleInit "this setDamage 0.7;this setVehicleAmmo 0.5"; x = [obj4,100,100,50,1,true,2,3] execVM "scripts\IED\InitIED.sqf"; processInitCommands; }; was wondering cause maybe this would be easier. i put this code in Initialization box editor: this setVehiclePosition [[], ["Pos1","Pos2","Pos3"], 0] I have put marker for pos1,etc. the object (landrover) did not move to those marker. basicly i just want to put an object at random place in an area, but i like doing it with editor, not writing in init.sqf. am i doing wrong some where?
  11. the thing is, i cannot put it in the vehicle init via editor. because "obj4 = createVehicle ["LandRover_ACR",getMarkerPos "marker4",[], 100, "NONE"] ;" is written in the init.sqf file of the mission. so I'm confused where you would put the "this setDamage 0.7;" or other stuff.
  12. I have been searching around about using createVehicle. I have use it and its is successful, but then sometimes i want to have this object to not have ammo for example so i have something like this >> obj4 = createVehicle ["LandRover_ACR",getMarkerPos "marker4",[], 100, "NONE"] ; the landrover is randomly placed at the marker4, something which i like, but i like to have 70% damage and low on ammo for example. how do I do it? other example is, maybe you want to put a script >> x= [this,70,50,30,2,false,1,3] execVM "scripts\IED\InitIED.sqf"; an IED script on the random object placement of a marker I put on editor. Is there a way? or I can do it with something else?
  13. armakwalski

    [co18] Operation Hit&Run

    had fun with my friends. :bounce3: some ss from the mission.
  14. armakwalski

    Master servers down ?

    yup mee too. no server in browser.
  15. there are option that only for dedicated server only. what happen if I leave it on for dedicated? will it work or it does something else?