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  1. TG_bigboss

    Flying bodies Physics Mod

    Anyone get closer to more realistic values?
  2. TG_bigboss

    Flying bodies Physics Mod

    haha true but I would love to see this mod get close to proper flying bodies is all :) Im going to mess with the current settings and see what i can come up with. Anyone care to explain the values a bit more?
  3. TG_bigboss

    Flying bodies Physics Mod

    why is it so hard to just have proper ragdoll physx when it comes to explosions! The new version is nice thanks for that! Might need to be tweaked lower. right now even a grenade with make the AI go flying lol.
  4. TG_bigboss

    Ever thought of Take On Space?

    Question...I always see that you take your games and what you have learned from them and apply it to others. Will that be the case for this game towards Arma 3? IED rovers? =)
  5. I love these units! First unit mod I downloaded for Arma 3. It was worth it! Great attention to detail my friend! I love the PMC Little-bird design as well. Oh and congrats on making the official sit-rep! You saved BIS from doing some of the work..for now lol. I wonder if they will ever make an official PMC DLC like Arma 2. Cant wait to see an update if you have one in store for us?! Maybe a cool sample mission to show off some cool scenarios for the PMC.
  6. TG_bigboss

    Close Air Support - Day 1

    Glad this fix works but which files must I change. Its been a long time since Ive had to edit any arma files.
  7. Same issue here. It gives me errors of missing some UI_O_camo stuff =/ i have to remake all the missions i was working on for my co-op matches now.
  8. TG_bigboss

    Arma 3 Host co-op game dont work..

    Dont mean to steal your thread but im having this issue too. Players try to join and then it disconnects them saying that they have modified data. I have done everything.
  9. TG_bigboss

    Usmc uh1

    Thanks guys for the map info! =)
  10. TG_bigboss

    Usmc uh1

    Looks amazing! what map is that? i have the urge to make a mission on that map =P those screenshots gave me an idea!
  11. TG_bigboss

    [MOD] Island Mod

    Thanks for than information! You guys are awesome! keep up the work! I love the ability to mod the game which make the game last twice as long and double the fun!
  12. TG_bigboss


    Im seeing this issue too. Im on a new mission and i keep dying even before the mission starts =/ i think its one of the last missions too.
  13. I love this mod! really helpful. I would love to see a ability to make a list of supply's you need before calling for the weapons drop. Saves time since it takes a while to load all those weapons if you have mods. Would love to see an artillery support too! ;)
  14. TG_bigboss


    Amazing campaign so far! The missions are soo long lol! im stuck in the mission knock'em dead. My engineer keeps dying for no reason...as if someone sniped him from the heavens! It happens right after i complete the first oil rig. I start moving to the second oil rig he dies as if a sniper got him. No enemy's around. Also my marksmen keeps wanting to walk backwards towards the starting location of the mission. It is really annoying because the marksmen really helps when it comes to over-watching me.
  15. Amazing campaign so far! The missions are soo long lol!