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  1. Hello friends, On an edited mission, I have an ammo bearer (selectable) and an empty helicopter, When I select the ammo bearer (via team switch), I enter the helicopter and take off, I fly at a height x (30.50 meters) etc. Then I return to the player (via team switch) and the helicopter descends to ground level. Why it does not maintain the altitude when I left it?
  2. it does not work, now if I call by radio trigger "only Leaders Teamswitchable" I can see only the team leaders, that is right but if after that I activated by radio trigger "Make Units TeamSwitchable" can not switch all units, I only still see the team leaders.
  3. I tested, it works like a charm!;) I just noticed a small detail: when I select (by a radio trigger) "only team leaders switchable" I can see in the teamswitch menu only the leaders, ok, but when some of them die, the soldier with the rank nearest becomes the leader but not appear in this menu, I have to activate "all units teamswitchable" and again activate "only team leaders switchable" to it appears in the teamswitch menu.
  4. ok checked and it works well! :) I only have a question, I have another radio trigger for return to all units switchable (west), but when I activated it shows all units teamswitchable (west and east), the name is MakeUnitsTeamSwitchable.sqf and contains // Arma 2 function private ["_Units","_nunits","_ui"]; _Units = allunits; _nunits = (count _Units); for [{ _ui = 0 }, { _ui < _nunits }, { _ui = _ui + 1 }] do { _unit = _Units select _ui; addSwitchableUnit _unit; }; nil; I tried to put this: // Arma 2 function private ["_Units","_nunits","_ui"]; _Units = allunits; _nunits = (count _Units); for [{ _ui = 0 }, { _ui < _nunits }, { _ui = _ui + 1 }] do { _unit = _Units select _ui; addSwitchableUnit _unit; side _unit == WEST; }; nil; but not works, when I activate it shows all units teamswitchable (west and east).
  5. ok checked but is not working, now when I activated the script by radio trigger I can switch all units ¿Is there a way to select only squad leaders of blufor?
  6. hi everyone, I have a script that allows to switch only team leaders switchable (activated by a radio trigger). It works well, but the problem is that it let me to select team leaders of blufor and opfor and I only want to select blufor leaders (by teamswitch) Here is the script: // Arma 2 function private ["_Units","_NumUnits","_ui","_unit","_group","_isleader","_isplayer"]; _Units = allunits; _NumUnits = count _Units; for [{ _ui = 0 }, { _ui < _NumUnits }, { _ui = _ui + 1 }] do { _unit = _Units select _ui; _group = group _unit; _isleader = ((leader _group) == _unit); _isplayer = (player == _unit); if (_isleader || _isplayer) then { addSwitchableUnit _unit; } else { removeSwitchableUnit _unit; }; }; nil;
  7. Hello all. I have a group of snipers (M107) and a group of enemy howitzers (d-30) at a distance of 900 meters, when I engage them my group of snipers defeat esily the howitzers, because they shoot me but all their impacts fall only 500 meters from them (lack 400 meters to reach me), I tried to increase the efficiency of the howitzers increasing their skill but nothing happens, I have searched in many posts but have not found any appropriate, Could anyone have any information about it?:j:
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    Any damage

    Ok sorry, I did not notice that is "west" instead of "east", actually works great, thank you all for this great forum.:cool:
  9. jorxe33

    Any damage

    This code is more accurate. I only have a problem, I want the trigger activates when any blufor vehicule is damaged OR three or more soldiers (blufor) die. I created a game logic an put in the init: easttotal = east countSide allUnits; and in the trigger: ({getNumber (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> (typeOf _x) >> "side") == 1 AND getDammage _x > 0} count vehicles) != 0 or east countSide allUnits <= easttotal - 3; and when any vehicule is damaged the trigger activates but if 3 or more soldiers are killed is not activated:confused:
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    Any damage

    Fantastic! Thanks kylania.
  11. jorxe33

    Any damage

    It works good! Its a very simple way to do this. Thanks Demonized!:) ---------- Post added at 01:31 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:01 AM ---------- By the way, how do I activate it only when a vehicle damaged is BLUFOR?
  12. I want to activate a trigger when any vehicle is damaged (not destroyed). I have several tanks, helicopters and cars. I put in the trigger: getDammaged obj1>= 0.01 or getDammaged obj2 >= 0.01 or etc, etc But is there any way to make this simpler? because too many vehicles.
  13. It's really excellent, work very well!:o thanks Kylania
  14. Due the helicopter lose effectiveness when flying at high altitude, I have an idea, ¿is it possible to put a different height of flight for each waipoint?
  15. Ok, I did the helicopters fly higher, but I noticed that they lose their ability to face the enemy, anyway, I made flying more slowly and notice a slight improvement