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  1. Try expert difficulty. Stable hover is one of the hardest manouvers in heli so keep practicing. And if your joystick isn't perfect trying different one won't hurt I think. But maybe borrow one first to check if it changes anything.
  2. You need to upload it to some image service, try imageshack for example and after uploading, you will have all required urls to put here in the forum.
  3. There is also a deadzone setting for all axis. Put them all to 0. The sensitivity sliders change the curve, so if you set in the middle then the rosponse is the same in joystich neutral position as at the end. If you set it all the way right then the joystick will be much more responsive near neutral position but less at the max. You can see those curves at the top in controller settings window. There are comboboxes at the right of deadzone sliders. First hit the "show" button at the bottom and they will apear. There you can set sensitivity multiplier. Below you can see my settings with multipliers visible. But remember the most important thing is all deadzones to 0! (I have one set to max because I don't use this axis)
  4. Just tried the latest beta patch. No more flashing cockpit for me . But unfortunately I cant see car traffic from heli. Switching to outside view (NumPad Enter) or exiting the heli makes traffic visible again. Going back inside and traffic disapears. EDIT After some more testing it appers that above "bug" not always occur. Sometimes the cars are normal, sometimes they flash and sometimes I cant see them at all.
  5. Turn off post effects maybe? Increase texture quality and/or anisotropic filtering setting.
  6. Yea, as hon0 said. I don't use the ball at all. And how we manage to keep helicopter steady? I assure and encourage you, it IS only a matter of practise. There is no magic in it.
  7. Yes, she is very brave cow :D Miss Betsy - very nice name :ok:
  8. Hahaha lol Good one! What language is this? Hungarian?
  9. As far as I know it works quite fine. But I haven't fire it up for some time so sth could have changed.
  10. I'm not sure if putting links here is alowed... google freetrack and it will show you right site. Freetrack is basically the same device as TrackIR but its much cheaper. Software is free to download, all you need to do is make a clip as shown on the site. If you need more advice PM me and I'll try to answer all your questions.
  11. Hey Wurnman,No, I don't have HOTAS. I have only Saitek AV8R-01 stick. It is dual throttle joystick with twist stick, but I use second throttle for pedals. I've also removed centering spring completely so I don't need to use trim and flying doesn't tire my hand. I don't have TrackIR it's to expensive for me. I've made Freetrack. About steadiness... well as I said before, all you need is practice. You need to set your controllers in such way that really small stick movement makes heli respond. So deadzone to 0 and slightly increase sensitivity. If you would sit next to me you almost wouldn't notice that I'm moving my stick during flight. Remember: deadzone to zero! and practise, practise, practise.
  12. The most important "tool" which we don't have in sim is our body. We can't feel whats going on with helicopter. That and real 180 FOV against 90 FOV in game are the main drawbacks and that's why BIS implemented autohover and allows to use it in expert difficulty. But you can of course fly well without it. There are many videos proving it, hon0 has a bunch of them. Here's my I don't use autohover and I don't have HOTAS setup. So as you can see it's possible without sophisticated hardware. Practise, practise, practise... that's all what you need.
  13. Recently I've bought new GPU so I've decided to record new "Yeehaa!! mission" video. Here it is: 9-l7bjvsB34 Also some experiment with external camera and flight recording. It is single player game. Fjzm5rsoGSk Enjoy!
  14. Hi Jedra, Can you make a little tutorial about defining/modifying configs? What tools do I need, where to find original object config, what to edit and how to repack it to make it work as addon. Or maybe throw some links where I can find such informations. Thanks.