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  1. Gekon, can you please explain a little bit more thanks! I just got the update and suddenly all the campaign addons I've subscribed to just disappeared from the launcher. The Mod tab is empty. How do I get them back and will I be able to resume playing them from where I ended last evening?
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    ARMA 2 Patching FAQ

    I bought Arma 2 Combat Operations recently via Sprocket and installed Arma 2 Combat Operation files first and after the Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead. The program worked fine but found there were several patches so I thought I'd better install them, before getting in to trouble! There is a lot of confusion which patches to apply as there seems to be several combinations of either standalone installations or combined ones. In the end I decided to apply patch 1.10 for Arma2. I found that with this I couldn't apply update 1.59 for Operation Arrowhead as it had a lower version number than I got after applying the Arma2 Combined Operations patch 1.10. Obviously it updated OA too. But now the game crashes after playing for some minutes and before diving into all technical details I'd like to know if I did the right update? I have not applied any previous patches before 1.10 as I belived the update to be cumulative, i.e. including all previous updates. I think this should be clearly stated when releasing patches so there are no doubts, even for newbies! Furthermore, among "Latest News" at the website you can read about update 1.09 for Arma2 and also the update 1.59 for OA and Reinforements as "now available". Can anyone help me with a proper explanation? What is valid and what to do! And please guys! Write a proper update/patching manual and remove all outdated crap from the website!