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  1. Mono

    Patrol Operations 2

    Awesome thanks for that. Few beers tonight and get this sorted!
  2. Mono

    Patrol Operations 2

    That looks awesome! Thanks for the tips on the params! Sorry to be a nag — is there anywhere I can change the amount of AI that spawn? I mostly play offline with AI recruitment on. Then I get a small amount of Opfor spawning at each objective. Is there a way to dupe the mission into thinking there is maybe 2-3 players on the server so it spawns more AI Opfor? Sorry for the lack of technical terms! :)
  3. Mono

    Patrol Operations 2

    I would also like to know which file to edit to change the default params — just for quicker setup etc. Again — loving this mission.
  4. Mono

    Warfare BE

    Could you explain to me how territorial works differently to the norm? I have tried a few games with this param on and I also notice the game is more fun! Just no idea why! :D
  5. Mono

    Patrol Operations 2

    Ahh of course never thought of that — thanks anyways!
  6. Mono

    Insurgency Chernarus Completed

    Awesome — can't wait to give this a go. By chance is there any AI recruitment for this version?
  7. Mono

    Patrol Operations 2

    Loved this. Are you using something to change your FOV or just the FOV of the models? I feel the weapons take up a lot more screen my end!
  8. Mono

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    Also waiting for Steam. Funny things about the town names/ ALICE and Warfare mode not making an appearance. I understand a lot don't have time/like warfare but I think it's always needed in expansions like this when previous versions e.g BAF/OA had their own? (ALICE also, love having the tension of civ life in missions.) I may hold off to see if a patch adds any of these things as a personal preference. But damn those units look good!
  9. Mono

    Patrol Operations 2

    I also play with AI and this would be a great feature to have — even if it's a parameter maybe? (to stop MP spamming AI bots from the skies!)
  10. Mono

    Urban Conquest by tvig0r0us

    Sounds pretty good I'll download and have a play later after work! Good job on the release! As mentioned above I also installed OFP2 just to play your missions — again shame the game wasn't up to the standards.
  11. Mono


    Thanks very much I'll give that one a go also.
  12. Mono


    I would also love to get hold of this version — actually any with AI recruiting on. Tried to add Bon's recruitment myself and failed! :(
  13. Mono

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    I highly doubt it would work this way — but also I would love it. I'm buying the day one release of the Steam version for sure. Also that brings to mind ARMA III is that a Steam release?
  14. Look forward to the bug fix. Even without your own squad this mission is super fun. I've never got pinned down for so long before. I even had two snipers come looking inside a building for me — with no AI mods. First time thats ever happened. When the squad reinforcements work this will be awesome! Also is it only the players reinforcements that does not work, do the AI get reinforcements? If the AI's requests also are bugged I look doubly forward to the fix — it will be manic!
  15. Sorry yeah I mean I was ordering reinforcements to myself. I dropped a point down for them them to drop. I check in the queue for reinforcements after and it never seems to change. It's 7am in game time now and the first reinforcements on the list were supposed to drop at 620am. I think mine are in the list to be spawned just that they never get a chance maybe? Still having a real good game on this! I was pinned down on that roof for about an hour picking my moment to sprint as my APC supports rolled into town! Give me just enough time to heal and get some ammo. Back to it!