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  1. DarkXess, All I did was create a unit and grouped it to the taxi unit. No scripting at all. I have not learned how yet.
  2. Can anyone recommend an easy to use script or module for an on call air asset? I am looking for an easy way to have an A-10 come to an area and loiter for awhile and do gun runs on spotted enemy. A cobra would be fine as well. Come to an area I call for and stay awhile to shoot stuff it sees with cannon and missles. The Simple support module just does airstrikes and not really what I am looking for. Many thanks
  3. Shame he isnt tweaking this great script. I put a cobra next to the "taxi" chopper and grouped it to the taxi. For the most part, my taxi had an escort! Problems: 1. The escort doesnt take off until the taxi gets to the drop point. It is late to the party. When it does get there it hovers and provides cover! 2. When they head back to base to refuel the escort will not land and will not come a second time. Shame.
  4. Did a search but no could not find. I have set a helicopter or car in editor but I want to have extra ammo for the troops on the helicopter or in the car for the men to resupply. Is there a way to add an ammo crate or the contents to the helicopter? I am looking for the simplest way to do this. Many thanks
  5. So the "CA" folder contains all the bug fixes from the released version (like doorways, ect.) and is manditory? The "MIP" folder is optional? What is included in the MIP folder? Is this where the rare civilian that speaks english is? I guess am looking for an explanation of what is in each folder and which ones are optional.
  6. why do you have to run the game once before you patch it? I didnt do this with store bought copy and no known problems.
  7. You guys are great. Thanks. I can't wait to get home to try it!
  8. The first suggestion will not work as you cannot paste in the init Windows in a modules. I will try the second one though. Thank you!
  9. With respect to the lines of code that you have to add to the function init and Alice2 init, can I combine those into an init.sqf and put it in the mission folder or do they have to be in the init line of the modules? It is quite a lot of code to type everytime I put these two modules into an editor mission so I was looking for a quicker way.
  10. okay the instructions on the website say to copy the CA folder to where the mission is. I can do that no problem but what do I do with the MIP folder? Also...there are many place where you are able to set the spawn distance. Which one actually works?
  11. Muzzleflash thanks for taking the time to post some answers. So the add on file is for people who want to "host" multiplayer games but I just want to play SP and the editor so I only need the 20110331 version? I guess the 20110315 version is an older version that is not used anymore? Kinda confusing!
  12. Lanzfeld

    PvPscene Tweaks

    Been quite a few days broken.
  13. Not at home so I cannot test this stuff but I have a few questions. 1. I guess I download the 20110331 file and then the addon? Just ignore the 20110315 file? What is that addon file? 2. It sounds like cars and traffic are included in this ALICE2 improvement so I would not need to put a SILVIE mod on my map anymore? 3. I can now use this ALICE2 on maps like Utes from A2 instead of the original ALICE/SILVIE mods? Many thanks to anyone who answers these questions from an unsure noob!!