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  1. I love this mod and all the different selections of M1956 equipment 🙂 Really great work!


    Any chance we can get the earlier M1956 buttpack as a standalone backpack in addition to the M1961 buttpack?  It would also be great to have the basic M1956 webbing set with the earlier buttpack and suspenders attached -- right now it seems if you want the early type M1956 set you need to also use the M1956 suspenders in the facewear config as well. 

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  2. My reply was not intended to be disrespectful. As a content creator in other genres I understand how annoying it is to be asked (demanded) to make changes to something you are building in your free time, hence my careful wording and suggestion of another approach that could be used. Admittedly I don't know much about porting animations.


    At any rate, glad to see the change was made and looking forward to next release.

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  3. Great news! Looking forward to updated animations in later releases.


    On 12/25/2019 at 8:37 AM, Alwarren said:


    If you feel like it, feel free to make a better animation and send them over for inclusion.


    OK, but this isn't really a real answer to give someone who leaves commentary on the mod -- are we not allowed (as the community) to provide feedback? Clearly the feedback I gave was actionable, as the dev team chose to make an update, so I'm not clear on why you even chose to respond with a snipe like this in the first place. 

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  4. On 12/21/2019 at 12:44 AM, audiocustoms said:

    Well, the FAL actually uses the anims by Toadie

    Toadie's release page very clearly states the reloads were made by someone else, though I'm not sure why it makes any difference -- my points about the animation not being that great still stands.  Interestingly the SA58 OSW in the NIArms pack includes a much better reload seemingly produced by Toadie. I'm not sure why we can't just get that animation ported to the other FALs.  But I digress - clearly we're just spinning our wheels here and this isn't a priority.



    Clifton Vlodhammer – Animation (main FAL animation)

  5. On 12/18/2019 at 6:57 PM, jacobs said:


    I completely disagree, CUP reload is quite good.


    You are of course entitled to your own opinion on this, but the legacy FAL reload in use is not good (I first saw it used in the NIArms FAL pack back in 2015). With the higher quality stuff being put out by Toadie, RHS, and even stock Arma3... it's surprising to me this reload animation set is still in use.  It's awkward, unnecessarily slow, and seems like it was created by someone who has never actually reloaded an FAL before...

  6. That's a shame about the FAL reload - the current one is atrocious. It would almost be better to sub it with the default arma 2 reload animation of old!


    Especially disappointing as the NIArms pack includes a good FAL reload for its SA-58 OSW, but inexplicably uses the same old/bad reloads for its regular FALs. Seems we will never get a perfect FAL addon 🙂

  7. Is there any plan to update the rear sight on the RHS: GREF M1 Garand? The peep sight is so small it's nearly impossible to use at any range, and in real life the eye does not resolve the rear sight in the same way as the game (instead you focus on the front sight and the rear sight's peep isn't so obvious/obtrusive)  RHS has the best modeled, best animated, and best sounding M1 available in arma, but it's totally unusable because of the awkward rear sight. I get that the shape of the rear sight has been perfectly modeled (it has) - but the sight needs to be opened up (similar to other games and other M1s from different arma mods) to be usable.


    This is the sight picture in-game:



    Tracking a moving target through it is next to impossible. Surely it's possible to change the rear sight into a much wider ring to simulate the way the human eye looks through peep sights?

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  8. Any chance of getting backpacks in this mod? I remember the US Military Mod included a nice M5 medic bag -- right now there aren't many good options for backpacks (at least that I've found). The CUP ALICE packs look like they're directly ported from A2, and the RHS ALICE packs are the enormous "large" size with frames (I don't think these are realistic for combat units to be patrolling with but I could be wrong). It would be awesome to see some of the smaller rucks (like the M5 and the smaller ALICE) in the DHI pack. 


    BTW, the new LC-2 webbing options are seriously my favorite thing to come to A3 in a while. Great work!

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  9. Right - most of the differences are pretty minor and (from a gameplay standpoint) entirely cosmetic.  The metric FN FAL saw more use worldwide, but the inch pattern rifles were widely used throughout the Commonwealth (and successor nations). Both are highly suitable for a "green force" mod pack. 


    Great work either way!

  10. Loving the new L1A1 SLRs in the dev branch - are there plans to replace the FN FAL style knob charging handle with the proper folding charging handle on the SLRs? 


    edit: Also, it looks like the pistol grip on the SLRs is the style only seen on the metric FALs as well. 


    Either way, it's awesome to see even more variety within GREF - easily my favorite mod alongside DHI's stuff. Great work all!

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  11. The SWDs and the bonus are great! Also really like the added ballistic/explosive values on the PASGTs. 


    Looking fwd to M1 helmets (maybe you'll use the excellent RHS GREF version as a base?) -- and especially M1s with various covers.  Would be awesome to see the P42 "frog" camo, Mitchell pattern, OD green, Tigerstripe, ERDL, M81, etc. 

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  12. Sure, the systemchat was always showing that a town had been found (this was on Lingor). There was no issue with finding the town.


    What I was really looking for was the ability to have a script that spawned zombies around the player, based on the player's position (maybe with a configurable safe spawn distance like you've done). But currently, having zombies spawn kilometers away from the player in random towns they'll never reach on foot seems wasteful. The Ryan zombies are already resource hogs on dedicated servers to begin with. If I had to design the rules for the script, I would make the safe spawn distance from all players 100m, and despawn any zombies beyond 750m.


    Ideally, such a script would prioritize creation of "hordes" (say 10-15 zombies) in each town, but also creating random wandering zombies in the rural/less populated areas. My concern about this script is that players could spend a lot of time traversing the rural/open areas and never see any zombies at all.

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  13. Love the idea of this script - placing spawners from Ryan's zombies manually is tedious and seems to clog server resources...


    The issue I'm running into is that the script only spawns zombies in far-off towns:



    I've changed a few of the main settings here in attempt to get them to spawn closer to me (original values were 1000). This doesn't seem to have any effect.


    GF_APZ_Units_Spawn_Safe_distance            = 100;        //    Add here the distance for the Units Spawn Safe distance from players    
    GF_APZ_Blacklist_Zone_distance                = 100;        //    Add here the distance for the Blacklist Zones


    Any suggestions? What am I doing wrong?





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  14. Got a question for the experts here -- I've made a basic survival mission on Lingor with pre-placed weapon caches etc and zombie spawners throughout the map. I've left the "alive zombies cap" at 50 for all spawners, and given them activation radius of 100 (mostly) with spawn density as 100 as well (to make them spawn all over the place when players are nearby). I've also added the deletion settings module and set it to delete every 15s beyond 300m from BLUFOR (players). 


    The mission works fine for the most part. Zombies spawn and can be killed etc, but we get really erratic lag spikes and strange vehicle performance (especially when flying) when playing on our rented dedicated server (6 cores, 8GB RAM). Any suggestions? We're playing with approx 5-6 guys total, so not a huge number of clients. All other mission types (even Antistasi) work great on our server. 

  15. Love the additions - especially the PASGT helmets - but they don't seem to have any kind of ballistic protection/explosive resistance value (only a "weight" value). Is this intentional? Admittedly I don't know how the ballistic/explosive stuff even works, but the stock helmets and RHS helmets have a value assigned.

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