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  1. aviatorboy1996

    Audio and stuttering problem on Dev Branch

    Thanks for the reply. I'll try that right now :) Edit: Actually Disregard this reply. I don't have a audio card lol. Hopefully this issue will be resolved really soon.
  2. Wasn't really sure if this was the correct place to put this but i'm having problems where arma would stutter in all aircraft sometimes later for Infantry and ground vehicles. Doesn't matter if it's vanilla or modded. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOBeU96fQGg&edit=vd I'd suggest you turn you volume down for this.
  3. aviatorboy1996

    Taviana Island for ArmA 2!

    this would be cool for a life server
  4. aviatorboy1996

    Team Shadow - Sniper Campaign

    can i play this campaign without ace? if i enable ace it'll give me an error saying x\cba\addons\main\script_macros_common.hpp not found
  5. aviatorboy1996


    hey! im having problems loading the first mission. when im in the blackhawk and it starts tilting the game starts to freeze. does anyone else have this problem?