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  1. I only have a workaround. If the helicopter is always roughly in the same place then you could do the following. 1. Remove ammo from the harrier 2. Make a trigger somewhere i a good place near the helicopter 3. Make the trigger to be activated by the harrier 4. (name your helicopter helo1). In the trigger type in (in the on act section): "helo1 setdamage 1" without the quotes (0 is fully functional, 1 is completly destroyed). If you are good at spawning things then you could always spawn a missile that impacts the chopper but i don't know how to do that. I think the ai engagement is pretty hardcoded in to the engine. As i said, this doesn't really solve your problem, just allows you to get around it.
  2. gamma7897

    German Misc Pack released

    About the police pack desert and technical relief pack and poice pack 2, and german weapons pack. I cant get them to work. I have them loaded in the game (through expansions) and all the PBO:s in an addon folder in their respctive addon folder whit a name that starts with @. But they wont show up in game through the editor. I have all the required addons but still the police pack wants something. The only thing that shows up are the cars by topas. Any help?
  3. gamma7897

    JTD Fire And Smoke

    I dont know if this somewhat annouying fire and smoke bug was already in ARMA 2 but when i drove a truck ( Russian Main truck Open variant stock) into the water and jumped out it exploded (i know thats in ARMA 2) but then a few seconds later i heard fire turned around and saw smoke coming out of the water and occasionally flames that were high enough to get over the waterline. Nothing game breaking but a headscrather