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  1. I'm afraid my technical knowledge on texture making is slim to non existent, so I can't be of much assistance in that regard. The ingame picture looks nice colorwise, but as you yourself said, the details are becoming less pronounced. Perhaps one of the other addonmakers around here could help you with this? That being said I must commend you for constantly trying to improve your bird!
  2. Excellent work all around! I’m gald you were able to implement the moving gunner animation! When I compare your latest batch of screenshots to the ones in the OP, it really shows how much you’ve progressed. Well done indeed. However, I do want to address one issue that Nodunit briefly mentioned before. Namely, that of the color scheme. I’ve noticed some discrepancies between your and Yura’s paint schemes. While Yura’s mh60 doesn’t seem to have the weathering effects applied yet, its base color seems more realistic. Now I must confess that I’m ignorant of the real life color differences between the mh60 and mh47 models, but at face value they seem to be the same (or at the very least extremely similar). You have mentioned before that texturing wasn’t your strong suit, but perhaps you could use the aforementioned delay to tweak the textures a bit? Perhaps yura could help you out a bit. While not the most important issue, it would sure improve consistency a bit. Between your mh47, yura’s mh60s and Nodunit and Franze’s ah64 it’s good times for chopper enthusiasts! PS If time permits it, consider making a release video featuring prodigy music. For nostalgia’s sake ;)
  3. TXcc

    AH-64 Pack

    Awesome, simply awesome. Have you considered making custom helmets for the pilots? (apologies if the question has been asked before).
  4. Decided to use the good old camera.sqs script again, haven't done that since the days of OFP. God, I love those satmaps. clickable addons used: USEC Parachutist/H.A.L.O. Series by Rocket CLAfghan by GreenBeret40 Esbekistan by Robster and Minimalaco Realistic Paradrop by DAP L119A1 Pack by Lennard ;)
  5. TXcc

    Rhodesy's Projects

    Ah, thought I might get it wrong with the helmet, hehe. Anyway, good to hear you have one lying around. By the way, any plans to do some more PCU troops? Your ranger units are one of the few (if not only) troops that come equiped with a PCU jacket (love that pack by the way). Speaking of borrowing stuff, perhaps lennard could be persuaded to donate his Insight M3X Tactical Illuminator? Would look great on your weapon pack.
  6. TXcc

    Rhodesy's Projects

    Very nice Rhodesy! Good to see an up to date hk416 pack. Would love to see those babies equiped with a spectre DR optic though. The unit models look great too, but if you are taking suggestions, perhaps you could spruce the ops-core helmets up a bit? Some accessories would look awesome. Perhaps this catalog could offer you with some inspiration? Hope to see those units in Arma 2 one day.
  7. If you're taking suggestions for a new helo project, perhaps an FBI HRT model would be interesting. By the way, did you have any luck contacting Sakura-chan about those door gunner animations?
  8. Much appreciated Pachira! Shame JSRS doesn't have the m4 burst sound though.
  9. Hmm, I tried messing around with the sounds. I failed horribly though... Could you upload your version with the JSRS sounds?
  10. Again good to hear! I have another suggestion. Some years ago I remember seeing a short movie which featured animated gunners. I couldn't find it on the major arma sites (although my horrendous search skills are probably to blame), so I looked on youtube and finally tracked it down. As you can see in , the doorgunners are animated which greatly improves the visuals. Perhaps you could include it somewhere down the line? It's a shame the addon did not see the light of day (to my knowledge anyway).Tracking the author down might be difficult though. He goes by the name 'U2oobfan', but that name doesn't register any hits outside of youtube.
  11. Good to hear, I'm sure the end result will be splendid. I didn't mean the windows, but the instrument panel. It would be nice if it featured those fancy glass MFD's. Something like this would be good (although that particular version belongs to the MH-47G apparently).
  12. Looking good. SOF will finally be able to ride in style. Quick question though. I was looking at your twitter page and saw this wip pic. I'm not really familiar with addon making, but the textures look extremely blurry and quite sub par compared to the earlier screenshots (might you, the version that vixer has worked on). Is this because of oxygen? I don't wish to insult your work, but it struck me as quite odd. In any case, good to see you teamed up with yura. Secondly, while the cockpit looks nice, I hope to see a more up to date glass version in any further releases (I believe you were considering that?) Anyway, love the progress and am looking forward to its release!
  13. Excellent release, and lots of content as well!
  14. If you do plan to replace the sounds, please make it optional (in order to preserve compatibility with sound mods).
  15. TXcc

    AH-64 Pack

    Impressive, but could you upload some higher res screenshots? Can't really make out all the details with these.