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  1. sevensixtytwo

    OFP Addon request thread

    Those models also look pretty good! Damn, I always wondered why a lot of soldier packs looked similar in build. Thanks! I'll keep them around.
  2. sevensixtytwo

    OFP Addon request thread

    Och, I had always thought that Jonny's SF used updated TQP models. Thanks for the heads-up. :)
  3. sevensixtytwo

    OFP Addon request thread

    Hi again. You might remember me from the AFP pack I released a long time ago. I'm thinking of going back to OFP modding again ever since I lost all my files when my HD conked out last year. I've a new pc now and I'd like to ask the community what soldier models would be best and most appropriate to use as the base for an addon? "Appropriate" in the sense that they're free to use or that the author is still active or at least easily reachable. Here are some candidates. 1. Hyk's soldiers - very nice and varied models, clean UVs, detailed, easily skinned, free. not enough "body" tho. 2. WW4 soldiers - almost the same as Hyk's though with less variation and detail, clean UVs (except for the helmets and hats), explicitly free. still not enough "body." 3. Faceplant US soldiers - exceptionally good and great looking models and textures with just the right amount of bulk. no MLODs available, unknown if free. 4. Jonny's SF soldiers - detailed models with a nice variety of accessories, all MLODs. unknown if free. 5. Blackblood's UK soldiers - very good proportions, well-made accessories and includes rolled-up sleeves. no MLODs, textures are confusing, forearms do not change color depending on face, again unknown if free. If there's another you'd like to recommend that's not listed here, feel free, as well as put in your own opinion on it. I also think that it would be great if this forum had a thread for listing addons with free to use resources (like WW4.) It would probably help people who learn to mod by studying other people's work. As a sidenote, here's what I was working on before my HD conked. Made with assets from Hyk's, Blackblood's and Jonny's soldiers. Sadly, wasn't able to recover them. :( http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee277/thefirewarriors/blbmoda1.png http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee277/thefirewarriors/blbmoda2.png http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee277/thefirewarriors/blbmoda3.png And here's my personal WW4 Soviet army replacers which I am working on now: http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee277/thefirewarriors/dxdshot1358563775_zps9c610a5f.png Thanks for your time.
  4. sevensixtytwo

    Armed Forces of the Philippines

    Noted. Improved weapon pack will be in the next release along with some new stuff. :) Thanks!
  5. Hey all, Thanks to the great community, I managed to chunk together my first addon; the first of many, I hope. Armed Forces of the Philippines Test Release 1 http://www.mediafire.com/?h1lw7f8i512bqvu Required addons: JAM3 Laser's US Weapons Pack This addon contains: 1. Philippine Marine Corps Units 2. Weapons used by the AFP See readme for more details. It's def-o not finished yet and I have some more features planned, but I also want some feedback from the community in order to get the most out of making addons. I'll keep working on adding to this alongside some other projects. The infantry are based on Hyk's US Soldiers pack with reworked textures and mix-n-matched models. The weapons are based on BIS weapons but retextured and resized to look less retardedly gigantic. Some were pieced together (SSR) from several different weapons. Oh, and before anyone complains about the Full-Auto M16s, they're supposed to be M16A1s with A2 handguards. And I know how shitey the M60E3 foregrip looks right now. Credits and Special Thanks to the following people: Hyakushiki for the base soldier models and vehicle face scripts Sanctuary for the Cloth Wrinkle textures and Ghillie models Vilas for allowing me to edit his V-150 Commando Zulu1 for the backblast script STGN, Macser, DanAK47 and ProfTournesol for their patience with me BIS for obvious reasons Timawa.net for the plethora of references Some screenshots (posted in an earlier thread) Marine Corps infantry with a V-150 armored car http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee277/thefirewarriors/afp_pmc001.png Marine Force Reconnaissance operators http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee277/thefirewarriors/afp_pmc002.png Marine Scout Snipers (M95 is placeholder, not included in addon) http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee277/thefirewarriors/afp_pmc003.png
  6. sevensixtytwo

    STGN's WIP

    I suppose the front of the hull, the side skirts and tracks could do with a few more smudges of mud like in the first picture. The turret looks good the way it is in the second one.
  7. sevensixtytwo

    Problem with recoilless rifle config

    @ProfTournesol: That took care of it. I also had to comment out several other lines _muzzle=_this select 2; _mode=_this select 3; _ammo=_this select 4; They were also causing errors. I appreciate the help, sir. :)
  8. sevensixtytwo

    Problem with recoilless rifle config

    @ProfTournesol The script I used was exactly what Zulu1 posted. I made no changes. And I put the lines Macser posted in the EH config of all my units as such. Here be a screenie of the error. http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee277/thefirewarriors/dxdshot1341333101.png
  9. sevensixtytwo

    Zulu war 1879 uzuthu

    Awesome. I'll finally have some use for that Michael Caine face I downloaded a long time ago. xD
  10. sevensixtytwo

    Problem with recoilless rifle config

    @Macser: Ah, so if I put the "fired" into my SolBase unit (which all my units inherit) any of them could pick up an M67 RR and have backblast? I'll test it right now. EDIT: It works perfectly, though it gives a Error Zero Divisor note on top of the screen everytime someone fires. Much thanks! Oh and the reason for the backblast coming out of the trooper ass was the WW4 mod since the default stance of the soldier is now standing instead of kneeling. Might do an anim tweak for that.
  11. sevensixtytwo

    Problem with recoilless rifle config

    @DanAK47: I took your advice and screwed around with the optic instead of the config. Works sort of fine now, if not very realistic. You can even approximate the distance of a tank using the stadiametric rangefinder up to around 500 meters, though accuracy may vary depending on the size of the tank (used a T72 as a guide.) I can hit tanks often on the first shot, and if I miss, the second always hits. Problem now. I don't know why, but the AI now fires too high unlike before. Might be I screwed something up while fixing the optics. @Zulu1: Great! This is just what I needed! Much thanks. I'll have to try it out tonight. By the way, would I be able to call the script from the weapon's config? or from the AT Rifleman? Edit: Just tried it out in a mission. Worked, but the blast came out from the soldier's arse. Still, a big step ahead, no?
  12. sevensixtytwo

    Problem with recoilless rifle config

    Yes, actually, the CfgAmmo was my missing segment. Stupid noob, me. xD The problem with the AI engagement range is resolved. They snipe with the RR just fine now. I had to ditch the magazine system though, in favor of simply doing the AFP_M67Launcher weapon and AFP_M67Launcher as its ammo instead of having multiple magazines. New code class CfgAmmo { class Default {}; class AT3: Default {}; class LAW:AT3 {}; class CarlGustav: AT3 {}; class AFP_M67Shell: CarlGustav { model="shell"; displayName ="90mm M67 Shell"; displayNameMagazine ="90mm M67 Shell"; shortNameMagazine ="90mm Shell"; sound[] = {Weapons\gun73,db+20,1}; reloadMagazineSound[] = {Weapons\reload,db+20,1}; soundHit[]={"Explosions\explosion_large1",100.0000076,1}; soundFly[]={"objects\bulletnoise",0.0316228,4}; maxspeed=0; thrust=0; thrusttime=0; }; }; class CfgWeapons { class Default {}; class LAWLauncher: Default {}; class RPGLauncher: LAWLauncher {}; class CarlGustavLauncher:LAWLauncher {}; class AFP_M67Launcher:CarlGustavLauncher { scopeWeapon=2; scopeMagazine=2; weaponType=16; magazineType="2 * 256"; model="\afp\m67\m67.p3d"; ammo="AFP_M67Shell" //modelSpecial="\afp\m67\m67.p3d"; modelOptics="\afp\m67\m67_optic.p3d"; displayName="M67 Recoilless Rifle"; displayNameMagazine="M67"; shortNameMagazine="M67"; initSpeed=213; opticsZoomMin=0.18; opticsZoomMax=0.18; distanceZoomMin=400; distanceZoomMax=400; }; }; I also got rid of the smoke trail when I set the thrust to 0. Now it acts like a man-portable tank gun (which is essentially what a real-life RR is.) New problem. The real-life M67 has a muzzle velocity of 213 m/s and is zeroed in at 400 meters as this sight indicates http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/da/M67_sight_full-stadia_picture.png However, the weapon is currently zeroed in at 100 meters. I need to sight a target 200 meters away at the 600 meter mark just to hit it. Changing DistanceZoomMin/Max to 400 does nothing. Is there any other way I can tweak the optic so that the center hair is truly sighted at 400 meters? Maybe offset the optic to the weapon? AI can hit a tank 300-400 meters away at 75% chance. For now, each AT rifleman can carry 3 rounds (combat load for one RR) unless I can make an ammo-bearer unit for MP. Each round is comparably more powerful than the BIS Carl Gustav, but is unguided and gravity must be taken into account. Still don't know if a backblast is possible? Thanks for all the replies. :D
  13. sevensixtytwo

    Problem with recoilless rifle config

    No joy. Doubled the distancezoom to 200 but AI still closes to 180 meters before taking a shot. I found the same problem with the BW Mod (I think) Panzerfaust 3 (has low range in itself) and the Falklands Mod Carl Gustav (uses buffed RPG stats.) On a fun note: I discovered Laser's Carl Gustav had guided rockets. LOL.
  14. sevensixtytwo

    Problem with recoilless rifle config

    "shotrocket" didn't work. It just gave the shell a smoke trail. I found that the the AI doesn't like to compensate for drop when firing AT weapons. They close to 180 meters because that's the range that the shell begins to drop, since the shell has no thrust, just muzzle velocity. There might not be a work around for the AI. :( Thanks anyway.
  15. Hi all, I'm trying to make realistic recoilless rifles in OFP. The vanilla Carl Gustav was pretty disappointing since it fired a missile rather than a true recoilless rifle round, so deigned to make my own version for the AFP mod; the M67 90mm Recoilless Rifle of Korean/Vietnam War fame. CHANGES: I tweaked the hit value from 800 to 850 to take into account the larger diameter of the round. The simulation was switched from "shotmissile" to "shotshell" to get rid of the smoke trail. The sound of the 73mm tank gun was used instead of the weak FLOOMP of the original. The model of the round was changed to "shell" instead of "LAW" and finally, the round's init speed was changed to the M67's real world muzzle velocity of 213 m/s. The model itself is a BIS Carl Gustav with its front end lengthened while the rear flanging has been shortened. It's not exact, but it won't be confused with the CG anytime soon. RESULT: It looks and feels great, but still missing several elements like large backblast and whatnot. Is it possible to put in a tank-like blast behind the launcher? PROBLEM: Even with the range values untweaked, AI using the M67 move within 180 meters before engaging armored targets. I tried switching it back to shotmissile but the problem persists. Anyone have any idea what I did wrong? I'd rather not change the muzzle velocity back to the painfully slow vanilla. here's a copy of the config class AFP_M67Mag: CarlGustav { displayName ="90mm M67 Shell"; displayNameMagazine ="90mm M67 Shell"; shortNameMagazine ="90mm Shell"; hit=850; model="shell"; simulation="shotshell"; sound[] = {Weapons\gun73,db+20,1}; reloadMagazineSound[] = {Weapons\reload,db+20,1}; soundHit[]={"Explosions\explosion_large1",100.0000076,1}; soundFly[]={"objects\bulletnoise",0.0316228,4}; initSpeed=213; }; class AFP_M67Launcher:CarlGustavLauncher { model="\afp\m67\m67.p3d"; modelSpecial="\afp\m67\m67.p3d"; modelOptics="optika_CarlGustav"; ammo="AFP_M67Mag"; displayName="M67 Recoilless Rifle"; displayNameMagazine="90mm RR"; shortNameMagazine="90mm RR"; magazines[]={"AFP_M67Mag"}; };