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  1. Quart

    co26 Domino OA [2.54]

    It works both ways because other people can add AI to the mission if they want...
  2. Quart

    co26 Domino OA [2.54]

    I think the AI in A&S ProMode (Advance And Secure) Game Mode by PvPscene would work great
  3. Quart

    adding pictures

    Is this possible and why not use the one I was talking about because its exactly the same (I think...)
  4. Please explain a bit more so I and other people can try and find a solution to your problem
  5. Quart

    adding pictures

    Why did you post here and not here...
  6. Quart

    co26 Domino OA [2.54]

    This is a great mission and I hope you release more versions of it like with revive and AI. I might add AI using Bon's AI Recruitment script but I want to know if you are planning to release something like this soon?
  7. Quart

    Environment (Seattle)

    Take On The Sky! Flying cars is the way forward
  8. Quart

    Environment (Seattle)

    Fantastic work BIS!