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  1. Oh cool, have something to do tomorrow now :D
  2. Is there a new third patch or something Im missing? Autotrim works even on expert as far as I know.... even has a bug where its already on...
  3. Not sure it has any effect in TKoH, havent tried it though. It's the equivalent of hitting the afterburner on a Jet. For other vehicles it gives extra boost to get thru some tough terrain, think thats the point of it as the terrain can cause issues that are not neccessarily real life perfect
  4. From what I have learned Angle, you might be taking the copter to high cyclic too fast, try to find the right amount of thrust increase if using a throttle stick (please don't confuse throttle with in game throttle).. while applying left rudder is key to counter the torque, then set your trim when stable to put your pedals back to "normal" position... Also check your version, to make sure you have the latest one... The older initial release seems to have more trouble than the latest one, unless you apply the weight reduction hack...
  5. Is it in english? Is it digital download or boxed copy?
  6. habnor

    Please change the name!

    According to your poor debate, I now like the title more than ever. And don't F with Zork! Zork rules.
  7. habnor


    Naah, Modules never add value to MP gaming... segregation = bad.
  8. habnor


    Naah, just buy Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead, the only reason you would want Arma 2, is for the original Arma 2 campaign. no other reason to have it. Better yet, buy the Anniversay edition, Arma X and have everything including OpFP: Cold War Assault (Err sorry, Arma: Cold War Assault) :D I have to admit, they are getting silly with their releases and products.. And then to top it off, only this is available here, not here. and the price differences at places is different, then some things you can get on steam but others you cant.. Becomes quite a joke.. I never seen a game title that where I would want to purchase things, but never do because of the bullshit involved, the pricing, availability, and the confusion as well. Its also segregating the community Hint though, Arma 2: CO is on sale right now for $23 USD, and $20 USD for Arma 2: OA
  9. habnor


    Naah the game has some problems, I think that was caused from the payload hack -250, I use -125 now and seem to be doing ok now flying on expert mode with no auto trim
  10. You have head bob on? Head bob is the most unrealistic game feature I have ever seen implemented. If that's what you feel like when you are running in real life, you must be one serious clutz. I can run full speed and I'm in complete control of my body and vision, and it's as steady as a mounted tripod. Quite frankly even the gun sway is a bit over exaggerated, at least to my skill level. That I could live with.. head bob, pfft waste of code
  11. JzHLMsvuejM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzHLMsvuejM Yup, Expert Mode, Take off, Flight and Landing.. Newbs can fly too ya know, but you can guess the ending.. although my next one you'll be surprised... Now if someone can clue me in on how to use fraps so these vids don't look like complete crap :D ---------- Post added at 04:49 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:22 AM ---------- Mf7rqtZDqeo Haha, I learned a lot from my last landing attempt, so I went right back into the sky with a new bird and "TADA", I nailed the landing!!! It was not the least bit pretty, but my first time ever to land the helicopter! To top it off, I am in expert mode, with NO AUTO TRIM. Beat that you vets!! This Newb just got promoted.
  12. Did Ivan say that no real soldier would ever use suppressive fire or was it translated wrong? If he did I am a bit scared that the developers have no military experience or even ever seen a combat war clip. Sorry for some reason that just stuck out like a sore thumb to me.
  13. habnor


    Thats how I have it, just so odd, i can never descend.. takes me like 5 minutes to go down and i can fly for like hours on 0% thrust. if i do get it to go down its impossible to stay level, flopping out of the sky like a fish out of water
  14. Multiplayer is not yet available for ToH: CP, but you can always hang out share your experience and expert tutalage with your gaming friends on TeamSpeak 3 The ToH TS 3 is located at ts3.nobotters.com port 4111 There are tons of slots available, and channel is easily located in the Aviation section.. Enjoy my friends...
  15. Somewhat a fix, works so far for me anyhow.. I started Take On Helicopter community preview, when into options and changed character to another player that was defined but not used in Take on Helicopter... Then closed down game and restarted Arma 2: OA normally and it booted... I then went into options and chose my main character and voila, back to playing Arma 2.. The ToH:CP must do something to a player config file that causes a problem. ---------- Post added at 09:36 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:34 PM ---------- Forgot to mention I am running Arma: OA on steam and have PMC as a separate DLC purchase and use that launch from steam. But a fix is posted above for those peeping in...