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  1. somethingelse

    ASR AI 3

    will do thanks it only seems to stop apex loading not other missions this maybe because apex missions are part of the arma 3 server install while the missions that work with asr are custom from the servers mp folder
  2. somethingelse

    ASR AI 3

    It doednt seem to work with fp off but i will try as you say thanks one other problem ive traced to asr on a dedi server running apex missions it will not move to the next mission, it ether stops and stays blank for a long time or just reloads the same misiion this is with fp on or off im 100% it's asr because all is okay when i remove the @asr from the servers command line can i send you any info on this ? what info would you need thanks for your info
  3. somethingelse

    ASR AI 3

    Problem on the dedicated server asr is not working we have done many tests and it's the same with and without the mod we are using the default .cfg as recommended if we set filepatching to on then asr works great using the default .cfg but as soon as we turn off filepatching it does not work we have to have filepatching off because if we put it on then the server starts messing up, things like it will not load the next mission in apex and/or the in game voices go deep and slow down is there a way using the default asr.cfg on a dedi server with filepatching set to off, to get this working ?
  4. somethingelse

    ASR AI 3

    How do i get the control panel on dedi servers?
  5. oh wow yes lol thanks for the help guys Don't suppose anyone know of a easy fast way to add or force spawn points or saves in to missions running on a dedicated server (they seem to have turned off saving on dedicated servers now, would be better to have the option back) the missions i use are working well on a own lan server as saves are on, but on dedicated servers saves and spawns are off making the mission hard for joining players
  6. That would be good where would the 2D editor be located ? i was hoping to load it in the 2D one and then save or export it and then see if it loads in the 3D one
  7. Same with a few missions made in the 2d editor, they will not load or the folder they are in is empty even though they are there its the right folder as i saved a new mission to it and it shows up in the same folder https://gyazo.com/096cdf0502a17a3310955d9df27d0254 link to .pbo file http://www.filedropper.com/excaliburaltis
  8. somethingelse

    ASR AI 3

    kk thx Let me take the time to thank you for your work wist this mod it makes a world of difference to the game, so thanks
  9. somethingelse

    ASR AI 3

    So on my dedicated server i have had to set file patching to off because of problems i now use the mod and its default settings file will this still use the mod okay ?
  10. somethingelse

    ASR AI 3

    thank you for the info I've got filepatching on and working now even using the mods default it did not seem to work with FP off on the dedicated server, as soon as FP was on the mod worked because the game and bots changed so much filepatching is set to 1 server side only
  11. somethingelse

    ASR AI 3

    So on my dedi server do I need allowedFilePatching = 1; in the server .cfg or -filepatching in the servers command line ? if I don't use FilePatching will asr not read it's own .cfg file in the servers root ? i tried FP in the command line but it didn't seem to work, but that's where a BI post said put it (one also said put in in the server .cfg so don't know) anyone help please
  12. somethingelse

    ASR AI 3

    Hi just put this on a dedicated server and would like to know if the in game difficulty ie recruit, regular or custom have any problems with the mod ? i use custom so it reads from a file called c206542.Arma3Profile on the server (i used part of my own arma 3 file from my PC as instructed by the hosting admins) so can set things like less damage and vision aid What settings do you use with this mod ?
  13. somethingelse

    ARMA 2, version 1.10 - Patch Released

    Well thats bloody embarrassing lol i linked the two games together and saw 1.9 wrong version, and assumed it was my son's free version that was old as i run the latest patches for baf and ARMA2OA i need more sleep lol :rolleyes:
  14. somethingelse

    ARMA 2, version 1.10 - Patch Released

    Hi guys Ive got all the Arma's on my pc, so today i found out about ARMA2 Free and installed it on my son's pc, then downloaded this patch.... all it says is "Arma2 is not installed on this pc" i've taken the archive apart to try just installing the .exe, but still get the same result. Arma2 free is a fresh new install, and is on the G: drive, this looks like its only looking for the C: drive for arma2 as there is no room on the c drive, anyone know a fix for the patch?