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  1. Finally I got an idea to search for "mission wizard" and found what I was looking for. See, I am not a native speaker and have ArmA 2 in my language, so it came to my mind only after this discussion. It seems mission wizard is not covered much and editing even less, thought this could be what I was looking for: PVPMissionWizard. I´ll give it a try in a week and ... well, thank you all :) EDIT: Hm, now I see the link doesn´t have download mirror :X
  2. Okay, I exported it into singleplayer missions and multiplayer missions as well and it is there in selection, but it starts only as a normal mission and not as a template. I get no options for changing starting positions of units, time, weather etc. as I can in "My Missions" wizard. I´m asking mainly because BIS said new template missions can be done, but since by searching "template" I get only base templates, units templates etc. I was unable to find how to do my own. There are even some missions called "template mission", but they don´t let you to change it in wizard editor neither.
  3. Thanks for answer, but I meant where to put the mission after it is done in order to have it under "My missions" in mission selection (In Arma 2 OA/Missions where normal missions are stored or else?). If it is in mission folder, I can´t change the locations of markers as I can when I choose any template under "My missions".
  4. Anyone here want to play multiplayer with WOO?
  5. Write it into initialization field of the trigger. Other usefull commmand can be found here: http://www.arma2.com/comref/comref.html
  6. Salegan

    SB Interactive Release Thread

    FOB Tophat I´m sorry, but this is very poor mission. 1. Your FOB is just a bunch of walls (not much fitting together) + amunition and mortar 2. Your FOB is placed just under the peak, so walls are in no way protecting FOB and there is really no good place to take cover. 3. Your FOB is designed to not let AI move from it (nice idea), but AI also somehow is not able to move in the FOB (apart from few steps), so they just stand/lie in the middle and do nothing apart from shooting. So, in my game I ordered units to go behind walls, which they denied. Enemies started to run down from the hill towards FOB, my men lied down and opened very precise fire. Enemies kept running and didn´t return fire. No one got killed, only one man was injured, although all of them were in the open middle in 5m circle and made a great target. I suggest to make FOB somewhere else and make enemies to stop at sight and order them to fire. They should also have mortar and attack from more directions. They are Takistanis, not Zulus...
  7. Hi, I'm trying to make AI to steal me car, but it seems no other men than those from my group can enter driver's/gunner's/commander's seat. I tried to add thief to my group when close to the car, then used moveInDriver command, locked the vehicle and after that make him leave my group, but he immediately abandoned his seat even from locked car. If there is any simple way to force him steal my car, I'be glad to know it :) Alternative solutions: Another possibility would be to create a new car when he approaches and delete the original, but I don' t know how to name in-mission-created-vehicle and have no idea how to use eventHandlers. I wouldn't need named vehicle if I added 'get in the nearest' waypoint near the created vehicle, but I was unable to name group as well (I found three guides on this topic, but 'GroupName = group this;' in leader's init field seems to do nothing.). Help will be hopefully appreciated by released mission ;)