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  1. Hi all! I'm trying to make a multiplayer mission having the player being able to swap between Zeus and a soldier but unfortunately I get this error when I load into the game and the modules are empty except for markers/signs that I can put down: [bIS_fnc_getparamvalue] Param 'CuratorModeratorRights' not found. Has anybody else encountered this error and managed to get around it? I have no addons in Arma 3 and I tried a verify integrity but I haven't had any luck. I am using the VAS system in this mission but I don't see what difference that would make? Screen cap of the error: http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/432647777107785841/AD28CFC0BE27E6E7482CF28FC9B11D300CCD70CF/ (634 kB) Any help would be greatly appreciated, I was hoping to have this mission wrapped up by the weekend :( Thanks all!
  2. Shevvy

    Zeus with no rights to place anything.

    It seems that this error comes up regardless? I figured out why it wasn't working, I had two Zeus: Game Master's which seemed to be causing the conflict. However now I have a new problem, for some reason I cant spawn CSAT units using the Zeus interface (I can spawn empty CSAT vehicles). EDIT: I forgot to mention that the CSAT units are available to be placed. When I click a unit to spawn it even shows the icon on the map but when I click to place it nothing happens. I can spawn any other factions units and they all behave normally so I don't know what I've borked this time XD. In the scenario I'm making I already used a lot of CSAT units and modules, would/could that cause interference? I can get away with saying that the AAF are in bed with CSAT again so its not that big a deal but it does appear to be a bug. :) Something else I've just noticed. Using the seize function after exporting it to MP so that I can test this aspect of the mission CSAT doesn't appear in conquerors selection nor does Independent for some unknown reason? Unfortunately for me this means that BLUFOR can capture an area that isn't actually secure at all taking the point out of actually clearing buildings and towns.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for some help with creating tasks/objectives using the editor. I'm very new to this and I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing but I've been following a guide on the Steam page to try and help me get started but I'm stuck on creating tasks and completing them. I've been toying with the editor for 6 hours and I actually got a seize the area objective to work once! I then added more units to the fray and broke it so the task wasn't showing then it would complete the seize without any BluFor being anywhere near the objective. Basically I'd like a nice Editing for beginners guide if anybody knows of one. Every guide I've looked at so far says to put entry's here and whatever but it doesn't tell me why (and I still mess them up) to help me understand what's going on. Having never done anything like this I'm really struggling and a lot of page's are a wall of text with scripts which Honestly at this point are a little intimidating. I have great idea's to put into this game but I can't put them into practice. :( I did manage to get the Virtual Ammo Supply crate to work which for me was nothing short of a miracle! Thanks.
  4. Shevvy

    Creating tasks.

    Awesome! Thanks. That will make setting up patrols in town's much more interesting and dynamic. I can't wait to get an afternoon free now to just add some of this and play around with it.
  5. Shevvy

    Creating tasks.

    Thanks for your help again Zenophon. Hopefully I'll be able to get my head around some of it to be able to make a few scenarios.
  6. Interestingly I flew to the large Town (Kavala?) and I was getting a solid 30-40 fps on ultra setting with a visibility of 4000 and object at 3000. When I flew over to the west of the island there was a small village that when I looked at it destroyed my frame rate. I never thought to look at what it was called. The next time I decide to have a play with Arma i'll go and have a look. OP I'm running A3 on an SSD and I can say it has helped me quite a lot frame rate wise but some places just kill my machine.
  7. Shevvy

    Creating tasks.

    Thanks for the reply Zenophon. I'll check those links out but for now here are the guides I am trying to follow: This one I find easier to follow using the create tasks but it seems to be a little hit and miss getting it to work for me. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=131671531 This one is very informative (including videos) but for a complete beginner I must admit I find this guide to be a little overwhelming. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=132000887 I've also ran into snags (which I expected to be honest which is why I am now using VAS) when adding the weapons to the supply box. Obviously that list and gone through some major changes from Alpha to our current state in Beta and may change slightly again when we hit release. So some of the information in these guides seem to be a little outdated. my main gripe is with both of these guides although they tell me what to do for each instance they are creating they don't exactly explain -Why- I'm doing them and what the function of each is. I thought the idea of the task modules were for people that didn't know how to do scripting? I may be very wrong and I am willing to learn. :) 1) What I was trying to create was a simple mission with up to 4 players or Ai controlled if nobody was available. 2) I would have liked to have been inserted into Altis on a Ghost Hawk but I couldn't figure that out without flying the Helicopter (Sexy one at that) myself. This to me ruined any kind of immersion I was going for so I did an Assault boat version instead. 3) The small team would then move up after choosing the gear they wanted from the Virtual Ammo System (Which I got to work) to seize control of a small village from the OpFor. 4) After the village was secured the team would then move up engaging Semi Random patrols en-route to the power plant which again was under guard by OpFor. For this part of the mission I thought of adding IED's along the most logical path basically to be an ass to my friends. ;) 5) With the Power Plant secured the team would then have to wait until dark to try and sneak in to Sophia (steady now) and rescue a civilian from the OpFor. It would be nice if I could randomize the civilians location but this is well beyond me at the moment. This task can be done without silencers., I just thought looking at the location of Sophia the surrounding area doesn't have much cover and realistically would be easily spotted and more than likely taken out with relative ease. 6) The players would then try to extract the Civilian HVT back to the Ghost Hawk (or in my case Assault boat, lol). whilst being engaged by a pursuit force. Well there you go. I'm excited by my idea that I cant currently put into practice :D
  8. Hi, Im fairly new to the ARMA series and im just getting into High Command and i have some questions. At the moment im in the Dogs of War mission on OP: Harvest Red. So heres my questions (some may not even be possible in this mission): How do i create new teams/squads? Ive figured out that i can send units to join the current teams but i cant seem to create new ones. Purchasing units in the field? Can it be done or do i have to be at HQ? Assigning support roles. For example i can buy a Transport Helo but how do i assign him to be like Maddox and his Venom or cant it be done? Lastly what do i do when the AI teams get stuck? Ive had it happen where they just stop following any commands and stand still. I tried respawning some which brought some of them back under control but a couple turned black instead of blue on the command bar (Didnt know what that meant). I also tried disabling and enabling the team AI but that didnt do anything. Iver done the Tutorials but they dont really teach you much other than the absolute basics. I hope Arma 3 will have alot more depth to them for begginers like myself.
  9. Shevvy

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    Because the Masada can use enemy 7.62 rounds or 5.56 depending on the barrel, you could therefore resupply off of any dead hostile which use those ammo types no? Especially if Opfor uses AK47's This results in nearly infinate ammo, sorry thats what i meant. :)
  10. Shevvy

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    Id like to see the Magpul Masada (ACR). Would be nice to use it to its potential as well for example changing the barrels to fire different calibur rounds (can use AK47 mags). Its a nice Modular AR but would it make the game a little easy from an ammo perspective?
  11. Shevvy

    Tutorial for Arma 3?

    Hi, I was wondering if there was going to be a tutorial for the people who are relatively new to the franchise like myself? I managed a fair bit on my own in Arma 2 until i got to the mission where i had to build a base and i could buy soldiers. I didn't have a clue what i was doing and i remember building a base with MG nests facing inwards, a light vehicle bay that couldn't deploy vehicles because it was obstructed (noob i know lol.). The tutorials in Arma 2 were a little hard to follow sometimes and felt a tad fast paced. I''d like to play Arma 3 but i'll need my hand holding to get the ball rolling. Oh and be gentle its my first post. :)
  12. Shevvy

    Tutorial for Arma 3?

    Thanks for the responses! Do you think if i buy Operation Arrowhead i might be able to finish the campaign after i complete the tutorial? :) Well if the arma 3 tutorials are good then i suppose ill make the purchase or maybe i wont need them after OA.