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  1. I haven't heard that before - I've tried assigning up and down to analogue increase/decrease, respectively, but I never thought to try and assign up and down throttle to only analogue increase! Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a go and see if it fixes the problem for me.
  2. Oh ok, I must have misread. Still, the throttle issue is a minor thing - there's so much more in this addon that I can hardly fault it for an issue with Arma 2. I'll play around in Arma 2 with it (learn how to use all of the systems) and then I'll be ready for any potential ToH release :D Thanks again!
  3. Wow, this looks amazing! I've been waiting for this for a while now. I'll be able to try it out in a day or so. So, if I read/understand correctly, it makes use of the TOH flight model? I didn't know that was possible without the user having TOH installed. Does this mean I can use my HOTAS throttle as a collective? I noticed it works great in TOH, but in Arma my throttle just works as more of a switch (if it's >50%, it inputs "increase throttle" and when it's <50%, it inputs "decrease throttle"). If my throttle can work properly in this, like in TOH, I just don't know what to say - it would be awesome! Thanks for all of your hard work on this, it's very much appreciated. I can't wait to give it a go.
  4. Ah, I didn't see that you were playing on a server. Sorry, your AI settings don't affect the sever. It's possible that the server has very low AI settings. It might be an idea to try the mission in singleplayer and see if the problem occurs. 55% is roughly what I run it on and it seems ok for me. AI have troubles with building interiors, but otherwise they're fine. With the mods, you probably won't be able to join a server with them, but if you make the server (for some reason I assumed that's what you were doing), it will be fine for other players to join, from what I can remember (I haven't played online in a while now). I'm not sure if you know much about mod installation, but you can just make two shortcuts to ToH - one with the mods and one without them. That way you can easily play online and switch to the modded game when you're going to make your own server. Sorry that I can't be more helpful - as I said, I mostly play singleplayer. Try the map in singleplayer or on a server that you've created (and set the AI settings for) and see what happens. So long as you don't expect them to behave smart inside buildings, it should be fine.
  5. What was the enemy AI skill set at? With mine set to 60%, they fire on me from very far away and seem quite alert. Sometimes there'll be one or two which seem to glitch and just stand there, but they generally behave ok. Also, sometimes they seem to get onto some kind of predetermined path and will ignore my teammates and our fire, all so that they can run right through us and away somewhere else. This doesn't happen too often though. The only problem with this is that the enemy, while being relatively smart, will also shoot you with one shot from 1000m using a pistol. The way I fix this is by changing the settings in the TakeOnHProfile file. Go to your Documents folder and into the Take On Helicopters folder. In there you'll find a file called [your_user_name].TakeOnHProfile (where [your_user_name] is your user name, obviously). In this file search for the line "precisionEnemy". Two lines above this will be "skillEnemy". You will probably want "skillEnemy" to be relatively high (it makes them smarter, capable of flanking, etc), but will want to drastically lower the "precisionEnemy" to suit your tastes. Personally, I have "skillEnemy" at 0.6 and "precisionEnemy" at 0.2. This is kind of a balance for me - the not-so-high skill means they won't see me from ages away , but will still be able to perform relatively smartly. The low precision doesn't mean they'll always miss - it just means that the T-72 won't be one-shotting your Hind from 3000m away. So try changing these (you might prefer very high enemy skill, but I don't enjoy it so much) and it might help. If not, I'm not sure what else you can do. For me, the AI responds ok for me on Shapur. Even with very low skill setting, they'll fire on helicopters (helicopters are loud and are in plain sight), but if they aren't one-shotting you through the glass with an AK at 1km, the AI might just be set low. The in-game slider changes both the "skill" and "precision" - so if your AI is dumb, they will also miss lots, while if they are smart they will also kill you first shot every shot. As I said, I prefer relatively smart, but not more accurate than me. I hope that helps. If not, you might want to try the ASR AI mod, but I'm not sure if it's ToH compatible. A video of the AI in it using houses properly: This AI sliders mod by Jedra might also work with ToH: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?131233-Enhanced-Skills-Slider . It won't make the AI better like ASR AI will, but it will let you adjust it a little more effectively.
  6. I've just come back after 3 months gone. The first thing I did was come here to check out how my favourite mod is going and I find out that W0lle is gone! I keep seeing people with "goodbye W0lle" and "one does not simply remove W0llie" sigs, but I can't find out why he left. The best I could find was a post a few pages back on this thread, but it just says he doesn't feel welcome any more. The only thing I can think of is the whole Steam requirement for Arma 3 (I remember rage-posting in a thread about it, only to have W0lle back me up, which surprised me since he was a mod). Admittedly the Steam requirement is why I've half left already (just hanging around for Arma 2 mods). Is the reason for his leaving known or is it private? Edit: I've found it it was private - please disregard this part of my question. Anyway, you'll be sorely missed W0lle. I love this mod that you've lead for so long and you've always been a great moderator - plus a stand up guy. I'm sad to see you going and I hope everything works out well for you. Thanks for keeping this mod going, Max - it just keeps getting better and better.
  7. Mattressi

    Playing the final version offline?

    Yes it does. In countries other than western Europe and the US, dial up is very common. In rural areas, dial up is often the only connection available and even rural areas closer to cities might only be able to get extremely expensive wireless broadband. I've tried this when offline and it simply closes Steam. Online it hasn't been a problem for me. Perhaps it was just a (repeatable) crash when offline? You appear to have an inability to imagine people in circumstances other than your own. People travel abroad with only a decent gaming laptop, people live or work in areas with no internet access, people move houses/countries, etc. To these people, 30 days is not nothing. "Play a different game during that time", you might say. If all games required me to go online every 30 days, there would be no new games to play. Thus, I will complain about every new game which requires this, lest one day I have no games which can be played offline. It's not the end of the world at all, but it makes it extremely difficult to play the (singleplayer) game you paid for. Likewise, my comments and a lack of my $32 purchase are not the end of the world - I was never claiming anything to be the end of the world. So, after all that, you've come back and told me to do what I've already said I would do? As I said in the post you quoted; if BIS do not give an option for indefinite offline play, I will not buy it. It is as simple as that. I've voiced my concern, stated what will happen and now it's up to them. Do you have a problem with any of this?
  8. Mattressi

    Playing the final version offline?

    Steam offline mode only works for 30 days after your last online login. For people who go without internet (or reliable enough internet to log in to Steam - Steam's client updates are way too big for dial-up users to get through in order to log in, so they have to wait until they're somewhere with good internet to log in) for a long time, this means they can't play Steam games. Please, BIS devs, give us an indefinite offline mode. One which doesn't need to run through Steam, which doesn't need to be connected every so many days/weeks. Then I will buy Arma 3. I will not pay more than a few dollars for games which I cannot play whenever I want (providing I've got all of the necessary equipment - internet being entirely unnecessary for a SP game).
  9. Mattressi

    Steam vs BIS Store & Exclusivity - Explained

    No, I use Steam for a large number of games. However, there is a reason I do not want to pay full price for a Steam game (almost all games I have on Steam cost me $5 or less). Steam is effectively a rental service. Their TOS mean that they can deny you the ability to play your games, to ban you from all games, to cease operations without compensation, etc. Furthermore, Steam offline mode only works for 30 days after your last online login. Personally, if I'm going to pay $30+ for a game, I want to own it (not own the code, but own a copy of the game, free to do with it as I please, when I please, without arbitrary requirements such as having internet). Many people have no issue with this and I have nothing against them. I don't have reliable internet (often travelling with no internet) and I also just have a moral objection to not owning a game I've bought. Hopefully. I didn't expect it would go down to $5 in a year - I knew what I was saying when I said I'd wait.
  10. Mattressi

    Steam vs BIS Store & Exclusivity - Explained

    Damn, guess I'll wait. Though, if the price goes up before they give me a non-Steamworks option, I'll just wait until it's $5 on Steam Sale.
  11. Mattressi

    Steam vs BIS Store & Exclusivity - Explained

    Is there any way for me to buy a version of Arma 3 without it being the "Steam version" (as the store puts it)? I understand that currently they want to use Steamworks, but is there a version I can buy where I get a version that uses Steamworks, but which also will later be available as a regular non-Steam version (should that ever happen)? As a rule, I don't buy anything bundled with Steamworks unless it's under $5 and is quite good. Arma 3 is quite good, but not cheap enough for me to rent from Steam. Is there any way that I can currently purchase the game to own it?
  12. Mattressi

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    The problem is that it's not "just Arma 3". It especially won't be "just Arma 3" if people don't stand against this crap. If people say "oh, you won't be able to play Arma 3 offline, but you can play other games, so it's fine", it will eventually lead to almost all games except indies being bundled with Steamworks. I want to be able to play all of my games at any time for the rest of my life. If I lose a disc, it's my fault and I accept it. If Steam shuts down for whatever reason, I lose a huge number of games and it's not my fault at all. So, to save myself from future disappointment (and because I'm a strong believer in capitalism and voting with your wallet), I will not purchase games which are bundled with Steamworks.
  13. Mattressi

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Forced patching would definitely be counted as "intrusive" by me (yes, I turn off auto-patching - all that does is delay patching until I try to play the game). Non-functional offline mode could be seen as "intrusive" too, I guess. I used it (or tried to) for over a month when I was without internet. I hadn't had access to my computer for 2 weeks prior to that, which meant I had around 2 weeks left of "offline mode". Steam's offline mode only works well for very short internet outages - not for longer term lack of internet access. It does not work for more than 30 days since you last logged in online. When I found myself spending several weeks only able to play non-Steam games, I found myself hating Steam. I will only buy very cheap games from Steam and treat it as a rental. Otherwise, I will not buy the game if it is not available DRM-free.
  14. Mattressi

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Not only does it use Steamworks DRM, but they said they will expand upon Steam's current DRM. Yeah, that's exactly what I want with my game :j: I'm with archsceptic (maybe not the virus part...) - I play offline a lot and often have no internet connection. Steam offline mode only works for a certain number of days after your last log in. I will not buy Arma 3 until they have removed their "expanded" "intrusive" (their words, even!) DRM and made Arma 3 available through a DRM-free source. If that takes longer than a few weeks, I'll just wait until it's on Steam sale for really cheap, then obtain it through other (free...) means instead of downloading it through Steam.
  15. Mattressi

    Really disheartened.

    Yes, unfortunately this is how I feel about it. It can be fun at times, but it really doesn't feel like a solid effort at making a game or a sim. Ignoring the lack of necessary indicators and other "sim" features, this game just isn't that great as a game anyway. The campaign is incredibly short and quite broken after all of the patches (some missions are extremely difficult to complete because flight dynamics have been tweaked in patches and mission requirements haven't been lowered to adapt to these tweaks), one helicopter is completely useless (the medium - don't bother trying to say it isn't; it's the only helicopter where you need to greatly reduce the collective before even being able to use the anti-torque pedals in order to not damage it), and a good majority of the interesting features are completely useless. FLIR only works in multiplayer, night vision and spotting lights only work in a time trial (and maybe multi?), cameras can't be controlled and are just scripted mission items, helicopters which can be bought are useless (air ambulance, executive helicopters) - not opening up new missions or adding functionality, and the variety and number of missions is severely lacking. Multiplayer is completely dead for ToH, so it is sad to see so many features completely unutilised in singleplayer missions/campaign. This kind of stuff might be excusable in Arma, where the community fixes everything and makes use of everything which isn't added, but ToH has too small a playerbase to rely on mods and custom missions to make the game good. Besides, vanilla Arma still feels much more complete than ToH. This game is the reason I didn't buy Carrier Command on a whim and I'm very glad that I didn't now, after reading the CC forum. I really hope that BIS picks up their game and starts releasing games which work relatively well on their own and are fun without mods. All games have bugs and issues, but BIS games really take the cake, and are often incomplete and/or need mods anyway.
  16. Awesome mission, as is your transport one! Thanks so much for making these :)
  17. That's strange; it should show up in the menu. Nothing else is needed to make it work, from what I can remember. Sorry, I'm not sure how to fix it. Hopefully someone else will know what's wrong.
  18. In the scroll menu, there should be a "manual fire" option. Click that and then you can use the weapons. I might have misunderstood your question though - let me know if that doesn't work.
  19. There was a flight model tweak/mod for ToH from one of the guys over at hovercontrol, but it was for a much older version of ToH. I don't think I've seen any more ToH stuff over there, unfortunately. I'd love to see hovercontrol members interested in ToH - they do such amazing things with FSX and they could surely do great things with ToH too.
  20. Mattressi

    Hinds at Chernarus

    Awesome! Thanks so much for this :) I'll try to give some feedback, but I'm pretty busy now, unfortunately. Still, I can't wait to try it.
  21. Mattressi

    Motion blur.

    You can put post processing to low (or very low? I don't remember) and it will keep most of the post processing, except motion blur and a few other blur filters, as far as I know. I can't stand motion blur either, so I just keep PP to low/vlow. I don't think there's any other way to disable it.
  22. At the main menu, do you see Rearmed and the Arma 2 content listed along with other mods/expansions in the top right of the screen? Have you tried removing all startup parameters (or, at least removing "-mod=" from the startup parameters), starting the game, enabling all the content you want and then restarting the game?
  23. It's not a true fix to the root cause of your problem (I'm not sure what is), but in Steam, right click on Take on Helicopters, go to Properties, Set Launch Options and the type -mod=Noisecontrollers;Hinds . If there are other mods/expansions you want to add, other than Rearmed, add those in too. Also, If you don't have Hinds, take that out. If you don't have Noisecontrollers, download it - it's free! What this does is it stops ToH from automatically registry loading Rearmed. So, you won't be able to play around with Rearmed, but this should at least let you play ToH. If the problem still happens, you've accidentally copied DayZ/Lingor/Arma 2 files into a ToH folder somewhere. As I said, this won't fix the root cause of the problem, but it should let you play ToH while you wait for someone else to reply with a proper fix.
  24. You can choose different liveries in "Free flight" mode in ToH. If you're talking about in the Armory, though, I don't think you can get ToH helicopters in there (I might be wrong?). Also, you have to unlock vehicles/weapons in the Armory by doing challenges in the Armory, or you can always just look up the way to unlock it instantly.
  25. I'm pretty sure that Steam won't let you buy DLC for games which you don't own on Steam. I bought a Steam DLC code from a different site and tried to use it in Steam for my non-Steam ToH and it wouldn't work. That was the first time that I heard that you can't buy/download DLC on Steam for a game if you don't own the game on Steam.