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  1. Hello, All I did on my ones was to add some brown to the standard German tank skins as they are in my opinion a bit bright and plain, but of course because you cannot mod the game they cannot be used. I was hoping the Developer would include them in a game update some time in the future. What we need are some plain yellow skinned German tanks and from there one can add a camo scheme over the plain yellow. There is one for the King Tiger. The Russian tanks were just about always green however there were some with brown stripes on them and that is easy enough to do over the green skins that are already in the game. Cheers Alan
  2. Hello, SP but in MP mode so that I can respawn when killed. Have started editing my own version too with lots of tanks in it. Just needed a big push in the right direction to get DAC working in IF44. Thanks again. Alan
  3. Hello, I tried again the next day and it worked fine. The mission is very detailed and complex a real work of art. Must of taken ages to build. Great work thanks. Alan
  4. Hello, When I try to dl your file I get this message: "You've reached your Free account limit. In order to be able to proceed downloading you need a Premium account." There seems to be no way around not buying a premium account with this rather dubious download company (which I do not need), can you place the file at filedropper or in a public dropbox instead? Thanks Alan
  5. Hello, I have worked out what the problem was: I put human players on both sides red and blu with the required s1, s2 etc etc naming, BUT DAC cannot handle having human players on both sides DAC only seems to work in COOP mode with humans and AI against the enemy AI only. After this change all my maps worked a treat. I play 99% only against the PC in single player mode so this limitation is no problem compared with the massive benefits of DAC, I use the MP editor and make my missions there though as this gives the possibility for respawning when killed rather than a complete new mission start. Can not tell you have relieved I am.:) AL
  6. Hello, Yes you were right, it was a setting out of my mission maker software that did it and nothing do do with DAC. Still having problems with respawns tho in both MP and SP, sometimes they work and sometimes they do not. The enemy side (AI) camp does not respawn anything and the number in brackets never changes and they run out of units. Cheers Alan
  7. Hello, Another quick question: I have noticed on all my DAC modded missions that the grass is turned off. Is this a feature of DAC and where can I adjust this? Regards Alan
  8. Hello, Thanks for taking a look. I have been tinkering as well and just for the hell of it saved the mission as a single player mission and then played it. The result was amazing, it was one of the best mission experiences I have ever had! Needless to say that the respawns worked fine and everthing ran as it should with both sides respawing correctly, you could see the spawn countdown in the camps working properly. So the the easy way around the problem is to simply save in single player mode and play from there. It was so good I am going to change sides and do it again! cu Alan
  9. Hello, Yes I have spawn camps and sometimes they do spawn things but not consistently unless the human player is on the same side. Side without a human on it just dwindles away and spawn camp always shows spawn count as unchanged, because I am learning DAC at the moment I leave the "show mode" on so that I can see what the units are doing. Are you generating AI groups dynamically by player count? (ie: ["12",2,36,3] ) no not doing this. Player count is always 1 (me) and I play in multiplayer so that I respawn when I die which happens a lot, lol. So I left this alone. Hope that helps, I can send you my mission if you like and you can have a look at it. See what I am doing wrong. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/38097529/2012_07_29_DACtest.Chernarus.7z Hope you can sort it out as it is getting annoying and you begin to wonder if the system really works or not. Regards Alan
  10. Hello, Another quick question: I am finding in my missions that whatever side the human player plays on that side respawns and has lots units, the AI side starts out with lots loses them and they do not seem to respawn. If one changes side then that side works but the other dwindles away as described above. What do I need to tweak where to adjust this? Thanks Alan
  11. Hello found the solution: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?99753-Dynamic-AI-Creator-(DAC)-V3-0-released&p=2198661#post2198661 Also make sure you weather slider bars in the editor window for fog are both fully to the left. Cheers Alan
  12. Thanks worked a treat, changed some other things too and am even happier with DAC that before. Cheers Alan
  13. alan123

    Game Fog Problem

    Hello, Thanks that seems to have fixed it, fancy making a silly mistake like that after all these years, just because I made a dumb mistake does not mean I am dumb, or.............lol. Ã also went into th DAC config text and turned off the dynamic weather too, just to be sure, found out that one from another thread. Nothing but sunny happy long distance maps for me. Thanks Alan
  14. alan123

    Game Fog Problem

    Hello, Did a complete reinstall via steam. Rebuilt todays mission in PVPmissionwizard, started it with 10000m visibility and it worked, then the fog came again. The fog bar is set to nothing ie to the left and the forecast fog bar is all the way to the right so that it does not change. But something is overriding this feature plus the settings I hard coded into the mission files. Maybe I need to reinstall ARMA2 and not just OA to shake this problem out. I have looked at the configs in User configs and could find nothing there of help either or that could be causing the problem. It has really got me foxed. Cheers Alan
  15. Hello, I how do I stop the automatically fog in DAC? It seems to affect every mission I now make, with or without DAC. Within about 10mins the whole map is fogged in. Pls let me know as it is driving me nuts. Thanks Alan