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  1. Two (hopefully) quick questions: 1) Is there anyway to disable , or raise the passengers tolerance to "messy" flying? :) I'm all over the place, but they seem REALLY sensitive. ;) I've yet to complete a mission because they are such wussies. 2) Is there an easy way to supplant the Light Heli for the Medium? Anyway, thanks again for a GREAT mod!!!
  2. I got it sorted. I re-installed everything and set it to "Run as Administrator"...not sure which worked, but it did. And on my first flight I managed to make my passengers barf. Not a good start to my career! Thanks for the AWESOME mod...gonna be spending alot of time on this, I can tell.
  3. Maybe I'm missing setting the "current assignment" task as my active then. I'll give it a shot. Absolutely LOVE this mod, though...I have very fond memories of SimCopter. I also like the fact you changed the "loading screen" text to match that of SimCopter...nice little touch! :) ---------- Post added at 09:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:04 PM ---------- Well, I still can't get anyone to show up. Here's what I do: After I click on the task and set "Set as Current", I then go to the radio and do 0-0-2. It shows up as a blue marker, with a time and distance next to it. When I land there (again within 10m usually), nothing happens. Do I need ARMA2 installed? This is really odd.
  4. Quick Question. Are there supposed to be actual people who get on your helicopter when you land at these points? I've tried several times with both Survey and Passenger missions, but when I land (within 10m usually), nothing happens, and the mission eventually goes away. I'm not running any mods besides Hinds and yours. Am I missing a step? I set it as "Current Task", then I 0-0-2 on the Radio. It gives me the waypoint, but when I land, nothing appears. Do I need to shut the Helicopter down, or get out...maybe open a door or something? I've put the folder included in the ZIP file in the "C:\Users\<me>\Documents\Take On Helicopters\missions" folder, and renamed it to "Heli4Hire-master.United_States_H". I also enabled the addon included as well. Everything else seems to be working, I just don't see any people.
  5. tnprvteye

    Can someone explain to me...

    Why, yes, if someone 3D guru would release a 100% accurate version for no charge <hint hint>, then that would be totally acceptable. :)
  6. tnprvteye

    Can someone explain to me...

    Copyright, plain and simple. You slap the name McDonnell Douglas on the front, you gotta pay royalties to Boeing now. If it's an exact 3D copy, they can sue....so move the Horizontal Stabilizers a viola, you've got a "Light Helicopter"...not a MD500. Same goes for the "Medium" and "Heavy" choppers, too. Not exact reproductions, but close enough...
  7. tnprvteye

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    I think you need the DePBO dlls extracted into the same directory as Eliteness. I read that somewhere, so I went ahead and downloaded them just n case. ---------- Post added at 08:48 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:48 PM ---------- DOH...someone beat me to it! :D
  8. As I mentioned in a previous thread, I think an Random EMS mission generator would be quite fun. I know that we've got a basic Challenge mission, but it only provides boats. If we could add car accidents and such it would provide more of a challenge. Landing between buildings and obstacles in poor visibility would be a neat change of pace. Also a VIP transport from skyscraper to skyscraper...fire bombing...SWAT drop off (again with random locations)...plenty of long-line opportunities beyond the basic "Challenges" options as well. News chopper pilot...police chases. Lotsa good stuff. If I had the scripting skills, I'd give it a go myself. I have been trying, but it's beyond me at this point.
  9. tnprvteye

    Career Question

    If you go into the "Heliport" option after hitting ESC, there should be an extra choice under "Contracts". It didn't show up for me until after the 6th missions (which you should have just passed).
  10. tnprvteye

    Side missions ?

    I got access to "Government" contracts after the 6th mission.
  11. I'm trying to set a chopper on top of a skyscraper that has a heliport, and I'm not sure I understand how. I've looked at the setPosASL command, but I'm unsure how to use it. Is there an easier way that I'm missing? ---------- Post added at 12:38 AM ---------- Previous post was Yesterday at 11:09 PM ---------- Nevermind, I got it sorted. Took some trial and error...but it works!
  12. Excellent, I'll start the hunt...
  13. What tool are you using to extract them? The ones I've tried don't work.
  14. Okay, forgive me if I ruffle a few feathers, but I want to say this. I bought TOH because I REALLY love flying helicopters. I was (am?) a student helicopter pilot, and hope to continue my training someday. Real-Life and money have gotten in the way temporarily, and I was hoping TOH could scratch that "itch". That being said, I also own ARMA2 (and all the previous entries in the series), because I enjoy a good Tactical Shooter as well. However, I am worried that most people only see this as a "tech demonstrator" for ARMA3. I'm worried that most people will skip this since you can't "blow crap up". I sincerely hope that this game can attract the same modding talents that the previous BI titles have in the past. Please don't let the fact that it isn't a true military sim get in the way of having a blast as a civil fling-wing pilot. True, there may not be fire-fights and big explosions, but there is a certain level of suspense when you have to pick up a wounded motorist off of a confined street, at night, and in pouring down weather. Take On Helicopters has the ability to be a classic game...mentioned in the same breath as SimCopter and the SAR series. Please don't let the forth-coming ARMA3 let this one slip into obscurity. -Rant off....and back to the liquor cabinet. :)