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  1. jackrabbitslim7

    No servers?

    It's not exactly the same problem but a bit related, I've seen in the changelog for the 1.63 Patch that Dayz servers should not appear if not Dayz mod is detected, but my browser is still full of Dayz and wasteland servers, I know I can use filters but I would prefer to see all servers except dayz. Also the server browser is now very slow when using filters.
  2. jackrabbitslim7

    RH Hk416 Pack ver 1.0

    I have the same problem and still cannot find a solution, I use the six's updater.
  3. jackrabbitslim7

    Placement radius for several groups

    Hi, Thank you a lot, that's exactly what I was looking for. It was more than a typo, I just wasn't understanding what I was using, so I changed the numbers thinking it would increase the distance, but now it work for me with a slightly different form than the one proposed, I nammed the reference leader "me" and the object "tank" and I used this form : "tank setpos [(getpos me select 0) + 10, (getpos me select 1) + 10, getpos me select 2]" so now it spawn the tank near me every time at random position, without the tank being in my team. I tried to do the same with a team and it worked, the only hassle was to modify every single unit in the group in order for them to spawn all near me but it's perfectly fine. I still don't get what the select and the following number mean, I thought +10,+10,0 would be enough to establish the position but no. I intend to play those missions mainly solo with mods, but I could host some coop games sometimes. The Idea is to have a good replayability, the enemies spawn anywhere on the map (but together thanks to you) and the friendly too, using the commander module the player have to get rid of the enemy forces using combined arms and support.
  4. jackrabbitslim7

    Placement radius for several groups

    I tried the BIS_fnc_findSafePos, and it dosen't work. I understand I need to include an offset but I don't know the syntax, the one I tried (player setpos [getspos this select 1, getpos this select 1, (getpos this select 2) ]) don't work, how do I include an offset to the setpos function ?
  5. Hi all, I would like to know if it's possible to spawn different groups randomly but together. If I set a random position for each group they'll not spawn all at the same place, I tried using the getpos setpos command, but as a tank is being used it spawns right on top of my head, I'd prefer it to spawn a few meters from me. The command I'm using is this one : "unit" setpos getpos "another unit" without the ". I have tried this command : player setpos [getspos this select 1, getpos this select 1, (getpos this select 2) ] but the unit spawn very far away. Is there a command to make a unit spawn withing a few meters from another one ? Like x=1m y=1m z=0 ? Thanks jr
  6. Hi all, I bought arma from sprocket some time ago, and right now I just made a fresh windows install so I have to reinstall arma 2 and OA, I can download from sproket again but I was wondering if it wasn't faster to download from a torrent and use my legit keys after the download ?
  7. jackrabbitslim7

    all the addons ruined the game?

    Hi, how is your folder structure ? Have you used the @mod files system to install your mods ? Worst case you can launch arma, go to expansions and unable the unwanted mods it's not hard. Or you can use a mod launcher which is easier. You don't need to uninstall arma 2 or to remove your mod folders either.
  8. Not to my knowledge, If you want to join an arma II vanilla server you need to launch arma 2 or use a laucher, the two versions are different (1.11 vs 1.62 ). Also the difference is not that great between arma II and the OA version, I play regularly on both versions for multiplayer and arma II vanilla run better for me.
  9. jackrabbitslim7

    co op campaign?

    I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but the campaign won't unlock in my game, is there a console to activate in order to enter the codes ?
  10. jackrabbitslim7

    CHINA Servers

    You know you are only 1,5 billion in China, I'm not sure you'll find a populated server.
  11. jackrabbitslim7

    Domination in Chernarus or Takistan?

    Hey Orlok yes sorry you can play chernarus on CO, what I meant was that you will have a hard time finding a coop or pvp server on chernarus if you launch CO everybody play on takistan with CO, but if you launch arma 2 1.11 there is plenty of coop on Chernarus.
  12. jackrabbitslim7

    Problem joing Multiplayer Games

    Hi Is it the same problem for all servers or only some servers ? Try to update Battleye : http://www.battleye.com/download.html Also does the message only say "kicked" or is it more precise ?
  13. jackrabbitslim7

    Foliage cover and drawing distance?

    I don't know if the grass issue is that complex, the problem in Chernarus is either that the grass is too tall or the grass layer at distance is too low. So if i'm totally covered by grass in a place, at distance I stand out because the grass layer don't hide me, but only half of my body while I should be totally invisible. With the GDT Mod Grass the grass is at the same height than the grass layer and there is no difference between being at 500m or 10m (other than the ugly texture). The grass layer is a good solution (maybe coupled with a more complex texture of the ground) but they should make it so it correspond to the height of the grass. Fighting in pvp with a MG is a real pain in this game, you can't see because you are prone but other can see you because the grass layer only partially hide you.
  14. jackrabbitslim7

    Is AI using hand grenades at all?

    They did in Goldeneye 007 64 (greats moments) so they do in arma, but you have to be annoying to get a grenade ie staying behind cover for some time.