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  1. snaiperskaya

    Snaiperskaya's AmmoBox Filler

    Thank You! EDIT: So Avast! see it as an Adware, but... There isn't any ads in my program...
  2. snaiperskaya

    Snaiperskaya's AmmoBox Filler

    Ok, i'm searching for someone who can help me to detect what is the problem:P By the way, can you give me the full name of the malware avast see? Filseclab see it as TrojanPSW.Agent.NFX.ycwh.mg, but i found nothing about it. Meanwhile i'm gonna install and try some Antivirus to see what i got EDIT: Nothing found with Avast7, last Malwarebytes version and Filseclab (Just a freshly installed utorrent *sigh*)
  3. snaiperskaya

    Snaiperskaya's AmmoBox Filler

    I've added a few of virus scans. It should be a bit better now...
  4. snaiperskaya

    Snaiperskaya's AmmoBox Filler

    This is very strange, Avast Online hasn't reported anything... Can You try with this one? It is the past release. If the update system is making problem, i'm gonna remove it for now
  5. snaiperskaya

    Snaiperskaya's AmmoBox Filler

    I'm totally opened to every forum "veteran" who'd like to see the source code to confirm this is not a trojan. Just PM me, or directly write it here!
  6. snaiperskaya

    Snaiperskaya's AmmoBox Filler

    It gives me a little trouble releasing my code to everyone, if You can understand VBasic, i will give it to You, or someone else in the administration. (To update SAF, it generates a batch file that kill the SAF process, delete the .exe and rename the last downloaded SAF, I think it's signed as trojan for that:s)
  7. snaiperskaya

    Snaiperskaya's AmmoBox Filler

    Updated to v. 1.2!
  8. Snaiperskaya's AmmoBox Filler What it is? SAF is a veeeery small Windows application i've made with my little Visual Basic knowledge. It was made for simplifying ammobox(es) filling process by script. It simply makes a file that will fill the ammobox with selected items/weapons/magazines. What I need? You'll probably need .NET Framework 4.5 installed in your SO. And if I have any suggestions for You? Then just write them here, or directly to jury.verrigni@gmail.com :) Just some notes: -The "Clean Ammobox" checkbox will clean the default ammobox content (Eg. it will remove MX rifles from US ammobox). -The scripts will be created in the same directory of SAF. -By default empty "Qt." box means 1. So if You leave it empty but with a selected object, in your script there will be 1 unit of the selected one. -By default the script name is "ammobox.sqf" so if you leave the "script name" box empty there will be no changes. -Scripts made with this tools are also compatible with vehicles (cars, helicopters and other). Changelog: Version 1.2 -Now You can Update SAF by just clicking on "Check for Updates" (In File menù). Version 1.1 -Added a small window (just use the open/close button to see/hide it) that show You the current script content. -SAF is no more re-sizable. Version 1.0 -Currently supported all ArmA3 Alpha rev.05592 weapons, items and magazines. Download: Here Virus Scan: Here Additional Virus scans: 1 - Virus Total 2 - Virusscan 3 - Metascan 4 - Virscan 5 -Vscan 6 - OnlineLinkScan 7 - Virus Chief 8 - Avast Online - not reportable, screen here 9 - Dr. Web I don't know why, but only Filseclab (metascan - online) report it as a Trojan. I think you should be quiet now... (I've just installed Filseclab to see by myself the scan report but it just reported me a freshly installed Utorrent as malware...) If you enjoyed this little bite of code, and You'd like to support me, feel free to offer me a little beer! :) BTW, sorry for my bad english :P
  9. snaiperskaya

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    Ahah, jesus. Anyway, i don't think 6.5 recoil is too high, seriously...
  10. snaiperskaya

    JUMP please!!

    No. Totally disagreed
  11. snaiperskaya

    Fps & screen tear

    So annoying. I've already saw this topic about 563 times. In a day.
  12. Forgive him, you know, 60-70% people here didn't realize yet they bought an alpha. Sorry for my bad english. ---------- Post added at 16:12 ---------- Previous post was at 16:05 ---------- Forgive him, you know, 60-70% people here didn't realize yet they bought an alpha. Sorry for my bad english.
  13. snaiperskaya

    What happens in Luxemburg ?

    They are training, cause in Luxemburg there're a chimical weapon that will put the world in a zombie apocalypse :P
  14. snaiperskaya

    Artillery fire at area

    Try to search in the first ION (PMC) mission. There's something similiar
  15. I've watched trailers and the 11mins. interview. For now, it sucks, imho.