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    Looks sweet man ! Checking them out now
  2. TaskForce215

    What is wrong with the ARMA Community!

    Its not that people have no life its that people pay upwards of 50 dollars a month to run a dedicated server so people can enjoy the game. Running a dedicated server and most of the time a clan website takes allot of work and money so the people running the clan have every right to run it the way they want. So next time you say somebody doesn't have a life you should do research on your audience ;)
  3. TaskForce215

    What is wrong with the ARMA Community!

    Lol the only problem i see with the community is when i join a domi match and all the helicopters are gone and abandoned in the field somewhere:)
  4. TaskForce215

    What is wrong with the ARMA Community!

    My point was that in some communities put allot of work into planning a training mission or map. I was simply trying to explain the rationality behind having required days. Nothing is wrong with the community you just have to know what you are looking for and where to find it :) Ps. Without set times communities would never be able to get the numbers online they need to play a mission. I have seen up to 60 players on one mission back when i was with Operation Reality. And yes we all know its a video game but for some of us its a hobby :) @Jake34 I also know of a great community with a very lose rank system and as far as i know without set times.The only problem is that they play PVP. If your interested Filter for c5 they are a great group of guys and im sure you wont be disappointed.
  5. TaskForce215

    What is wrong with the ARMA Community!

    Number one its not so much the mission type but the number of players on the server. If you only have 1 guy whats the incentive to join. Secondly there are a bunch of communities out there that don't require the yes sir stuff. We dont for one even though we do have a rank system in place (the only time rank really counts is once a week during our official ops). The reason why allot of communities have required days is because they have complicated training schedules or operations that have been specially designed that include triggers and scripts which can take hours upon hours to create, so they want to make sure that there will be people to play it. As for your missions if you want people to play them try releasing it on the forums :) Anyways good luck in your search and i hope you find a suitable community. |-215-| Maj. Chuhinka
  6. TaskForce215

    Task force 215 |-215-|

    UPDATE: TaskForce215Gaming Youtube channel is now up and running! Check Weekly for Updates! http://www.youtube.com/TaskForce215Gaming
  7. TaskForce215

    daveygarys Rangers

    Great Work Man! They are now the official skins of Task Force 215 B company third ranger batallion!
  8. TaskForce215

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    i feel like this helmet patch needs to be in arma2!
  9. Looking great FOX! Cant wait to put them on my server!
  10. TaskForce215

    MARSOC Marine Special Operations Team

    now i see :) great work ! It would definitely be cool to see a mix if that is at all realistic, but anyways now i'm tempted to open up a Marsoc section of the task force :)
  11. TaskForce215

    MARSOC Marine Special Operations Team

    The helmets dont have the flare over the ears but other than that great work! I know they have helmets without sides for Cans but they look funny without them. Please correct me if i am wrong i have no real life experience with marsoc and am only going off of what i can find online. reference image http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/734/marsoccw7.jpg
  12. I just noticed another little bug when having your back up against the wall and switching to a pistol you keep your rifle and fire pistol rounds out of it. Is it possible to keep the player from switching while backed up against a wall?
  13. You guys could start with burdans sharpshooters, and other skirmishers. It would be more forgiving on the formation side of things. Also it would be amazing if you focused on each step of the loading process and incorporated morale into loading speed and so on... But any ways awesome mod guys im extremely excited !
  14. Looks great! Will you be including helo and vehicle engine sounds as well or just weapons??
  15. Great work! Officially in use by Task Force 215:) Only problems i see issues with wall lean only working on some buildings, wall climb is a bit unreliable but its still very awesome to have, and the fast combat walk and slow look a bit floaty if you know what i mean. But these are just minor problems,and the positives far outweigh the negatives.... oh and i have also noticed compatibility issues with some of the ace weapons, doesnt bother us too much just something that would be nice to have working in the future.