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    I agree they should make the scopes a bit trippier. But when I read the thread title, I thought you were asking what kinds of scopes people would want to see. So, just wondering, what kinds of scopes are people hoping to see? Are there any frequently used scopes that havent been in practically every game around? Or any not frequently used scopes?
  2. Uberduderofdoomer

    Tanks/vehicle not afraid to drive in trees

    Im fairly sure that the germans in WW2 had a hell of a time with their tanks going over terrains of western europe. In real life, tanks getting stuck is a big reality. If anything, im pissed (well, more like mildly discontent) that tanks in Arma 2 dont get stuck more, especially when navigating ditches (thats why they have shovels on them) and hitting wet mud. As for the ai, I am pissed with their driving period.
  3. Uberduderofdoomer

    Wind Simulation

    Wind would be nice for more than just bullets. Although that is important too, you could take advantage of a synchronized, universal wind effect for things like helicopter landing and even force of waves for that spanking new ocean they got. Although I can only imagine the speed of an AAVP7 going against waves :( I understand that they don't want a complication for newbies, which is fine, but making it an option/difficulty setting would be wise. Even if it was only for single player. I spend most of my time with the editor anyway :D
  4. Uberduderofdoomer

    What kind of Body Armor will be in the game? (if any)

    I didnt mean it had to be dragon skin for pmc, christ. But I would love to see armor for each country slightley like their current counterpart. That way military nerds could identify enemies by their equipment as opposed as to whether they are shooting at you. Anyway, it would also be interesting to have different physics calculations for each armor type. So you get like a semi randomized exponential decrease in velocity for the bullet as it passes through multi-layer armor (like interceptor), dispersed damage for each plate of a dragonskin type armor, a one time threshold break for liquid armor to simulate the depressurizing if it did break, ect. Speaking of PMC's, I think they would be a cool testbed faction for all sorts of exotic things that we only have youtube videos of right now, not just armor. Oh and screw liquid armor, we need this XD
  5. Uberduderofdoomer

    What do you think off the "future" setting

    Honestly, Arma is way too realistic for things such as mechs or things that arent even being developed right now, and the few things they change (such as that heli) arent different enough from current tech to merit existing in an environment where realism is held at such a high value. I like stuff like the special offroad car cause that is something that I feel my high school auto class could build, or something that less organized military would maybe need or develop. You can get creative with that stuff already, but making a hybrid helicopter is something completely different, and I feel goes a little too far. I would be kind of pissed if we had to use stuff like that in the main campaign and that it was a main focus point. A great solution to this would be to take the futuristic/nonexistant stuff and throw it into a dlc pack, or better yet make it an option. Simple enough to disable non-realistic vehicles. Yet they would still be spending their time making fictional vehicles when they could spend it on making more exotic or exciting current vehicles. At least, with that option/dlc venue they could just go apeshit for all the future lovers, making things that are actually worth making as opposed to just a slight modification to a real thing, ruining the fun for both camps. Kinda bummed really, ARMA 3 looks like the first game with engine capabilities to make it realistic in almost all regards, and it's the first game to start taking liberties with the realism. Sigh.
  6. Uberduderofdoomer

    Various Graphical Improvements

    We need to see people's gentalia with thermal scopes. I think we can all agree that takes precedence. In all seriousness I would love to see haze especially at the back of turbines. Maybe even car exhausts. Better glare on windshields and hopefully on those fancy new 3d scopes. Some chromatic abberation as well. All these things would show up particularily well in the mediterannean environment. Oh and smoke from gun barrel/chamber a little more after constant fire.
  7. Uberduderofdoomer

    What kind of Body Armor will be in the game? (if any)

    I would love it they used the real armors of each country. Interceptor for US troops, Dragonskin for PMC's, FELIN systems, whatever the heck the isrealis and british use for theirs, ect. And that the modifications you can do to your guy reflects these stylings and keeps relatively close to the look so that you could still look like that country, but customize it a bit in your own way. Actually on topic, I would love to see body armor actually matter, yes. As well as helmets, don't forget that. In fact, now that I think about it, what about your gun? I don't think I know a game where you can get shot in the gun. It seems bleeding obvious now that I think about it, but your gun never gets in the way of a bullet.
  8. Uberduderofdoomer

    Automatic Mod Downloading

    The sad fact is that mods rarely contribute to a game's popularity. It tends to be a games popularity of the game x it's hardcore factor that = mod popularity. Whenever I discuss the advatages of the PC version of games over their console counterparts, I always mention mods, and I always recieve one of two responses: either "Oh, but I don't play mods" (as if that were a good reason but I digress) or "even if I play mods, most people don't because they dont know how to install them". I agree, for a company that almost entirely depends on it's mod popularity, they should take more steps making it easier to implement mods, not just easier to mod. Not that I wish to complain, they are relatively amazing on the modding side, so props to them for that. It's just that they should take it further.
  9. Uberduderofdoomer

    Environment :O

    I probably read a long long long time ago that there was this sort of thing, and forgotten, and then one day thought, "gee this would be great idea!" Thanks for the vid explaining how to find the north star CaRao, I was about to ask my astronomy teacher lol. Great ideas in general, and I disagree Carl, facecamo is actually pretty important. It may not make it much harder to spot someone, but headshots would be much more difficult with such lower contrast. Pretty crafty idea you had with it washing off.
  10. Uberduderofdoomer

    Will you buy ARMAIII?

    I think its safe to say that if you go on Arma forums you tend to be the kind of fan that likes it enough to buy it. Then there is 10% who dont have a powerful enough computer, then there is the 1% that wont buy it over a specific complaint. This poll is probably not representative of the average gamer. Else it would sell like 50 million.
  11. There are certain things that could be improved without necessarily changing anything gameplay related that would attract a lot more players, I just hope they dont start throwing in achievements lol.
  12. Uberduderofdoomer

    Environment :O

    :D good to know Cameron hehe. I didn't actually know they had accurate star maps! Arma always suprises, thnx.
  13. Uberduderofdoomer

    Environment :O

    Cameron, the paragraphs 4/5 are not very serious...
  14. Uberduderofdoomer

    Environment :O

    I hear the developers talk alot about the environment as one of the main features. What would you like to see pertaining to this? Or at least what do you think Bohemia is actually going to do? When i say the environment, I mean it quite generally (think outside the box!). Feel free to skip the following: I think the environment affects warfare to a far greater degree than alot of people realize. For instance in vietnam, the entire war was practically won due to the environment. Or in Russia during WW2 and Napolean. The mediterranean isn't quite as extreme, but it should still take into account alot more than it currently does. On the semi-feasible side, I would love to see more wildlife, wind effects, hummidity effects on bullet trajectory, coriolis effect, vegetation creeping into some of the more abandoned locations/buildings, accurate moon phases depending on date (which is easy to map for the future, just check out stellarium) which would affect light levels at night, maybe even simple constellations, god rays (the epic graphic effect of next gen games), better window/scope glare, gun jamming and misfire/wearing, faked doppler effect, pseudo fragmentation mapping from explosions, maybe some other things. On the less feasible/fanatical side, ocean currents and wave force, gun fire echos based on surroundings/openness of area, tire puncturing over sharp objects (if that even happens on large APC wheels), rusting/wear degree options in editor for vehicles (like the health slider bar), dynamic spreading fire and flamethrowers, eclipses, aggressive animals (such as rather large sharks, wild dogs, hell, even dinosaurs for kicks), maybe insect life (bee hives!), better rain effects with wet surfaces, electronic malfunctions in water, working subs that can run into rocks or get beached, physical craters from explosions, chemical weapons, radiation effects and nuke area flattening (or daisy cutter style impacts), mud that can get tanks/vehicles stuck. On the apex of psychotic end - natural disasters such as tidal waves, earthquakes, floods, mudslides, meteors, ball lightning phenomenons ect. turbulance, extreme weather and storms (which would affect helicopters of course), northern lights on days of high solar activity, radio interference from environment, cosmic background radiation, dynamic diffraction for ocean waves and lasers, atmospheric distortion, carnivorous plants, global warming and bears. Lots of bears. This could probably fit under ideas, but I meant to highlight specifically the aspect of environment, phenomenons, and factors not commonly taken into account, while expanding on the notion and speculating on as to what the developers meant by environment. Even if they didnt mean bears and global warming exactly.
  15. Uberduderofdoomer

    Classes of A.I.

    I think that beyond accuracy, aim speed, reaction times, and simple combat characteristics, they should most definitely not base chance of success on implementable skill level of unit. Or the potential of making mistakes on purpose. The AI makes enough mistakes already when the devs try to make it work flawlessly. Although maybe ammo conservation could also change with skill, that could be interesting. I think that rather than depending on their class it would be more important to base it on their equipment. I do believe shotgunners should behave differently than snipers. On the other hand, I dont think it would much matter which class is good at healing if only medics have medpacks. Interesting idea, but all in all they should focus on making it actually work before getting too jiggy with it.