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  1. Thank you very much. I was trying to get it to run through just the standard init.sqf and it didn't seem to want to go. Doing it the way you had it worked perfectly. Glad to finally have a solution to this. Great revive script as well, my little squad likes to keep things simple.
  2. Hi Mons00n, I was just curious as to how you were implementing the respawnLoop.sqf script you're using? Are you placing it in the init.sqf? I'm having a hard time getting units to respawn with their gear.
  3. Thanks for the input guys. Montgomery, I'll go ahead and give that shot and see how it works out. ---------- Post added at 11:31 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:26 AM ---------- Montgomery, it worked perfectly! Just changing the waypoint from Hold to Move did the trick. Guess that kind of makes sense. Thanks.
  4. Yeah, tried that too. He just points his gun and tracks the Blufor units and never does anything else. Very frustrating!
  5. I've been having issues getting this to work in the mission I'm currently working on. It works fine if I don't use a detected trigger. Here's my setup: Trigger that is set to go off when Blufor is detected That trigger is sync'd to a hold WP right in front of the unit I want to run, then has 2 other WPs that have the unit go to the car.. then get in the car The problem is, is when the unit detects the Blufor unit he either wants to shoot and ignores all the other WPs.. or if weapons are removed he just runs.. Anyone have any ideas on how else I can go about this? Any way to get this unit to ignore everyone and just go to the car when the trigger fires? I haven't been able to find any solutions through all my searching. Thanks.
  6. I should have extracted it on my computer first instead of my server then I wouldn't of had that problem! Thank you for providing the fix and all the hard work on the mod. It is widely appreciated.
  7. I downloaded it from the DropBox link in your original post. I found the userconfig file in the store directory, but it was labeled as a .tar file. I renamed it to .hpp put in the the folder structure to userconfig/aiss/aiss.hpp and the server was still asking or the userconfig or saying that it couldn't find it. Maybe I was just doing something wrong. EDIT: I am also running this on a dedicated, seems to be working well so far. Don't mean to add to your work load Mikey! Just thought it would be helpful to let you know.
  8. Hi Mikey, Great mod, looking forward to really getting into it deeper. Just wanted to let you know the Final build that you put a link for does not have the userconfig folder in the download. I had to download one of the beta versions to get it.
  9. Ghost113

    Grimes Simple Revive Script

    Having a little bit of an issue and was hoping maybe you could shed some light. I'm currently using VAS box with the paper doll which has rscCommon as well as other's defined. The revive script also has those defined for the GUI. Is there any way to possibly get around it? Is it possible to define a second rscCommon?
  10. I saw this idea posted on another website and I thought maybe it might be a cool idea that could possibly be implemented, most likely even into ACRE. What if when under fire and coms are being used you hear the gunfire / explosions in the background? Based upon where the rounds are hitting, bombs going off etc. Would be cool when someone comes over the coms hollering that they're under fire you can hear the fire and chaos going around them. Not sure if this is something that's entirely possible but I think it could be really cool.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this should work given the examples above. Place down a trigger and in the on condition put this; and set the activation to BLUFOR or whatever side you're using. In the activation put something like nul = [] execVM "spawnUnits.sqf"; spawnUnits.sqf would look something like: while {true} do { if (player in thisList) then { //code _pos = SPAWN_CENTER; _offset1 = spawnMAX; _offset2 = spawnMIN; _maxX = (_pos select 0) + _offset1; _minX = (_pos select 0) - _offset1; _maxY = (_pos select 1) + _offset1; _minY = (_pos select 1) - _offset1; _newX=_minX + (random (_maxX - _minX)); _newY=_minY + (random (_maxY - _minY)); while{(surfaceIsWater [_newX,_newY])OR([_pos,[_newX,_newY]]call xyPosDist > _offset1)OR([getPos player,[_newX,_newY]]call xyPosDist < _offset2)}do{ _newX=_minX + (random (_maxX - _minX)); _newY=_minY + (random (_maxY - _minY)); }; [_newX,_newY] }; };
  12. Ghost113

    Balancing Missions

    You bring up a good idea. I was really looking at the balance part, but that would be a cool script to have that places a certain amount of AI on the map depending on how many players you have. I might look into that! Trial and error is my current way and I get it balanced for the most part. I just like my squad to be surprised by the mission and not have to constantly play it till it's right. Thanks for the input, very helpful! I'm going to try out that script as well and add it to my favorites, will defiantly come in handy.
  13. Hey everyone, Something that I run into quite a bit when making a mission is deciding how I'm going to balance it for the amount of players we're going to have. It's probably one of the most challenging things to accomplish I feel like. Does anyone have any good tips or suggestions? Varying the skill level of each units? Number of armored units. Making less squad leaders in groups.. etc. We run a smaller squad of 3 to 5 guys most of the time.
  14. Hm, that could explain alot. I never came across the command. Will give it a shot. Thanks! EDIT: For whatever reason that command isn't in the comref. Guess I will need to start using the wiki a little more.