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  1. Hi I´ve found on web a great 3ds model from a Eurocopter AS350 for free LINK REMOVED in the file are the textures included:cool: the 3ds file can be opened with Oxygen 2:yay: but the problem is, I am not the right guy, to bring this chopper in the game :rolleyes: maybe someone can mod this chopper into the game:bounce3:
  2. AS350

    Fire fighting

    :eek: very very awesome this mod:yay: we need this for TOH :D:yay:
  3. AS350

    Fire fighting

    some suggestions for some modder;) I really hope for some cool forest fire missions mods :cool: or much better, there where in the editor a function to make some fire on the island and you can it put out with a full bambi bucket:D
  4. Austrian pilots;) RSc5mRTHdVY a2Gfhezzf7M and one from south-tyrol (italy) ;) 2-NMD3r70CU
  5. How can we insert this in the game:confused: Perhaps we could modify the script from the HUD :rolleyes: Greetings Mark
  6. thanks mate:cool: its working without trackIR as well, finally I can look from the cockpit to the slingload, great:yay:
  7. Wow great:) thanks BIS, thats very very nice :cool:
  8. push up;) I have made a new video that shows the cloud bug (melting clouds) it seems the problem is in the outside view bigger as in the inside view:confused: another question for BIS is there planed in the future to insert the warning lights from the HUD in the cockpit, or is this a job for a modder;) Thanks Mark
  9. thanks, eliteness works;)
  10. thanks for the link, but I search at the moment a program to view the PBO files in TOH, like the Arma Pbo View or in other words, how can I open the sound and music files in TOH;) with the PboDll is to complicated for me:confused: Thanks Mark
  11. Hi guys can someone tell me, with which program can I open the PBO files in TOH with the programms from Arma II it didn´t seems to work:confused: Thanks Mark
  12. AS350

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    thanks Scott for the great feedback can understand that you are frustrated:rolleyes: I don´t now, but it could be possible that the problems with the FM coming not from BIS, but from here http://www.rtdynamics.com/v2/wp/2008/rotorlib-fdm/ TOH uses RotorLib FDM,http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=2035653&postcount=6 this could also explain that has nothing changed since the community preview at the FM :confused:
  13. You will brake the engine, that dont work;) 1.land 2.throttle to idle 3.cool down the engine (wait a little bit) 4.throttle to close 5.holding rotorbrake 6.wait until rotor stand still 7.release rotorbrake 8.switching battery off
  14. thanks Dwarden for the link I think to ground textures are not so bad and i totally agree there are some problems to put HD textures on the DVD or explode the download connections;) The question is, if it would be technically possible to use HD textures in TOH, can the engine handle HD textures?? If yes, players with a good hardware and a fast internet connection, could download a HD texture update pack like a photoscenery in FSX:)
  15. AS350

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    also totally agree +1 thanks for these very very great feedbacks:bounce3::jump_clap: it should be help BIS or some modders to improve the FM a lot :)