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  1. hyphon

    Dedicated server

    Thank you for the statement. I understand the resource issue, but keep hanging on it, at least with the study. As I wrote above, it would improve the MP and also made it possible to us to work on a base, even other (or the host) are not online. We really should meet again soon! ;) By the way: I'll write a PM next week. Nothing TOM related, just some thoughts a friend and I had this week. Maybe this would be something for the time after TOM.
  2. Hi guys, hope you are all well and not too busy with all the games in development. After implementing the MP part into Take On Mars, how far is this going? Any plans to develop and release a dedicated server for Linux based systems? Friends of mine had asked me about the Multiplayer part of ToM and we talked about the game. They sound very interested to buy ToM, but for all of us it's hard to host a server. Some of us using older configs, which wouldn't handle the load of a server others, including me, have just smaller Internet connections, which don't have enough upload speed. A dedicated Linux based server would work well for me, because I'm talked to a other friend of mine, who's running a Linux server in a datacenter nearby and would help me to setup a server for testing, if it runs on 64-bit Linux systems. I can imagine that programming a dedicated server for Linux would be painful, but it would improve the MP part so much. Thanks a lot guys for your awesome work.
  3. hyphon

    Localized versions

    I'm wondering, if no one wants to join the German team. I have invited some friends of mine, but they are quite busy at the moment. Also the old team has vanished. I could really need some help, because I can't do the translation alone for several reasons. There is a lot of work already done, so we just need to translate the new strings and doing the whole proofread process.
  4. hyphon

    Localized versions

    The original Russian team from Tom's project were gone beserk with the translations. The German team and I were working hard for 2 weeks on the translation to get on the same levels. @trauin: Please PM Jelly and send him your email address and that you want to be in the Russian team. I would add you, but I don't know, if I have enough rights to add someone to a language I'm not working on.
  5. hyphon

    Localized versions

    I always have an eye or two on the forum. ;)
  6. hyphon

    Localized versions

    Will be back for the German translation. Wrote you a PM and already contacted the German team.
  7. hyphon

    New skycrane variant from ESA

    We discussed this on that blog I mentioned in my starting post. I suggested to ad more blades and change the type of the propellers to ducted fan propellers. Even it needs more power and increases weight, the additional lift would be useful in Mars' thin atmosphere. Additional it could be used as reconnaissance aircraft, to spot science points. With the size of the propellers. They used a modell sized 1 meter in diameter. The propellerblades have a length of 0.41 meter. I think they plan to drop rovers like Spirit/Oppertunity. Rovers like Curiosity would be far too heavy and too big for a propeller based system in Mars atmosphere.
  8. Hello everyone, I just found a news in one of my favorite German astronomy and space science blogs, about a skycrane module developed by the ESA. Unlike the NASA model, it's a so called "DROpship quadrocopTER" short "Dropter", using 4 double-propeller attached to tiltable engine nacelles, instead of rocket-powered engines. Actual the dropter is still in development a working model was just tested for prove that the onboard software is able to autopilot to a predefined GPS waypoint, searching for a safe place to unload it's rover payload via a cable on the ground and reach a safe height after the rover is released. Would be nice to have something like the dropter as a skycrane for medium rover's. In the comment section of the blog mentioned above, people are discussing if a propeller-driven engine would work in the Mars' atmosphere, because of the low pressure. But here's the link to the ESA news: http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Technology/Dropship_offers_safe_landings_for_Mars_rovers Would be nice to hear your opinion on this.
  9. hyphon

    2 Week vacation

    Hi Dram. Welcome back. Hope your first day at work after your vacation was not to busy.
  10. hyphon

    Take On Mars Troubleshooting

    @Dram: Because we are talking about graphics right now. Any plans to add directx 12 support and use of huge amount of video memory (3GB and more) in a bigger update? Or too early to even think about that?
  11. MOP3E: Did you tried administrator permissions?
  12. hyphon

    Take On Mars Troubleshooting

    If you have still any zero-g probe or rover active, you can earn money by fulfilling random missions. Just connect with the vehicle and navigate to a point of interest on HUD. There should be some markers for exploration points, photos or scientific research goals. It's not much, but better than nothing. Hyphon (TAPATALK client)
  13. hyphon

    Take On Mars Troubleshooting

    Did you try biwide1 ? Hyphon (TAPATALK client)
  14. hyphon

    Localized versions

    Will contact you ASAP Hyphon (TAPATALK client)
  15. hyphon

    Take On Mars Troubleshooting

    Hi. Chexk your spelling. ERR indicates a wrong term. Use the help table to get the right term to use.