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    New non-hitpoint based wounding

    For limb injuries there could be self applied "first aid" meaning that times would be doubled and medic could triple those times. And maybe there should be somekind of unconsciousness system which would simulate concussion/incapacitation (blasts etc.) and recory( 0.5-2min) from it. I think this kind of system would be nice especially because of the ragdoll-feature. Concussion system would make a big difference to cqb because now enemy is ready to shoot at you after handgrenade if not dead. And of cource armor would affect to symptoms/incapacitation. But it's a different story.
  2. -FinLynx-

    New non-hitpoint based wounding

    My suggestion for damage system: Head: Any direct hit by bullet or shrapnel will cause instant death. Undirect hit (e.g. explosion blast) would cause burns witch would mean incapacitation (partial blindness, sounds of agony etc.). Throath and upper half of torso (ripcage area): 1 hit -> 2min incapacitation (blurry eye sight, sounds of hyperventilation, shortness of breath and finally pass out (lasts 2min)-> death), 2+ hits -> 1min incapacitation as earlier. Undirect hit (explosion blast) would cause incapacitation symptoms as earlier (30min) ->death. Lower half of torso: 0,5min "bodyshock" (player can act normally). After that 10min incapacitation (symptoms as earlier) Arms: Any direct hit by bullet or shrapnel will cause incapacitation of that limb. Means agony (sounds, blurry eye sight, can walk and shoot, but only from "hip"(aiming disapled). After 20min incapacitation (lasts 10min) ->death. Undirect hit -> incapacitation of the limb (symptoms as earlier). After 30min incapacitation (lasts 60min) Legs: Any direct hit will incapacitate that limb. Means agony (blurry eye sight, sounds, wobbling aiming). After 10min -> incapacitation (lasts 5min)->death. Undirect hit (explosion blast) -> incapacitation of the limb (symptoms as earlier). After 20min -> incapacitation (lasts 30min)-> pass out/death Any weapon from under 25m would cause "direct hit", from longer distances pistols would cause "undirect hit" and every weapon could have own "direct hit" distance. Medic can double those times and erase symptoms (limb still can't be used). I think this would be simple enough, but it would still simulate injuries/healing quite well. For single player: Incapacitation=death for that mission. If there is medics player could be respawn as their leader and his task would be MedEvac his former character... as an option you can hit "Restart-button". PvP: As in SP or you could change to other unit (optional of cource) MP: when incapacitated player could be respawn as a medic/medical team leader and his task would be medevac his former character from the field after that he could be assigned to other roles. I think this could be a way to keep everybody in the game. I know there are problems, but what do you guys think?
  3. -FinLynx-

    Medics from "Out-of-Team" Healing

    Maybe there could be medical teams which could include medics and combat surgeons. Combat surgeon could heal more severe injuries than a medic. Teams could be land or air based depending mission makers choice. Range-based shout sounds good. Could characters of "same" side have an ability call medic for others if they "find" them from the ground?
  4. -FinLynx-

    Stealth Kills?

    Somebody said that knives aren't used and maybe thats somewhat true nowadays. But in WW2 knife was very important weapon for soldier... specially those who operated behind enemy lines. I remember one document of volunteer medics who came cross the world to help finnish in our war efforts against russians. One medic told that they drove along a road and there he saw three russians standing beside the road all freezed on their feet. They went to look and found out that all three were dead because their throats were cut open. He also told that russians still had their weapons in their holsters so the death must have been quick. So personally I think it could be nice thing to have, but I just don't see it in Arma because of character handling and environment. I mean in Splinter Cell and Assassin's Creed it worked nicely but those games are based on that kind of actions/weapons. So I don't quite see it working smoothly in Arma 3... but I'm happily wrong about this.
  5. -FinLynx-

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    What about ability treat enemy/civilian casualties. I mean you can treat/heal them even OA, but when enemy gets healed they start to shoot at you or some nice guy from your team pops him out and you have just wasted your time... hmmm... maybe there could be somekind of ability to disarm casualties/surrenderers. Disarming could cause character to come captive. Taking care of casualties (enemy/civilian) could be rewarded as promotions and maybe more helpful civilians (there could be hidden ammocaches, civilians could reveal enemy positions etc.). At least this could work in campaign.
  6. Rotinor SEABOB BLACKSHADOW 730 could be nice for under water missions (little add to speed and distances). And to bring something new to battlefield TDI VECTOR aka KRISS Super V as smg... Yeah I now we have seen it already, but not by DEVs. (Glock 21 uses same mags ;) ).
  7. -FinLynx-

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    Not sure did you reply to my post, but I didn't mean that there should be shrapnels and stuff flying all over the place like on the video I posted. I meant that trees could be shot in pieces from the middle by tanks, artillery and so on... shrapnels could be simulated like some addon-AP-mines witch use shrapnels (at least OFP:CWC had ones made by some addon-makers).
  8. -FinLynx-

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    What about exploding trees? I mean if trees are hit there could be falling trees, treetops, shrapnels and so on... Not effected by small arms and handgrenades but by tank and artillery shells and AT-rockets/missiles and so on... Something like this
  9. -FinLynx-

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    It's great to see water is finally utilised as an element (diving as a new feature and i hope swimming is developed further... side stroke maybe? )And because I have great :pc: for PJ's and what they do I put video to inspire developers to take more advantage of water and helos. Now... :436:
  10. -FinLynx-

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    My wishes may be brought up already, but I write them anyway. - Boat tilt when turning at higher speeds... I didn't notice it on video. - Wind humming on windshield/wing mirrors while driving cars and in ears on boats... expecially at higher speeds. - Hope you make the sound world little different if character wears active hearing protection like they do in most pictures (ear damaging sounds will cut off, highfreq. sounds are stronger... you can actually hear better, try real ones and you get my point). - Try to make feeling of diving as close real as possible (sounds like breathing, bubbles ..., diving speed should be reduced from what seen on walktrough-video... in combat gear speed could be more like 0.7-1 ft/sec. And you shouldn't be able to dive too deep either... 30m max... diving deeper could cause dissynes and blurry eye sight after while and finally unconsciousness and death.) Good luck with the entire project!!