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    Auto-Rotation and Blade-Strikes?

    No you're wrong ... Actually the blade stall is when the blade angle ( from the rotation plan ) is too high and , like the wing of the plane , the air cannot follow properly the blade airfoil, generating marginal whirlwind which result in a total lost of lift .. Nothing to do with idling or shutting down the engine, if you hold the pitch as it is, the RPM will only droop , but in some case it's possible to do autorotation when holding a normal flight positive pitch, high skilled heli pilot are able to do that !
  2. Hueyman

    Auto-Rotation and Blade-Strikes?

    I hope all that will be there ... in DCS there is that but as the KA 50 havent tail rotor some features are normally absent. Don't forget the gearbox destruction when the max torque is applied, when the RPM goes really too much, the centrifugal force become really high ( several tons applied on blade grip ) so a blade can be loose , immediate destruction , loss of tail rotor authority, real engine management ( start up, warming up, cool down , shutdown ) But really, I don't hope anything, this software will be more likeley a good game but to mimic all those features, it would take years and years to create the core engine like they do in DCS Blackshark or X-Plane, their flight models and systems simulations are simply the most advanced nowadays for personnal computers.
  3. Hueyman

    Take On Music

    Some good Rock songs like there was in the 70's , Vietnam era music with Huey sounds behind
  4. Hueyman

    Why aren't they real ?

    Ok Nightstalker. I see you're a Hughes 300 pilot, nice bird ! One is currently building for X-Plane : http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?showtopic=47649 Ok for that, I trust in mods, just hope the physical engine core will be as realistic as possible !
  5. Hueyman

    Why aren't they real ?

    Men, Ok but I don't know where do you come from ( I mean what sector of video games ). Maybe Battlefield, Armed Assault Operation Flashpoint .. Armed Assault and OPS Flashpint are really impressive Military simulation, but overall military, so helis are quite good simukated but not accuracy ( it seems normal for me ) But me, I came from very accurate flight sim like X-Plane or DCS : Black Shark. So please, don't tell that it's just digital representation, it's way more .. The feeling we have in a real chopper will NEVER get the same on your home. But we can came very close. And it's shame to don't have the real aircrafts..
  6. Hueyman

    Why aren't they real ?

    Ok, I 'm a bit disapointed, since a Long time I expected a Heli sim the more accurate as possible, with , if possible the Huey helicopter aviable .. And if it's fictionnal copters .. Anyway, we'll see when it's out.
  7. Hello, I looking worward to this sim but I've a question and I didn't see the answer anywhere. Why don't you recreate real chopper instead of copying their shapes a lot but not exactly ? All helis I saw on screenshots looks like Hughes 500 D, Bell 412 etc .. Is it for copyrights reasons ? MSFS, X-Plane, IL2, DCS Series reproduce real Aircrafts with their real names, does they need to pay something to the manufacturer ( example : Boeing, Bell Textron etc .. ) Thanks a lot !!